Think twice before choosing NCL!



I too am very disenchanted with NCL ... I have cruised on several of their ships, including the Norway, the Wind, and the Sky and now the Star and since they have gone to the "freestyle" the service has dropped drastically. I just got back from the Mexican Riviera cruise and vowed never again. I find it absolutely deplorable that the suites have gotten smaller, no more fringe benefits for paying the extra price for the suite. Before NCL was bought out they have started nickle and diming you to death. I am absolutely against the outrageous surcharge for eating in the optional dining areas. I remember when LeBistro was only a $5 per person cover charge, which I believed to be truly worth it as you had a wine steward, dedicated wait person and a mait tre d (sp). On this last cruise none of the staff in the optional dining areas had any sophistication or polish in any way. The food was mediocre at best so I must laugh when they say optional fine dining ... where is this restaurant and how much more must I pay for it? Also, it is absolutely a crime to pay the extra freight for a suite and not be able to order a full breakfast in your room. And then insult to injury ... now they charge for water in the suites ... something else that was given to the suites. In years past you also got little treats a few afternoons, little truffles or chocolate dipped strawberries, etc. Well, not any more. Something else that has gone by the wayside.

I was on the exact same ship (Star) last year when it was in Hawaii and found it interesting that when they brought the ship over to the mainland that someone saw fit to paint stars all over the side of the ship ... what is this a Carnival ship??? Last but not least, what idiot came up with the idea of turning the shopping on the ship into one great big room? What happened to the "boulevard" of shops???? When you are out to sea for 2 days or more one wants to spend some time strolling in and out of the shops but now, on the Star, anyway, the have put everything in one big room in the front of the ship no less (where I saw many people come in and run out from getting seasick) which takes you all of about 10 minutes maximum to go through. Very, very disappointing.

Okay, I have had my piece and agree or not ... spend you money for mediocrity or not. Live and let live but I won't be spending my hard earned money on mediocrity.


Hi CKINLA. I was on the Star too in Hawaii and I have noticed the Carnival look to the ship that makes it look cheap. But I guess to new cruisers it looks beautiful.
I am laughing because I remember that "Store" where if you went to a certain corner you could feel the ship really rocking and rolling. I wasn't able to concentrate on looking at things because I would start to get dizzy.
I may go back to that corner just for the JOY RIDE on Feb. 25th.
The only reason I am going back on the STAR is because it has the indoor warm pool and hot jacuzzi in the Spa area which is totally empty most of the time and my roomie and I will have fun relaxing in the Spa. I truly enjoy using the Spa area of ships.
As far as the food is concerned...... I plan to graze my way through the eateries each day. I am a snacker and love to snack. The ice cream bar is hidden wayyyy..... on a top deck wayyyy... in the back. I also had fun going to the Blue Lagoon for junk food that is very tasty. It is also fun opening the frigerator to get a container of juice or milk. Gee..... it is starting to feel like I am going on a Carnival ship. It doesn't take much to please me. It sounds like the ship has gone downhill since Hawaii. But the ship is located in my city and I don't have to fly to get to it. I also want to attend the Chocolate buffet again and eat the chocolate covered bananas.
I also plan to attend as many activities as possible.
My friend and I are spanish speaking so we are going to have fun exploring the beach cities on our own. We will charm the taxi drivers to take us everywhere and pay them well for their time.
The secret to paying less for taxis' is to walk away from the ship and pass up all the taxis' linned up near the ship. Go a few blocks and stop any taxi and they will be a lot cheaper. They also have to drop you off a block away from the ship so they don't have to pay the police some of their hard earned taxi money. The Mexican police wear white shirts and brown pants or dark pants. You will notice them stopping the taxis' and asking them for money especially in Matzatclan. They do that after the taxi has dropped you off.
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