The Medallions are Back!!

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HAL Medallions
Hi All~ We are listening here. The Medallions do seem to be important to many of our loyal cruisers. We have decided to keep the Medallion program for recognition: 300 day silver medallion, 500 day gold medallion and 700 day platinum medallion. We are working on updating our communications, including this new Q&A (below). We hope you enjoy the other new perks that go along with the program as well. Happy cruising...


Will I still receive medallions and pins as I have in the past?
Existing lapel pins will be replaced with brand new lapel pins for Two-Star, Three-Star and Four-Star Mariners. After qualifying for a new level, you will receive your new pin in the mail and can also request a pin onboard any Holland America Line ship. In addition, we will continue to recognize our most loyal Mariners through the awarding of a special medallion; a Silver Medallion for guests sailing with us for a total of 300 days, a Gold Medallion for guests achieving 500 days, and our highest level Platinum Medallion for those guests who have joined us for 700 or more days.

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also remove them while walking out on the deck..... those suckers are heavy...especially the older ones. if you fall over the rail you are going straight to the bottom. :eek:

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The latest that I have heard is -- yes -- the 100 day medals will still be here -- for awhile.

It seems that Seattle has gotten a lot of e-mails and calls about this.

But at the same time Seattle is saying that they are giving out the 100 day medals until they run out.

So time will tell what will actually happen.

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On the HAL-O-WEENIE Group Cruise last month there was an old and frail lady that had two of the medals, and she was evidently wearing her husbands also, as she had two of each od them. Four total...

Plus she had some other things around her neck.. large metal ships on ribbons also.

You could have heard her coming a city block away. I kept thinking that Paul Rivere was riding again.. sounding a large brass bell and chanting.. "the British are coming"

If I had known she was on that cruise.. I would have brought her mine.. as I do not carry them.
I know that people love to wear them, but not me. They are way too big.

In fact, I wish that they had made these new pins a bit smaller also. The size of the old oval pins would have been nice.

But we all like different things in life.. to each his/her own..


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Is this why HAL is considered a real "old fogey" cruise line??? Who, in their right mind, old or young, would even want a hunk of junk like this! A hunk I can understand....but a medallion...pure toss in a shoe box, keep in the back of a closet or junk drawer for awhile and then heave as far as you can...which from the sound of it would not be very far!

Why don't they just give a junk lapel pin??? Some people actually wear a lapel pin...but a medallion? Would you wear that to a Christmas party, a birthday dinner, to church, or to a PTA meeting?? What is HAL thinking???

Oh well, no worries for me....I don't have enough HAL days to qualify! I'm willing to keep adding days to my "curriculum vitae" though! :D

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Zuiderdam Report

On our first cruise there were 13 of us who were Four Star members. We were invited to a get-together before the brunch -- held in the Explorer's Lounge. Lasted about 10 minutes. One person did get their 300 day medal. The captain made it clear that when they run out of the medals -- they will not be replaced. Time will tell.

On our second cruise there were only 5 Four Star members -- 3 of us showed up at the get-together. Lasted 5 minutes.

Only Four Star members were invited to this get-together. There was never any mention about the number of days that any of us had.

It was obvious that once you get to 200 days -- HAL could care how long you have sailed with them.

The new pins look tacky!!

Joe still wears his 500 day pin on his tuxedo on formal nights and his jacket whenever we go to the Pinncale. He is more proud of that than the new pins.


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I just wish that HAL would give credit for days sailed with other members of the "World's Leading Cruise Lines" alliance (Carnival Corporation's subsidiaries - Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America Lines, Princess Cruises, Cunard Line, Seabourn Cruise Line, and Costa Cruises).

Since all these lines are owned by the same parent company, I would think that cross credit, within the consortium, would only serve to encourage crusing ....

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Funny you should mention about all our days counting from all the cruise lines owned by Carnival.

I will be writing a letter in the next few days concerning this incident on our cruise:

A woman was seated at our table during the Mariner's brunch. It was her first cruise on HAL!! I asked her how she could be a Mariner. She said that they counted her days from sailing on Carnival. During the brunch all she did was bash HAL. And guess what -- she was invited to dine with the captain!!
I have been told By carnival that you cannot combine the days if you have cruise on Hal or Princess or any other Carnival Lines. What you have cruise on each line , stays separate.

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Yes Earl

We have been told the same thing. We have quite a few days on both Cunard and Princess (Elite members there).

I have a contact on Seattle and I sent that person an e-mail last night and they have since contacted me twice concerning this. It is being sent on through the chain.

Don't know if anything will be done -- but they can check the records to see who dinned with the captain on the night I indicated. There were only 2 single ladies there besides 3 other couples. One single lady was in her 70's and the other one was in her 40's - 50's -- this is one who got credit for her days on Carnival and neither were related or travleling with each other.