This Board is Dying a Slow Death...............



The following is IMHO. A diatribe if you’ll allow me after posting rarely , and lurking sometimes over the last several years………….

I don't post often. Record will show that. I lurk, looking for some substantive cruising related information. Very seldom is some to be found!! The "Community" board is full of personal interest information, little if nothing to do with cruising. So be it.

I know that Einstein went to the Q&A Board a few months ago to talk about cruising. So few topics (or discussion) over the last several days on that “cruise specific boardâ€Â. Look at the NCL Board. A relatively popular cruise line with almost NO traffic. Same for HAL, Celebrity, etc., etc.

This is no longer a "Cruise Addicts" Board; rather a chat-room for those who have become a "family" and use this forum accordingly. That is not a criticism; rather a pure observation after several years of visiting. You should change the name of this site, since it has so little to do with cruising anymore.

Don't get me wrong --- I "applaud" your closeness; however, your site is miss-named, and certainly not a place to get cruise related information?

You competitor, albeit, argumentative, very often, is still the best site to obtain relevant information regarding cruising.

IMHO, how are you able to attract and sustain advertisers??

As I said an observation after several years ---- given the traffic, I may not be alone in that opinion.


Hi, Glad to see you posting and I appreciate your lurking through the years. Your entitled to your humble opinion but, I disagree on many of your points.

Here are some facts to help put your assumptions to rest.

Cruise Addicts was started in 1999, our history and growth is self evident. While others have focused on different business models we have rightly focused on making a real community. We have been rewarded by having a rich group of members and advertisers who support who we are and what we do.


The board has been quiet of late...lots of folks on vacation and such....outside enjoying the summer weather vs inside on the computer. Though this forum is our community and we are all "family" here we are a family that is connected by our Cruise-Addiction...enough said.

Maybe instead of lurking, jumping in with a few post by all our "Lurkers" out there would liven things up more. JMHO

Gayle V

Hello Richard,

Such a shame you have only been lurking here while you look for information. You seem to have missed a big point about this board. Most of our pages here are question/answer forums. If you only lurk and never ask, how on earth can we provide the answers you need ?

Come on, give us a chance. Ask a question or two before you give up. And if the board you choose to post on is a little slow, don't forget that anything goes here on the Community page. So if at first you don't succeed (on one of the quieter forums) then try again here.

We never get tired of talking cruises.


These forums are plagued with lurkers, that's not a bad thing but if the lurkers would become posters, I'll just take a wild guess at this but I think our postings of questions and answers would go up tremendously.

A lot of serious discussion is moving away from the community forum onto the cruise q&a and individual cruiseline forums, leaving the community forum to open conversation but it is in a transitional stage and a lot of times that type of thing doesn't happen over night.


I think you are the same guy who hurt Litta's feelings before. Unlike the others, I will say if this board does not meet your needs, please find one that does. No law says you have to come here, stay with your other board.


Those are great answers!

I think like Nieciez says.."-addicts" is the key...anything info or fun chatter is what addicts get together to do here in whatever forum is appropriate. I think that descriptor works well for this particular site and if you want "-criticism", then there's a site for that too.

And even better.....there is no exclusive can enjoy all the info and fun you can gather here by asking on this site AND visit the other sites too!!!

At least you posted! Next time as us a question we can help you with cruising or destinations.......or a smile when you need one!


Check back in 10 years. We'll still be here. Just give these nice folks a chance.Have you asked any cruise related questions in your 3 years and 49 posts? Looks like you actually provided some answers to some cruise related questions for others. That makes you a member of the family. :thumb


I like to think about @ddicts as a cruise forum that thinks outside of the box. There is no black and white here just as in life not all things are black and white or decisions and situations should be dealt with in that manner. We jump outside of those lines here quite often and why???? We have a community. Just this week I am meeting someone in my Town that I met here on the board. Why? Because someone maybe got to know me a bit more personally because we are who we are here!

We are not censored, we are not yelled at and we go to every extremes not to hurt another posters feelings. Can't say that is the experience many of us felt on another or other forums at times. The moderators here don't jump all over us because we post in the wrong forum or because we mention another board name etc..... I'd say this Board is run the Democratic Way!

You are welcome to your opinion and I dare say it would be deleted from other forums but you felt free to post it here. Chose to participate or not that again is your choice. But this is not the first post you have made with these dire predictions. I think many of us disagree.


