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The truth about muster drill

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by mlzangel78, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. cruiserjohn

    cruiserjohn Guest

    If you are claustrophobic, why go on a cruise? The muster drill is less crowded that most other activities on a cruise ship. 15 minutes is not a big commitment & I think that the cruise line has an abligation to hold a muster drill for everyone. Heck, the airlines are still telling me how to float & breath in the event of an emergency!

  2. mlzangel78

    mlzangel78 Guest

    well said cruisejohn i do agree, and never thought of that ,,, i guess im so eccited to get on the plane that will take me to the ship... but my favorite part of the plane ride is the safety exercise... watching the flt attendnts go this way and that,, since i have never attended muster drill i guess i kinda have no right to judge and if you have read the past posts you will have read that i am attending on the VOS cruise in may... thanks
  3. I do not understand what is so bad about the muster drill its just 15 minutes
  4. randy

    randy Guest

    Second day out on our Infinity Vancouver-Hawaii cruise last year, they rounded up all the "truants" and had remedial life boat drills in the morning, conducted by a ship's officer (not just one of the cruise staff or deck hands!). It seems that they were serious about 100% participation!
  5. cleanco

    cleanco Guest

    The drills would go a lot faster if everyone attended. I do not like the drills either but I go as quickly as i can so the group does not have to wait on me. I HATE waiting 15-30 minutes for people to show up for what could have begun and ended in about 10 minutes. i would like to go retrieve the straglers myself. I have better things to do on my cruise than wait at the muster drill.

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