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This Board is Dying a Slow Death...............



You know, many years ago when I came upon this site, I too thought it seemed kind of like a "clique".......that is, until I introduced myself and jumped on board to share my adventures and wealth (not) of wisdom about cruises. I had lurked on other sites and was appalled at how nasty they could be to each other. I was afraid to get hit over the head because the questions I had....had JUST BEEN ASKED THE WEEK BEFORE. oops, sorry.....didn't mean to bother anyone......gulp....then I found Cruise-Addicts and hardly anyone has "yelled" at me since.......well except for Maxine. Lighten up a bit....pull up a chair...sit back and enjoy your stay with us. You might even get to like us....just the way we are. If you can't find all the info here......go find it on the "other" board....then come back here and tell us about yourself and make some awesome friends. We're meeting up with Katcruiser(from this board) here in Wisconsin tomorrow and Thursday while she's on business. Why????? Because we met her and her husband on a cruise once and enjoyed their company...and guess what we'll be surely talking about???? Yup, our upcoming cruise that a bunch of us from here will be on in February. That's what it's all about.

Mal D. Olive

For those who did not levy a personal attach on me, I thank you, for none was levied against anyone here.

Perhaps I am missing something, but considering the subject line alone "This Board is Dying a Slow Death" it seems this would certainly classify as an attack. And though not addressed to any one person, it indirectly affects the community as a whole. IMHO

Donna - dsw

RichardK - I want to thank you for posting - I hope you continue to do so.

I do however, understand what you are saying that a new person coming to just look and find an answer to a specific question on crusing may not find it.

However, I hope they do see that they are welcome to post and ask anything they want and they will then find an answer.

I hope they also see that we are a close group and are not out to bash and discourage anyone from posting.

We like our home and welcome you - ask any question you want cruising or not and your will get an answer.


You are entitled to your opinon about the off-topic. There are vanilla boards perhaps you are better served there.

However in my opinion you crossed the line when you took a shot at the M & M post. Did you even open the post? How terribly sad that you would callously include in your examples of off-topic, a post discussing radical mastectomy a woman is facing today. A friend here was reaching out for comfort, sharing her fears and thoughts about her surgery recovery and future and you use it to make your point????

"for none was levied against anyone here"? You got that one all wrong "Sir".


While I don't have much time to post, there is IMHO, plenty of information to be found and much given if you ask.

Yes, there is a family atmosphere on this board, which is partly why it is such a good board.

In the past, I've developed wonderful friendships with members of this community.


We all have choices in our lives. If you like the board, have something to contribute, etc., please join in, but if you don't care for the board, there are others to monitor. A new cruiser requesting information will most likely Google the topic, and plenty of resources will be available to them. That's how I found this board. It's still a choice to stay and post or lurk, or look elsewhere.


RichardK...if you'd like to stick around, that's great. If you plan to leave, then we'll be sorry to see you go. But I am at a loss as to why you're trying to convince us that we're "not worthy" of being called a cruise board. We know that some of our forums are slow-going. We know that we talk about stuff other than cruising. We also know we have a lot of lurkers...if they all posted maybe the problem would be solved. People are welcomed here, with open arms, no matter what their question or issue is. (By the way...I lurk on another board every so often, but will never post there because of the way people are treated when they say something unpopular.)

But I agree with Mal...when you say we're "dying a slow death," how can you possibly think that people who have been here for years and who have gained so much from this site (both cruise-related and not cruise-related) won't jump to its defense?

I'm sorry that you feel personally attacked, but it's simple. If you like it here, please stay. If you don't, there are certainly other places to go...but there's no reason to knock us on the way out, especially in an attempt to disguise it as something "for our own good."


Hi RichardK!
I have been here on the CA's for a long time and I can honestly say I cannot agree with you on this one.Over the years, I have noticed the board growing, in every respect, so that in itself says something about us as a cruise related board and a community! I stayed with this board because it is different than others, it has a combination of cruise related subjects and a community, which is very appealing to me. Any questions I have had to ask were answered and then some! I have asked questions that I had surprising answers to that have saved me time and money and real headaches.

I do think you have every right to your opinion of this forum, but you are absolutely welcome to just ask questions about cruising whenever you like and I am sure all these experienced, well-cruised addicts will find the answers for you. You are certainly a percentage of how this board works! Some addicts are here just for answers and other are here to chat along with finding answers!


Good morning Richard. :wave I give U a :thumb for the observant eyes but I will also revert back to a word used by my friend the pie man ( bOB ) and that word is transition. The reason I revert back to that word is because that word FAR better fits than the word DEATH.