See, this is why I like this board so much, the guy comes in here to pick a fight and you all shower kindness on him. I just had to confront him (working in a prison and all) but other than me :)D, everyone treated him with dignity. That is why I have come to this board daily, to help me deal with my cynism. This is the greatest board. :daisy. I am going to post more often and try to make it on the 2009 cruise whereever it goes!


I don't understand why you say this board is not cruise related. Did you not realize you can use the drop down menu and check out each individual cruise line? The community board is a lot of chit chat along with cruise related topics. The individual cruise line forums are all about cruising. I'm not trying to sound snippy at all, just don't understand and don't know if you are checking all forums. I remember seeing you post a few months back regarding this same issue and it was also on the community board. I hope you change your mind and jump in a little more often, I think you may like what you see. I'm gearing up for cruise #4 this Feb, had just booked my first one when I found this board and I got lots of great advice. Everyone was very helpful and very kind.


Richard, check out the
It's supposed to be a cruise related board and all it has evolved into is " good morning chat " with about a dozen people checking in to tell each other how awful/good the weather is in their corner of the south. Now that's one that maybe you could help.
This board is not the largest around but it's solid and if someone asks for info. they can certainly get it and usually pretty fast.
I have been around here for years and post fairly often but you can bet I read this board everyday. If someone asks for help on a certain question or situation , if I feel I can offer something useful, I surely will, just as everyone else does.
As far as items other than cruising, I enjoy the wonderful photos that some members post, especially of wildlife, birds, etc. and hope they continue to be posted.
I like the fact that there's not thousands of people on this board, all with wildly differing opinions that eventually turn into attacks , etc. against each other and against certain cruiselines.
Yep, there's different opinions but they're mostly handled in a civil way.Count yourself as blessed to be able to read a board like this.
Could improvements be made?? Sure, just as they could be in anything
but I'm sure the powers that be know more than I about what they're doing so I'm content to let them do their thing and in the meantime I'll enjoy reading and sometimes throwing in a post here.
Hop in and help out some. :wave


We're all entitled to our opinions, but I disagree that this Board is dying. It's alive and vibrant because @ddicts are so caring for each other IN ADDITION to rendering help about cruises and related travel matters.

I lurk - and very occasionally post - on another forum. They have the friendliness of a dead fish. No thanks - I'll take Cruise @ddicts ANY day!



Any time I've needed any sort of cruise-related information in the nearly five years I've been here, I post a question and have an answer within, usually, hours. So, to say that there's no substantive cruise-related information here...well, that's just not true.

From this board I've also learned how to get paint out of my carpet, how to mix an amazing lemonchello and how to make the appropriate request to Walgreens so that my underwater photos turn out better. I've given and received prayers and good thoughts to/from countless people. I've been touched by stories and I've been entertained by daily jokes. I've "met" some really cool people over the years.

Are we the biggest? Is every post cruise-related? Heck, no. Can you find any answer you need to know about cruising. In my experience, absolutley yes.

If you don't have the tolerance for the daily lives and experiences of others and you're ONLY looking for cruise-related posts, then maybe it's not the place for you because it really IS a family. Sometimes our family members disappear for a time (myself included). But that doesn't meant we all aren't @ddicts. It just means that life happens.

John and crew do an amazing job here. Keep it up, gang.


Yep Richard, you are right on track with at least one of your observations. Some of us are facing life and death situations, thus we are personally dying a slow death. And for us, this board is a life line. These traumatic and sometimes chronic situations seem to have a way of interfering with us cruising as often as we would like, but we still have cruising on our minds, and that's why this feels like home to us.

BTW, I just scrolled down the message topics and see plenty of cruise related topics, didn't you see them???

Just my IMHO, when the members of C@ get together for mini meets, or group cruises they are already close friends, even if they haven't met in person before. This is because of the familiar (get it, family) and very personal interactions we have here on this board. Something very rare indeed in this fast paced society of ours. I personally like the mix of topics here and will miss your opinions when you leave us.

But thanks for reminding us AGAIN how close knit we are. Sometimes when I am in pain or suffering from insomnia in the middle of the night and feel that I have no one to talk to, I need that gentle reminder that I don't have to feel so all alone. That's when I most enjoy reading each and every post, especially the ones sharing about the joys of life. That's when the night time seems a little brighter, just like when that glorious full moon shines down brightly on that dark Caribbean sea. In my mind I'm once again sailing, but this time with a whole boatload of true friends!!!!

