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The truth about muster drill

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by mlzangel78, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. bpear1600

    bpear1600 Guest

    sailingrose Wrote:
    > RCI does check each cabin and they have a list of
    > cabin # at each muster station. As you walk by
    > they check off your cabin number. They only call
    > out those cabin #'s that they don't write down.
    > Not sure how they handle no shows anymore but they
    > used to make you attend another drill usually the
    > following day. RCI is pretty serious about these
    > drills.
    People arrived en masse. I saw nobody with a clipboard nor did anybody call out any room numbers at our station. We have also attended over 20 of these drills and this was the first we didn't notice anybody taking room numbers.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)
  2. Deb Mumaw

    Deb Mumaw Guest

    We always go and I hate them too. I am claustrophobic as well and they are always trying to push me back towards the wall to make room for the late arrivals. I refuse to move back just keep stepping aside. With that jacket around my neck and tied I feel like I can't breathe. Just wish people would take it seriously and get there when they are called. We have waited over 30 mins. for 1 couple to show up. I know you can't force people to be on time but it is miserable for everyone else who gets there on time. In Miami, it felt like 110 in the shade, we had several people get sick and faint.
  3. Roland

    Roland Guest

    Deb Mumaw Wrote:
    I know you can't force people to be on time but it is miserable for....

    I really feel sorry for you Deb, but of course there must be a way
    to force people to be on time for the muster drill!?!
  4. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    thanks everyone for taking my post in stride,,, im really getting abused by this perosn frito over on the ccl board,,, i didnt mean to be defiant or disruptive, and i posted it for info purposes only... not to tell everyone hey Dont go,.... that was not my intention,, yes i know there will be one in every crowd that likes to take aim at someone,,, but i appreciate the rest of you taking it for what it was and not yelling at me , or being nasty
  5. ironmaiden

    ironmaiden Guest

    As bpear said, we noticed no one taking numbers or calling out cabin numbers as we have experienced for 14 prior cruises (this was Mariner of the Seas). Someone did say there was someone taking numbers as we passed, but I didn't see.

    However, I did notice our cabin steward putting 'evacuated' cards in the key slots as we left.

  6. Deb Mumaw

    Deb Mumaw Guest

    Roland, I don't think you can "force" adults to do anything. They are on vacation and don't believe a muster drill is that important I guess. I think it is kind of like listening to the evacuation plans before take off on a plane.
  7. jimlinalf

    jimlinalf Guest

    Did you post this on every cruise line forum. Whats the point of this.

  8. jimlinalf

    jimlinalf Guest

    You folks say that people know their way to their muster spot, are you kidding. People can't even find their way to the evening dinner. How they going to get to the lifeboat if they don't actually have to walk down to it. Come on, quit stretching things to satisfy your side of an opinion. It's only a half hour or so. I'm sure they would accomodate elederly people if you made it known. Can you imagine everyone running up to the first lifeboat in a real emergency and trying to convince people it is theirs.

  9. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Yes, I will attend the muster drills. In the event of the unlikely event happening, those fire doors will close. I was on Golden Princess when they were testing them. You haven't seen intimidating until you've seen a cruise ships fire doors. They certainly add to the tonnage. Let me tell you. You learn real fast their purpose is soley to cordin off that section of that ship.

    to anyone who gets stuck in that cordined off area, to them I say God Speed.
  10. Deb Mumaw

    Deb Mumaw Guest

    I just wish people would accept it as part of the cruise and get it over with! I don't like it, have done it many times and will do it every time I cruise just wish people would consider other people when they don't show up or wait so long to show up. The rest of us are uncomfortable but we are there!
  11. hct

    hct Guest

    The drills are a nuisance but if there is an emergency it's better to have had a practice drill. If you are claustrophobic (I am too) you will really feel pressed if no one went to the drill & then panicked in a true emergency...not to say that wouldn't happen anyhow but it helps to be prepared. I go to the drill & try to get a litlte extra space by spreading myself out a bit--looking up at the sky also helps!
  12. NewarkCC

    NewarkCC Guest

    Interesting muster story...In 1995 my wife and I went on our first cruise aboard Majesty out of Miami. We were rocked by a wild thunderstorm while still in port and my wife turned white as a sheet. Who would have known she would become sea-sick while still tied to the pier (you'll all be happy to know that she eventually recovered and this was the only episode since). Anyway, she took ye old dramamine and went to bed - out cold for three hours. During this time I wasn't about to wake her for the muster drill, during which the cabin steward did actually check the room.

