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This has gotta be the dumbest ...

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by Al, Sep 13, 2002.

  1. Al

    Al Guest

    We're booked on the Horizon for 12/15, and will be stopping in Costa Maya. We were intrigued by the Unimog off-road excursion, and tried to obtain information about booking independently, as is our wont. The trip is available only through the cruise line, and departs at ... are you ready??? ... 7:30 a.m!!! It's only about 4 hours long, leaving us until 4:00 to amuse ourselves. That's not all that bad; but we'd have to awaken at 5:00 a.m. (I don't get up that early to go to work!), miss breakfast (no arrangements other than room service - if I wanted to eat in a room, I'd stay home), and prepare to explore new horizons in a semi-comatose state (both us and the port). Celebrity is passing the buck to the tour operator, who makes the ultimate decision. But to even consider offering a choice at such an ungodly hour ... and this is not a trip for most seniors, many of whom arise early. It's uncomfortable, with considering jostling and jarring. These guys in Costa Maya are a bit new to the cruise game. I guess they want us to join them in a mid-day siesta. We'll do something else there, and at a more reasonable hour.
  2. Stargazerm31

    Stargazerm31 Guest

    I guess if that is the only time the tour operator will offer it what choice does Celebrity have? They can either offer it at 7:30 AM or not offer it at all. My opinion, is if it is that important then do it. If you don't want to go on it, then you are in the exact same position as if Celebrity didn't offer it.

    I assume they only go that early to avoid the heat. It can be rather hot in that area of Mexico in that time of year.

    As for breakfast, I have always found some type of muffin or role in the buffet. You can get something at 6AM to 7AM for the early riser breakfast. Based on my experience on the amount I eat through out the cruise, I have never wasted away by having one lite breakfast.

    I hear, understand, and respect your point, I just don't agree with them.

    Have a great time anyway.
  3. John

    John Guest

    I have found that many excursions can be pretty rough on scheduling. Many times you have to get up early, meet and then tender in. Then get on a bus for what could be an hours drive or more. This can be hard if your looking for a 'no schedules' kind of vacation. I tell lots of my new cruiser friends that you can easily run yourself ragged doing complicated excursions and things onboard your cruise. This is especially true on a port intensive cruise.

    I tend to do only schedule the 'Must Do' things now and leave the rest open for relaxation or go it alone excursions if I feel like it once on land. Its no fun for me when your so tired from several full days of running around from boats, buses, taxi's and snorkeling. :)

    I think this is why many veteran cruisers love sea days and stay onboard some ports to have the ship to themselves. I'm learning that this can be a good thing.
  4. Al

    Al Guest

    John -

    You're right about the must-do agenda. While I'm hardly a neophyte cruiser, this is only Joyce's second, and the first for her daughter & friend. Costa Maya being a new port for all of us, I'd hoped that we'd be able to do something new and exciting (we loved the jungle tour in St. Lucia!); but, alas .... I'm not one for spending half the excursion time getting there and back; but on this one, going and returning would have been part of the adventure. Oh, well; we'll leave our four slots folr the early risers.
  5. Skip

    Skip Guest

    Lighten up. Find something else to do. They must have a good reason for scheduling the trip when they did. You will not die without a breakfast. I am sure a light continental
    breakfast will be available.
  6. maria

    maria Guest

    When we were on the Millie this sumer we also had very early excursions. We were glad we did. It is much cooler and not as crowded. As for breakfast, Celebrity takes it into account when there are early excursions and they offer the buffet earlier. Check your daily the night before and it will list the hours of breakfast. Trust me you will not leave the ship hungry.
  7. Walter

    Walter Guest

    Hi Al,

    As you know we are on the same cruise. I have no plans of getting up at that hour myself either. Sleeping in is part of the cruise vacation experience for me. However, for some guess it would not be so bad. Let me know what else you find out on Costa Maya. I have not yet had a chance to look at all the ship tours that are available. Will be in touch soon.

  8. Al

    Al Guest

    Walter -
    Will do, although I'm not seeing anything all that exciting. Let me know what you find.

    To the others -
    I'm usually up and running (or at least stumbling) at 6:30 or so, what with walking the dogs, grabbing breakfast, doing a bit of work on the computer, etc. The last thing I want to do is awaken in the middle of the night (for me) for a shore excursion. Apparently, others feel the same way, as there are very few booked for the trip - and the ship is just about sold out. Living in Florida, I'm well-aware of the cooler morning temperatures, although December isn't nearly as bad as the summer months. I spent a September day amongst the Mayan ruins - almost ruined me, too! Nah; I'm gonna pass on this one, unless the tour operator can make more favorable arrangements. He might have to, given the underwhelming response thus far.

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