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The truth about Muster Drill

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by mlzangel78, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    thanks giles :)

    i didnt mind everyones info just the negative uncalled for remarks,,, i apreciate your support
  2. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest


    Yes, you did start a hot topic. I questioned you because we actually had the cabin steward check on us and others on our deck. And like the guy with his wife in the sun waiting, we had the same experience. I guess it is something like debarkation when you keep hearing on the pa - will jon doe cabin 666 please report to the pursar's station. My last muster drill was on the deck by the life boat where we were packed, and it was hot and we had to stand. My mistake was that I should have had a drink with me. I quess too, that I'm really inbetween wanting to go and not wanting to go. It probably would be nice for it to be voluntary (like on another cruise line mentioned), but then I don't want to encounter all the chickens with their heads cut off if something does happen, (mind me now--NOT YOU) all because they did not read or try to find out where their muster station is and now they are going to the wrong place.

    I guess the problem is like my students in class. You know that at least some of the students know what to do, but then there are always those who don't know, no matter how many times you try to teach them. And to make certain--everyone has to take the test (and in our case -- no exceptions)

    Hope I didn't cause you to get offended. If I was one of them-I humbly apologize.

  3. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    oh no coffecups not at all, you are one of my favorite people on this board, and since my mother is a school teacher as well ( just graduated after going back to college at 50 to get her teaching degree, and grad with a 4.0 ,,,, go mom :) ) I have to like you :)

    NO offense was taken to your post at all, :) i have been recieving numerous Private messages, in regards to the one i was reffering too, telling me way to keep my patience and just to ignore the person becasue they are alwasy posting something negative.... i dont feed into the pettyness that comes from some,, i love it here and im not going anywhere... but hey its been awhile that weve seen a topic that got so much attention other than formal night dinner wear and topless decks ( sophie where are you ?) lol,,, so we were due for a hot topic ha??
  4. keaspa

    keaspa Guest

    Ya want a little funny? Here's my sister-in-laws take on the muster drill........

    Muster drill is the absolute worst part of the whole cruise. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has to put on the ugly orange life vests, and go to your designated stations while someone on the loud speaker tells you what to do if the boat decides to pull a Titanic. It last about 20 minutes but seems like forever. I hate it. Like we don't know what to do, according to the movie you wait until the boat breaks in two, then you push everyone off the safetly rails, take there space and hold your breath right before if goes under. Then in about an hour another boat sends people to pick up the live ones. I don't know what the big deal is.

    Lighten up people!!!
  5. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    OMG! That made me laugh out loud!!!
  6. krissexy

    krissexy Guest

    Come on people, the drill is a joke, but I do think they check your rooms, so you might as well just do it..........
  7. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest

    Mizangel thanks much

    lizardstew made my day with your post.

  8. batman4279

    batman4279 Guest

    They definately check rooms. I remember trying to hide with a buddy of mine once. We were extremely drunk. I have a vague memory of the steward coming in our room and holding my arms up over my head as he put our vests on. Somehow I ended up at my muster station, which I had know idea where it was. Needless to say, I find the experience quite fun. We like to hit each other with the things on too, and do like a chest bump.
  9. Nanni-B.

    Nanni-B. Guest

    Batman...I swear....your story takes the cake......OMG...... :lol Your reply deserves its own thread. I can not stop laughing.
  10. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    You were already smashed by the time of the muster drill? Oh well, I guess it's 5:00 somewhere, right?
  11. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    well ya gotta figure most of us hadnt eaten all day and the first drink ya have it that funship special WHOOOO... i was half lit by 3pm :)
  12. batman4279

    batman4279 Guest

    Yeah, this was my second cruise and it was on the Sensation. I was younger then, and we were so gung-ho to get started drinking because of the great time we had on our first cruise. We were pounding fun-ship specials and they had this other orange stuff called 190-octane. It was a pretty rough first day. Now of course I'm much more reserved..haha
  13. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    I'll bet! :lol
  14. rshreib

    rshreib Guest

    Its quite irrelevant whether you are legally obligated by the coastguard to attend. You are contractually obligated but the cruise line to attend. It is part of the agreement to follow all rules and regulations of the cruiseline when you buy your ticket. I was on a norwegian ship and we stood there for an hour because they would not let us leave until ALL passengers had reported for the drill. They kept announcing the names of the 4 or 5 people who had not shown up for the drill. Needless to say once it got around the ship who the stragglers were, they received quite a few stares the remainder of the time.
  15. MoJo2Rusty

    MoJo2Rusty Guest

    I think it's kind of fun to watch the people. The secret of it all is to NOT be the first ones there when they call the drill. The later you get there the closer you are to the front. We got there first last cruise and were against the wall, everyone stacked in front of us. Does get a little close, It's interesting to listen to everyone complain. LOL
  16. 1stcmez

    1stcmez Guest

    I remember reading a cruise review on another cruise board that said they had to do three muster drills, one in the middle of the night because there were several passengers that didnt show up for the drill. I think it was a Conquest review.

    Our last cruise was on the Conquest, and it didnt seem like it lasted very long! Once everyone was lined up, we stood there for about five minutes, and were excused! It was a breeze!!
  17. kakarp

    kakarp Guest


    I have to agree that I too don’t like the drills but I do attend very reluctantly. You may be lucky no one come in. On one of the cruises the DW and I were on our cabin did have 3 jackets stored away. Two adults and a child’s. We took the adults and left. When we returned the child’s jacket was gone. My guess is that a steward came in to check on us and removed the unused jacket.

  18. pistnbroke

    pistnbroke Guest

    What about that parachute drill on the plane ? A real inconvenience don't you think
  19. bippytrip

    bippytrip Guest

    Either go, or don't go. Personally, I do attend the drill-(not that I wouldn't rather be doing something else like sucking on the Ripple). But in my opinion, if you are not going to attend, you may as well save some money and not buy the travel insurance. They do check rooms, and if it is true that they take names of people who don't attend then you may have a problem with making a claim if ever you have to use the insurance. Either way, do whatever you want.

    You may even want to get creative and attend with a blow up duckie life preserver and a pair of those giant sunglasses. Or maybe a 2 foot long lit cigar, turning your head from side to side may keep people back far enough that you aren't squished. (Yes I am just being funny!!!)
    Point being; do whatever you want and have a good time.

    Barring the 20 minutes it takes for the drill, I still manage to find an ample amount of time to suck the Ripple.
  20. MikeNBec

    MikeNBec Guest

    Mizangel, you sound, once again, like a TOTAL joy of a person. Wow.

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