The True Story of the Carnival Splendor Incident


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Yeah, right .... Who is Sorcha Faal? ~ This person is a frequent contributor to just about every kook info-zine on the Internet … ergo take this article at face value ... But, it is good for a laugh :biggrin:


Wednesday, November 10 2010
Contributed by:HiddenMysteries Owner Sorcha Faal

A new report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared for Prime Minister Putin by Director Anatoly Perminov of the Russian Federal Space Agency states that an Arkon-1 military satellite monitoring the western coastal regions of North America detected an “EMP anomalous event†occurring on November 8th at 0600 Pacific Standard Time (-8 hours GMT) that bore the “direct signature†of a YJ-62 subsonic anti-ship missile fired from a Chinese People’s Liberation Navy Type 041 submarine (NATO code name Yuan-Class) known to be patrolling approximately 200 kilometers off United States coast.

Nearly 11 hours after this EMP “eventâ€, this report further says, Arkon-1 then detected a BGM-109 (Tomahawk) subsonic cruise missile launched from a US Navy Ohio-Class submarine operating off the coast of California on a “training mission†from its home port located at US Navy’s Kitsap Base in Washington State and was enroute to the largest American Naval Base on the US west coast in San Diego, California.

Note: A Russian military intelligence (GRU) addendum to this report states that the “training mission†the Ohio-Class submarine was on is related to a new US law passed this year allowing for the first time in history for women to serve on US Navy subs and was an “operational exercise†testing female Naval Officers competence prior to their first “operational deploymentâ€.

The “immediate effect†of the Chinese Navy’s firing of their EMP missile, this report continues, was the “catastrophic crippling†of the US based cruise ship Carnival Splendor that stranded its nearly 4,500 passengers and crew in a “dead in the water†boat and prompting the Americans to send the US Navy’s Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier, warplanes, and supply aircraft to protect it from further attack after all of its electronic systems were destroyed.

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) such as was used upon the Carnival Splendor is a burst of electromagnetic radiation that causes rapidly changing electric fields (or magnetic fields) that when coupling with electrical/electronic systems produces damaging current and voltage surges destroying all non-hardened electrical systems.

The US Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) had previously warned that American ships were vulnerable to such attacks with EMP Assessment Group Leader of Blaise Corbett stating that “the consequences of failing to take appropriate precautions to protect fleet mission critical systems can ultimately prove catastrophic to the Navy’s mission.â€

The purpose of this Chinese EMP upon an American ship, this report says, was twofold: 1.) A test of the EMP weapon itself that in a war against the Americans and would be used against their Naval Fleet and Marine Forces operating out of California and the west coast of the US, and 2.) A test of the response time for American retaliatory measures against any Chinese warship attacking the US and/or its interests in the Pacific.

The GRU further states that the timing of this attack was timed even more crucially due to China’s testing of America’s response time during a period when their President, as Commander In Chief of all US Military Forces, was out of the country, as Obama was as he was in India at the time.

The Americans response time of nearly 11 hours between the EMP attack on the Carnival Splendor and the US retaliatory strike, the GRU states, “virtually assured†that the Chinese submarine responsible for the attack escaped, but which they further point out may have been intended by the Americans so as not to escalate this crisis.

To the geo-political reason(s) for a Communist Chinese attack upon the Americans just days before the crucially important G-20 Summit in South Korea, which both President’s Hu and Obama will be attending, this report says was due to the United States, in essence, declaring total economic war upon the rest of the world by its printing of nearly $1 Trillion US Dollars in order to monetize its staggering debt and that China warned:

“If the United States can increase the volume of dollars and it can transmit inflation to other countries to lessen the pressure of debt, then it will bring about a catastrophic influence on the world.â€

Typical of the United States propaganda media organs in telling their citizens about the true events relating to this crisis, it as if they have put themselves in total Cold War mode reminiscent of the 1940’s to the late 1980’s when they, likewise, failed to inform them of the many incidents or US Soldier deaths related to that conflict.

Most dangerous about the American people not being informed of the true and tragic state of our world today is their not being able to prepare for the much larger conflicts to come, especially in light of China’s Communists vowing that they won’t go down without a fight. A fight, mind you, that now appears not only a sure thing, but imminent.

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Hmm... at face value this does seem comical, and even unbelieveable. While the persona "sorcha Faal" does exceedingly post to alot of conspiracy and propagandist sites, could there be a glimmering of reality to certain portions of his post? I mean lets treat this as it appears... a propaganda reporting. I have found through the years that even with most propaganda and conspiracy theorys, however small... some percentage of truth, to which is always distorted or manipulated into the conspiritors/propagandists reported view/facts.

Do i think the chinese are responsible for the events that unfolded on the splendor.. no. Do i think chinese subs patrol off the west coast of north and south america.. yes. Do i think the chinese were testing new technology? .. possibly. Do i think it possible the chinese calculate and collect information on US naval activities... Yes. Do i think the American media only tells the people "half truths" ... without a doubt.

So while i think this report to be funny, and unbelieveable... i also an not naive enough to dismiss the possibility that the truth lies somewhere between the reported propaganda, and the true disclosure of the american media.

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You got there ahead of me Korina. If it was an EMP, how did the PA system still work, the emergency lighting, passengers cellphones and cameras?

The net is full of kooks and this guy is at the top of the list.


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Bob.. I rather like this version... I was contemplating moving it to the Cruise chat and travel board. as by the title it did seem cruise related...
So I read it.. but could not make head or tails of it and figured it would be equally confusing no matter what board it was on :biggrin: