Things got worse



the pain was so bad again by Sat. night I was telling John to kill me,so I went to a chiropractor Monday,he said my lower spine where they reconstructed my tail bone years ago and fused it is slowly deteriating away into nothing and I also have curveture of the spine down there from not doing anything to fix it since this happened to me,he was furious at my doctor (back ortho) for just giving me drugs to get down the inflammation,and telling me to come back in 3 weeks,he said I was a very serious case,bilateral legs and feet and buttocks,so I had 2 treatments yesterday,I am back to walking again,no pain but very sore,couldnt sit last night at all,so now in for several months of treatment,I really trust this man to get me back to health and am obeying orders,only problem is insurance only covers up to 500 dollars in a year,probably spent that yesterday,oh well guess no fun for us for awhile,John says I have to walk,right now I would just settle for the numbness to go away,Dr. Johnson says about a month before that happens at 3 times a week,then hopefully we can start the pt part of it,holidays sure dont look jolly but hey I am breathing and alive,if not kicking. Korina


Treatment hurts financially and physically but it gets to a point you will do anything to be able to be part of the world! And be somewhat independent. Hang in there.



Hoping that things will get better for you ... glad to see you posting once in awhile when you feel up to it .. :)


I'm glad the chiropractor is getting you some relief. I didn't mention it before because every case is different but when I my back was really bad the doctor's didn't do anything for me besides pills and rest. I was in much pain, like you. I couldn't do anything but cry, I was in so much pain. I wentto the chriropractor and it was amazing at the relief. I have had 3 bad back spells and got relief from the chiropractor. Like you, we have a cap on our insurance for this type of treatment but I would gladly pay (and have) out of my own pocket to get the relief from the pain.

May you continue to find relief.


Don't want to offend any medical doctors here (elsewhere, yeah; but not C@ doctors) ...

I am so sick and tired of experiencing doctors who 'practice mediine', as opposed to actually 'performing medicine'. All too often they tend to write a script for the pain but don't do anything to fix what's causing the pain. And then we wonder why we have so many folks hooked on prescription drugs.

Korina, the above notwithstanding, do what your chiropractor says. Get the therapy, get the rest, work the program and literally, get back on your feet. We'll all be standing in line for a dance ....


Oh boy, I'm so sorry you went through all this. I have a pretty good idea of the pain you have been in, and the numbness, too. No fun, that's for sure. I hope you can get some relief through your chiro. I hope you feel some major relief soon, Korina.

When I first suffered my back injury in Dec. 2006, I was in so much pain the following morning I wanted to curl up under a rock. I crawled in to my chiro, and was able to actually walk out of his office. He wouldn't touch me after that because I was on worker comp, but as soon as I got off that, I headed back to him. He's helped more than PT did, for sure!


I am glad you are getting relief. I know how horrible back pain is. Take care and rest as best as you can. :)


Oh Korina, I haven't checked in for a couple of days and was so hoping things would be better for you! At least now you know what will start to work - even if it's painful and expensive - to be able to get back to semi-normal again it will be worth it. Thank goodness you have a good chiro - they are worth their weight in gold! Continued prayers and hugs for you! Hopefully you didn't suffer through that Packer game the other day! First half was OK, but the second half probably contributed to your pain!

Hang in there girl - hope to hear good news real soon!



OOh, so sorry to hear that you've had such pain! I can't imagine (and no offense, hope I never experience it) your pain! I'm glad to hear that you found some relief in a chiropracter. I'm afraid of them for some reason. I've seen that they work miracles, I just can't bring myself to them yet.........

Check in when you can!



=hug Korina. Sorry to have missed this message earlier. I hope that the days since your post have found you feeling better. Prayers continue.

Cruise cutie

Hope that your Chiropractor gives more relief, and that the pain fades away.. Backs are simply awful... and may it be that you are more easily able to get around..keep us updated..:daisy..Joanne