Thinks Are Going Downhill a Bit!


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Mal woke us up around 1:30am with terrible chills. His temperature was back up to 102.4. We gave him Tylenol and by 2:45am, it was down to 101.3. I'm waiting until the Doctor's office opens at 8:00am to see what they want us to do.

So, keep those prayers and good wishes headed his way, please.


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Very sorry to read this, Sis. Mal and I spoke yesterday afternoon, and he sounded very chipper.

Please keep us updated, and please take care of yourself as well.



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This doesn't sound good. Wouldn't it be nice if they could get that procedure out of the way before the 11th so he could really get better!


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Thoughts and prayers continue. And, as others have said, please take care of yourself, as well. (I speak from experience.) Hugs!


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Please check the note I posted this afternoon.

Mal is being admitted to the hospital - in fact, he has just gotten to his room (6:30pm Eastern Time).
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