This happened on our cruise -- what would you have done?


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On the last night of our recent cruise, we attended an adults-only comedy show in the smaller of the ship's show lounges. This was the type of lounge in which the seats are chairs that are movable, other than the benches that line the walls. The place was packed. I made a beeline for three seats -- one for me, one for DH, and one for PizzaBoy (who is now 21 and tall). Two of the seats were on the bench against the wall. In front of one of those bench seats -- pressed up against it, in fact -- was one of the movable seats with another pax seated in it. I estimate there was about two feet of space between his knees and the back of the chair in front of him.

Now that the scene is set, I'll start my story. (I had my journal with me, so I am not relying on memory.) I said to the man, politely I thought, "Excuse me, but if you could please move your seat forward about six inches, my son would be able to sit with me on the bench." The man's response: "No." Simple as that. I asked him why, and he mumbled something about wanting room for the bar waiter.

Keeping in mind the following, what would you have done next?
  • This was an adults-only show, so we're not talking about having to sit in front of a child
  • It was the last night of the cruise, close to midnight, so there was little chance of running into these people again
  • My son has cerebral palsy
  • I was sober

Okay... go!


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If it were me...and tact and diplomacy didn't help...I would probably just sit behind him, tuck my legs beneath me somehow or sit with my feet on the bench in such away that my feet or knees would keep poking him or kicking him in the back of the head and shoulders...
Yeah, it would be purposely provoking him...but...he asked for it...
That, or I'd hold the seat and have someone in my party STAND in all of that extra space in front of him...and, when he'd say something, I'd say that you have a seat for your family member, but, unfortunately, someone pushed their chair back in front of the seat so as not to leave any foot room...

Okay, my wife would probably stop me from doing any of that...So, what I'd really likely do is to find a crew member with some authority--like an assistant cruise director...and bring it to their attention. Their job is to keep as many customers happy as possible...and, when there is such an easy answer (as in moving the front seat just a few inches forward), they would likely take care of it for you...


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Tough one, sometimes I find myself just taking the high road. Unfortunately, You do seem to run into miserable people on occasion. Rather than getting upset or making it worse.. I tend to just avoid the person. Seems like each day you have choices like this. If I have no other easy choice, I like what @BruinSteve said. You just don't need the aggravation. Some people are just rude.
This is an uncomfortable situation and I can see why it was frustrating. It's a shame that an incident like this should mar the last night of a cruise. Had I been the person in front of you, I would have gladly slid up to make room. I'm sure most people here would have also. There are some things you can control on a cruise, such as your itinerary, your expenses, and your ride to and from the terminal. There are also things you don't have control over, such as the sea conditions, rain, and conduct of others. One option would have been to request assistance from a member of the staff. Another would have been to leave and say this isn't worth the aggravation. It would depend on someone's personality. Generally, there are certain legal remedies for many woes that can confront one on a cruise, whether it's a contract dispute or bill for medical services. But for something like this, don't let one incident tarnish the other nice memories from a cruise.

Wishing you smooth sailing on your next cruise,

Tim Akpinar