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Thelassotherapy Pool

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by MCD, Feb 5, 2004.

  1. MCD

    MCD Guest

    What is this and why the rave about it?
  2. SueClark

    SueClark Guest

    On the C-class ships it is a wonderful therapy pool - free to suites, but with a charge for other passengers (unless you have a spa treatment booked). On the M-class ships it is more like a luxury indoor pool (adults only).

    As you can tell, I prefer the pools on the earlier ships, but on the M-class ships they are very popular especially on cooler sailings.
  3. bugsntaz

    bugsntaz Guest

    We used it last year on the century it was much better than the hot tubs on the pool deck {no childern} the cost for the week was 50.00 I heard that this year it 60.00 .
    I will find out on the 7-10 sailing . We loved the ship so much we are going back this year
    and plan to book the week pool use as soon as we get on board
  4. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    On the Century, Galaxy and Mercury ships........
    It is like a super hot tub as far as the jets in the pool. But it is a special salt water treatment kept at body temp. around 98 - 99 degrees. It is great for the skin and for sore muscles. There is also a large spout where water comes out and you stand under it and it massages your back and shoulders, it is heaven. There is a section where the jets are like a regular hot tub and that has a spot to actually sit like in a lounge chair but on metal tubes, you just sit and relax. Then the other half has very powerful jets and I do mean powerful there are bars to hold on to to keep you still :lol The jets combined with the treated salt water really work wonders on your sore muscles :thumb It is located in the private spa area and they is a charge for it unless you are in a suite.
    On the Millinium and other M class ships......
    It is a giant hot tub located on the pool deck and is open to the public, it is for adults only. It is nothing like the ones on the Century and the other Century class ships. It is still salt water and it has jets, but they are not very powerful and do not have the same effect as the ones on the Century class ships.

    As you may be able to tell I am a big fan of the ones on the Century class ships, I was not nearly as happy with the ones on the M class ships. I would rather go on the Century and either pay $50.00 for the week for unlimited use of it or have a suite and get it free, than go on the Mclass ships and use that one.
  5. It was one of the highlights of our cruise, at least for me. The grandaughters, daughter and sil never tried it though they all intended to join me. DH doesn't know something good so was not impressed.

  6. idssms

    idssms Guest

    This pool does wonders for any medical problems. Use it a few times feel the healing power it offers whether lower back, neck or other problems.
  7. Looking at the deck plans of the Mercury, I see "Pool" indicated on an area forward on the Resort Deck. Is this the Thelassoterapy Pool? If not, where is it located?
  8. Shipsbelle

    Shipsbelle Guest


    That's it--it's in the spa area. Be sure to tour the spa when you first board and you can see what the spa offers.
  9. cruisequeen

    cruisequeen Guest

    My Celebrity book doesn't say anything a bout a charge. So is ther one or not?
  10. motherchic

    motherchic Guest

    No charge I know for certain on the mM class ships. I used it every day,especially when I felt I had too much sun. Also loved it when the first dinner seating was getting ready. Quiet-you just float.I didnt even know the other ships had one. i would definetly pay the $50
  11. CAG5563

    CAG5563 Guest

    Does anyone know if they have a Thelassotherapy Pool on the Zenith?
  12. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    Yes there is a charge for it on the Century, galaxy and the Mercury and it is located in the spa. The M- class ships it is open to the public on the pool deck and there is no charge.

    Sorry, but no there is not one on the Zenith or Horizon.
  13. lorelle

    lorelle Guest

    what about the Infinity?
  14. motherchic

    motherchic Guest

    The Infinity is considered an M class ship. So YES it does have a big Thallo pool and it is free.
    I also liked it for the simple fact that it was another pool to use.
  15. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    As motherchic posted the Infinity is an M- class ship as is the Summit, and the Constellation, the Milliennium is the first in that class of ships that's why they are called M- class ships. And yes it is free and open to the public on the Infinity. But it is nothing like the ones on the Century class ships that there is a charge for. I would never pay for the ones on the M- class ships, but I will on the Century class. I still enjoy the one on the M-class ships but it is more like a pool it isn't really a therepy pool like the other one on Century Class.
  16. Polodad

    Polodad Guest

    Charge for thelassotherapy pool on Century & possibly Mercury. I have a detailed string going on this. The pool on the Century is complimentary to suite passengers & certain classes of Captain's club members. It is also complimentary on days that you are receiving other spa services.
    If none of those apply the current rates are $20 per day per person or $60 for the week on Century. I hope that clarifies things.
  17. Kilted1

    Kilted1 Guest

    I spent the $60 for the week. Best money I spent on the whole cruise.
  18. idssms

    idssms Guest

    They charge on the Century and Galaxy except for suite passengers.

    I had a medical problem and within 2 visits to the pool I was cured.

    I dont know what they put in that water but,,,,,,,,,, it was incredible!!!

    I dont want to list my condition but if anyone is curious, back channel me and I will share.

    Highly recommended. I have pics of the pool in each ship if anyone wants to see what it looks like.

  19. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    negative for the Zenith and Horizon (no t-pool)

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