U are so correct in that I did mention my intentions of spreading my wings and traversing other territories or forums in this case. I noted that I needed to do what was BEST for moi and that was to get more in touch with cruising. It did NOT mean I was totally abandoning the Community as I have established MANY Gr8 friendships thru the Community forum in the 7+ years of existence.

I just felt in my situation that to remain content I had to venture out and discuss more cruising related topics. I have done so and will continue to do so as that is what gives me a bit more pleasure. I also knew that I would continue to maintain a presence on the Community Board and will continue to but on a smaller scale.

I noted your keen observant eyes in the 1st paragraph because what U observed was also observed and discussed behind the scenes. U might ask why it was discussed and there is a simple answer. It was discussed (as MANY things are) in an effort to try and improve the Cruise @ddicts site for its members.

We ALL know that its a tough task to teach an OLD dog NEW tricks and its NO different when introducing changes to the Cruise @ddicts site. Changes are in essence called transition and that is why I chose to pick that word from bOB's post.

We are a site in transition and will probably continue to be as long as the Cruise @ddicts site is in a mode of evolution. Once evolution ceases then like anything else in life their is death Ah yes there is that dreaded word that we ALL hate. :)

The transition that seemed to be the MOST obvious to implement was to attempt to focus more new posters into a totally cruise related forum and thus the evolution of the Cruise Q & A forum via name change. I know I hoped that with this transformation that it would paint a better picture for the new posters entering the Cruise @ddicts site. I think to a certain degree it has and will continue to do so.

I guess I also envisioned or hoped that some of the regulars from the Community Board would agree to a certain amount of change as well and spread their wings so to speak. Some have and others have remained close to their love of the Community Board. This is fine because we ALL do have differences of opinion and likes and dislikes.

For obvious reasons this is why I try and diversify my postings and especially my =photo postings. I have been asked by MANY MANY folks to PLEASE bring back all the =photo postings to the Community Forum throughout the last few months.

I have kindly replied back in response that I believe that its BEST if I continue to split these =photo postings up as its IMO BEST for the Cruise @ddicts site. YES its obvious that the posting levels are down on my posts but its a sacrifice I intend to continue with.

Why one might ask and its quite simple ... If I can get even a handful of folks to venture over to the Cruise Q & A forum for these posts then they in essence have spread their wings. :grin It also opens more posting opportunities and more info for some of the cruise related questions from the new posters just finding the Cruise @ddicts site.

In time perhaps some of these NEW members will venture out to other forums and allow the Cruise @ddicts Community to grow. This is essential to the future of the site IMO and if there is NO growth then I think we can refer to the word that U chose to use in your topic.

Change is a thing that we ALL must face and with change comes resistance. I will use a good example for moi here. I personally do NOT agree with the Float to the Top option for the Community Forum. I believe personally that this option is Gr8 for slower forums and worx well.

However for busier forums this option tends to filter posts to the bottom and the back pages to quickly. It also tends to limit posting as well. Its does that because many posting members rather than drag and old thread to the top will PM a person to respond to that older post rather than posting on the tread itself.

So rather than post on an older thread and bring it to the top to share the info with the entire community they limit the sharing of the info via a PM. It also reduces the # of postings on the site and therefore gives the image that the forums are slowing down.

Thirdly the Float to the Top option also tends to confuse things and create MORE work IMO where there are Daily post of the same topic. It requires readers to look at dates to make sure they are posting to todays office ramble or Good Morning post rather than last weeks.

Confusion enters as well when a old post from weeks or months ago is brought to the TOP because it requires rereading the post to make sure that a duplicate posting is NOT posted. These opinions being stated might raise some eyebrows but I also know that they will be accepted.

They will be accepted because that is the way the Cruise @ddicts site is. We ALL have our opinions and we all at one time or another have voiced them but we also know that they will NOT be publicly criticized because that is the @ddicts Way!!!

So Richard thru the transition period and NOT the death hopefully, hang in there as the changes take effect. Remember its hard to teach an OLD Dog NEW tricks but on occasion it happens. Sometimes it also is a learning experience that requires MORE changes for the improvement to continue.