    He must have called or told someone because about an hour after the muster was over the Captain read aloud, over the ships loudspeaker, the cabin numbers of those who did not attend the muster drill. Somehow we were not included in the list. It was the damndest thing I've ever heard.

    Since then we go to the musters and have found its a wonderful ice-breaking opportunity. Everyone standing around in goofy, bulky, uncomfortable orange life jackets is a wonderful breeding ground for humor and mild conversation.

  13. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    thanks for the story curtis... im glad your wife has had better health to enjoy the cruise thereafter
  14. Schooner

    Schooner Guest

    I wonder if there is anyone on this board that could tell what it is really like to muster for a real emergency, like on the Monarch when they punched a huge hole in it or on the Ecstasy when the whole rear end went up in flames in the late 90's.
  15. Mbandy

    Mbandy Guest

    See... I like the muster drills... It means all the weeks and weeks of waiting are finally over. :)

    I guess I just a conformist but I do understand why some people don't want to go.

  16. I love the muster drill - when everyone is standing there - turn to the 8 year old next to you, who will surely be playing in the elevators all week, and say - WOW the captain must be worried about something - I have been on 10 cruises before and they have never done tthis before.

    Then walk way - Its fun and a great way to start the trip!
  17. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

  18. Lisa

    Lisa Guest

    There is a difference between the "emergency" drills and the lifeboat drills required by the cruise lines. On every single one of my cruises, usually on a port day, there was a time when all passenger services would be shut down and the crew would go through an emergency drill.

    It is very important that everyone show up for the life boat drill - if you can't stand the way Carnival does it I suggest you try a Princess cruise - you report to your muster station (a very comfortable lounge or public space INSIDE) - and you stay there. In an emergency, you will be lead to a lifeboat if that becomes necessary.

    But, please, don't skip the life boat drill becuase of your phobias. I have some of my own, but I make sure I keep them in check and do what I need to do - not only for myself, but my fellow passengers. If you are one of those that didn't attend, don't expect sympathy from those of us with our own problems who do.
  19. Deb Mumaw

    Deb Mumaw Guest

    Even though I am very claustrophobic, we have never skipped a drill. Just learned to suck it up! Also manage to keep moving towards the front instead of having them push me back against the wall where I can't see over everyone's head. I don't think they would ask us to do this every cruise if they didn't feel like it was very important. Can't imagine what it would be like in a true emergency if we didn't at least know which boat is ours! I look at it as the start of one of the best week's of my life! When muster drill is over...get the party started!
  20. sailboat

    sailboat Guest

    Ships want you to do the drill so that you will have some familiarity with the life jackets, the mustering routine, and your muster station. Hotels don't do drills because, unlike ships, don't have a group that's all together for a common length of time. Hotels would have to do a drill each day and even then, could not be sure that everyone was "in" during the time of the drill. I am a short person and always seem to find myself in among the tall folk. It feels a bit confining, and I sometiimes feel a little tense and closed in, but I close my eyes and think about other things. Even veteran cruisers know that each ship is different and the relatively short amount of time spent on the drill is not a hardship, considering that it IS a drill and that the real thing would be far more frightening.Ships recognize that the drill is not everyone's favorite thing but if we all just go along with the drill, it will all be over fairly quickly and we can get on with the business of enjoying ourselves. That said, if you have a medical issue (like having trouble climbing a lot of steps), position yourself and your like jacket near the muster station shortly before the drill is to start so you won't have to climb steps. It won't be the same as a "real" drill, but there's no need to aggravate your condition for a drill. Same for those with claustrophobia. State that you are feeling faint and request that others allow you to stand near the edge of the queues.

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