Best wishes for smooth sailing, Mariposa

J.E. M.

In short, we are a family, ask a cruise question you will get an answers, ask a non cruise question you will get a response.


I was a lurker here until I went my first cruise on the Freedom last October, and I must say........ any question I asked (cruise related or not ) was answered more or less straight away AND with a friendly smile and tone.
I went away on my cruise like I had been doing it for years, and I would like to thank EVERYONE here for that.....

Yes it's a bit quieter than "other" boards, one in particular moves very fast because of all the arguing and back biting, I'd rather have my post answered with a smile and some humility, than be flamed for asking the "wrong" kind of question or because I have a typing error

Just my opinion of course



For those who did not levy a personal attach on me, I thank you, for none was levied against anyone here.

And, for those who point out all of the useful and varied forums here (outside of the community message board), please look at them closely. We cruised to Alaska this season aboard NCL. It’s the heart of Alaska cruising season. However, look at the VOLUME of traffic on both of those boards, and tell me how much useful information is to be found. Imagine the novice cruiser who stumbles on this site………….and what their view would be.

Per someone’s suggestion, I did looked at the subject lines of the 40 recent threads appearing on this community message board and find relatively little (few) in the way of cruising. No personal offense to the authors, however, M&M’s, furbies and washing machines, etc., are not why I or others (believe it or not) come here!!!

I go back to my original contention that this site is misnamed. A more appropriate description would be “Cruise Addicts – An almost real-time chat room, consisting of a small community of internet friends, who although they enjoy cruising, wish to discuss other aspects dealing with life’s experiencesâ€Â. NOW I know what to expect……….

I applaud your “closenessâ€Â; however, I would describe it also as being somewhat of a clique. And don’t be fooled into thinking this is an “open communityâ€Â. I believe after others (newbies) read this board (lurking) for a while, you may (my opinion again) scare off more potential new members than ones who join.

Again, all of the above is just IMHO. I wish this board was MORE about cruising. With relatively so few members here, the gene pool is not sufficient enough (IMHO) to sustain a viable existence going forward --- i.e., just like Panda Bears in the wild! :)


But thanks for reminding us AGAIN how close knit we are. Sometimes when I am in pain or suffering from insomnia in the middle of the night and feel that I have no one to talk to, I need that gentle reminder that I don't have to feel so all alone. That's when I most enjoy reading each and every post, especially the ones sharing about the joys of life. That's when the night time seems a little brighter, just like when that glorious full moon shines down brightly on that dark Caribbean sea. In my mind I'm once again sailing, but this time with a whole boatload of true friends!!!!
Mariposa, Beautiful words. Thank you. :) :thumb Richard, my reply to you is =yeah I don't think I can add one more thing to what my FRIENDS and fellow cruise @ddicts have written. I just wanted to say welcome to the board. If you have a cruise booked, please tell us the details! We are loaded with not only advice for you if you need it, but just watch how we get almost as excited FOR YOU as you ARE about your cruise =cheerleader

Jill B


Well, I can understand all the responses here. I am also guilty of posting OFF topic, and sending good thoughts to those in need.

DH and I have only cruised 3 times, twice on the same ship.
I have found a lot of cruising information on this forum, and "the other one" not particularly relevant to me because down here we just don't have the large range of ships, itineraries, cheap fares etc that you have Up Over, and no-one seems to have sailed on "our" ship.

But, I have "met" some wonderful and caring people, shared their anticipation of up-coming cruises, they have shared MY anticipation of up-coming cruises. And I enjoy reading reviews and looking at the photo gallery, and following along when some @ddicts manage to post while cruising.

I have also been commissioned by a few @ddicts to make patches, polo shirts and the like for their group cruises, (and other items), which helps to make me feel a part of the whole community, even though I cannot see DH and me joining a group cruise in the foreseeable future. (unfortunately) And, our cruise next November may be our last :( But I will still want to know how @ddicts are going, and I am sure some would want to know how we are going too.

But, having blathered on about that, I will finish by saying that I agree with all the others who have stated that this is a Community, brought together by our love of cruising, and we all have a genuine interest in each others' welfare.

Oh, and I might just post another OFF topic post, so be warned :grin