Perhaps the next set of changes will be exactly what U or I prefer and better fit our liking. But U can also bet that there will be those that absolutely hate those changes and will voice their displeasure. The ONLY guarantee is that the discussions surrounding these differences WILL be handled the @ddicts Way!!! :thumb Hand around my friend and PLEASE do post more. Join me over on the Cruise Q & A as I can always use an extra hand or two. :)



In his famous book "How to Win Friends and Influence People," Dale CArnegie points out that the way we are seen by others is not the same way that we see ourselves. At my Company we have to do what's called a "360 Review" We sent out surveys to peers and inside customers. They rate us anonymously and include comments. It is amazing how others may see you as weak in some area that you feel is a strength. I feel that any internet board needs to encourage comments like the one from RichardK.

In his famous book, "Management", Peter Drucker tells us that no organization can stay the same, it is either getting better or worse. That is why change is always necsessary. Einstein, thanks for your efforts. I am sure that the board will continue to improve.


I wouldn"t change anything about this board. I am a lurker. I do not always feel I have something informative, intelligent or more often can not express sympathethic feelings easily which does not mean I don't add my prayers and concerns for those in such painful situations. I love reading most of the posts. I so often quote what my friends here say, I paticularly enjoy Duskbat's comments and love the pictures. I look for CruiseAddicts logos on peoples luggage at the cruise terminal, hoping to find a friend, I've learned so much about cruising and how kind, considerate and caring my friends here, are. Thank you. You all have inriched my life.

Gayle V

Hello Richard,

What to do about the boards that gather much less interest, is a legitimate queston. It is a problem, true, but not one that negates the obvious success of the more active pages devoted to more popular topics and lines. More people like RCI, Carnival and Princess, so those pages garner lots of talk, if you will only take a look at them

I don't know the answer, but perhaps John may need to revisit the question of whether some pages actually warrant their own existence. I don't know that Cruise@ddict's can actually manufacture interest in topics like River Cruising, and more obscure cruise lines, if the interest is just not there. Perhaps redirecting those questions to the Q&A pages would better serve the purpose.

Still, John is always changing and adding to this place. (which as I think, Einstein implied is really the definition of a living entity.) So perhaps a solution is in the future.

That being said, Richard, when I read your posts I get the impression that you are purposely wearing blinders. You bemoan the personal, family nature of "this board" but persist in looking only at our "community board". That's like looking at the ocean and moaning that there's too much water. If it's not the chit chat and friendly interaction that you want, why are you only looking at the one page of Cruise Addict's that is specifically delegated to that purpose. I just don't understand your focus.

You bemoan the lack of strictly cruise related questions, and in an effort to prove our lack of them, you purposely chose NOT to look at our page that is specifically decreed to be cruise related questions only. Why?

You claimed to have found only 40 cruise posts, but if you had looked at the Q&A page (where they belong) you would have seen that the questions there are virtually ALL cruise related. Hundreds and hundreds of them! {You remind me of the time my kid, stood in the middle of the kitchen looking for his shoes. I asked him: did you look in the closet, where they belong?}

Sure, some changes are still needed. Perhaps some clearer labeling of the purposes of our main boards; to help our those people who don't quite understand that "Q&A" MEANS Cruise Questions and Cruise Answers and that the "Community board" is intended for the interactions of those who want to be part of a community.

Still, John could spell it all out in simple language, but that won't help you if you are purposely trying not to see the facts that contradict your own opinions.


I have been coming to this board for several years now. I lurk a lot and also post but not as often as a lot of the people here. When I strictly want cruise information I go to the Q&A board and have always found exactly what I'm looking for, if it's not there I can post the question and get my answers.

I guess what I don't understand here is, if this board if not what you are looking for, why not look someplace else for what you want rather than try to imply that this board should change to suite your needs. It just seems like now days, this is the norm. If you go someplace, a new country, a new town, a new job or a new message board, and it's not what you want, people think that place should change to suite them.

I visit other boards but this is the board that I visit daily. My Community friends are here and I can slip to the other boards on C@ to find the other information I need.

Take a tour of all the boards Richard, you might find out that this is not such a bad place after all.


I HAD to chime in again on this topic as I have tears of joy in my eyes.

This Board dying a slow death? I think not! I KNOW not!!

As I reported in another thread, I called the In-Laws of one of our Board members (Reggae) who underwent serious surgery today. I identified myself to her SIL (Reggae's brother was at the hospital), explained to her about Cruise @ddicts - and you could just hear the appreciation and relief in her voice that you've been praying for her, and how overjoyed you'll be (as was I) at the news that there was no cancer. No one can kill or minimize the joys and the sorrows we share, whether it concerns 2-footed or 4-footed family, jobs, crazy topics...and, yes, cruising and travel in general.

"Family" is what this Forum is about.