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The Power of Prayer!



Well, we are home from DD Jen's Dr appointment with the breast cancer specialist. All is very good...he said everything is beguine. She does have to have surgery to remove the tumors but he said they are NOT cancerous or pre-cancerous but are unusual, and not a type that are seen often. I don't know what the deal was with the discussion DD had with her GYN but I believe there was a failure in communication of some sort…..right now we are relieved. They will do further testing on the tumors once removed but he was optimistic about the final outcome. He gave her a very thorough examination and he did find another tumor, this on the thyroid. He gave her a consult for an ultrasound and biopsy but feels it is more of the same. He is also requesting the results of a tumor Jenny had 12 years ago on her ovary and a breast tumor from 10 years ago to review to get a clear picture of her "history". So, once again, thank you for all your thoughts and prayers....they are working.


Oh, what a RELIEF. Thank God. May all the news for your DD continue to be good.

There's a young girl who works at the front desk at the Veterinary hospital where I take Pucci. Like your daughter this girl produces cysts/tumors. While each is a scare, they are always benign.

:cheers to all the family, Denise. Wonderful, wonderful news! :thumb



Isn't GOD GREAT!!!!!???? Ever since you told us about Jen I have stayed in prayer for her!!! What a wonderful "Mother's Day" gift to you!!! Word's cannot express the happiness that I feel for the both of you right now! =hug :angel Please keep us posted on how Jen does with her surgery!


What pure relief!! You (and Jenny) will no doubt finally be able to sleep! This news just tickles me pink! My day is brighter, the future looks brighter and I am so relieved for my friend's daughter I feel quite giddy!

=hug=hug=hug :dance :dance :dance =hug=hug=hug

H2O babe

Great news for your daughter and I'm sure the relief you're feeling is huge.

Happy hugs to you all,


Denise so glad you all had such good news. I have been just sick worrying abt you both. Sending hugs and kisses and continued prayers.


Glad to hear that all is ok. When I was 36 I had benign tumors removed from 1 breast & what turned out to be a very weird but simple cyst removed from the other & have had no problems with any tumors or cysts since but of course I do have the yearly mammogram. So much stress & such a relief. Congratulations on the good news.


Denise - What great news! I am relieved that they are benign! Prayers for the surgery to go smoothly.

Happy Mother's Day! =hug


Cruise cutie

Grateful to read the good news..prayers continue for benign reports to be the eventual final diagnosis; on all her tests and results...hugs Joanne


What a wonderful Mother's Day gift for both of you! I'm so sorry that you had to deal with all the worry and the nightmare of a medical professional jumping the gun and telling her she had cancer before checking it out thoroughly. Unfortunately, I see it entirely too often, and have been on the receiving end of the same nightmare. On the other hand, I'm seeing that more physicians are becoming a bit more careful about using the word "cancer" unless they're definitely certain that's the diagnosis they're dealing with. Prayers continue so that you may find out what you actually have.


Nieciez - I am so relieved to hear this news. My best to Jenny and the best to her for her surgery. =hug


Oh, Denise, I am so relieved. I have been thinking of Jenny and you constantly today. My granddaughter was born tonight and it gave me hope that I would come home from the hospital and find GOOD NEWS from you. So I am very happy to hear things aren't as bad as first reported. May GRACE shine down on Jenny. It was a good day for both of us Moms :) :thumb