This just won't end.....more bad news



I got Mike home at noon today. He was feeling punk but doing OK. About 6pm he went into the shower and I went in after a few minutes and he was sprawled on the bathroom floor. I just about died myself. He was in severe respiratory distress and after ten minutes he just couldn't get his breath back. So I told him I felt he needed to go back. He said Judy I'll leave that up to you. I asked him how bad it was and he said 8 on a scale of 1 to 10. I dialed 911. His blood pressure was sky high, even on high flow oxygen he was not able to breathe. They took some vitals and screwed. They were supposed to take him back to the same hospital. I grabbed a few things locked up and went to the hospital. I got there and he wasn't there. My heart was in my mouth....Remember we are not legally married. So no one would give me information because of HIPPA. Finally I said look we are common law married someone had better find out where that ambulance was diverted to. They had been diverted to a city hospital. Now I just about stroked out. I had no clue where this hospital was, I didn't have a leg underme but, ,,,,,with some awful directions I set out. I had to go through the dreg section of the city.......and was feeling like I was totally lost so I called Dena my boss. She talked me through getting there and I got to the hospital about 30 minutes after the ambulance had taken him. Now I have to go through freaken metal detectors, get through those and then I am not allowed in the ER. They will not give me any information and I was bull...I waited five minutes and said look, if he is in trouble I want to be by his side, I have that right and someone had better get me to him now. The reception finally let me in.

Mike had already been taken for a cat scan and chest scan. And it came back he had pushed another large glob of clot. His lungs were now full again. The doctor examined his legs which were blue, his feet swollen and she measured his legs. He had clots in the right leg and in his groin. So she called an angioplasti team which she estimated would take an hour for them to arrive at the hospital. She said he needed a net placed to catch the clots before they hit his heart or brain. But, because she knew he had clots she has pushed heparin in a shot, and then had hung an IV heparin drip. And when his clot values came back he had moved from an optimum 3.0 when he left the hospital at 11:30 today, to 13. He was dangerously thin, and now they start pulling the IV, pushed vitamin K and made me sign to allow them to push frozen blood cells to reclot him. OMG by the time the second one was hung he was on the way to angioplasti. Not wanting to use that same groin and risk bleeding or pushing another clot, the doctor went in through his carotid artery, that way he could sit him up to let the blood not hemmorage. He has a pressure bandage on his neck now. But they are worried with that even because he could clot in that artery. He is so black all up and down his legs, his belly from the shots, he is just one big black bruise from the blood thinners. He made it through the procedure and was taken to ICU But his kidney values are bad and she came in to speak to him up there. She feels he is now in right side heart failure from the clots. So now he will have to be treated for that once he leaves the hospital at another facility. She told him he is out of work at least 4 to 6 weeks if not forever. So she is sending social workers in to file for disability for him. He is so weary. And so am I. I sat with him until about 2:45am and he begged me to come home and sleep. It had just started to snow. So I agreed to let him try to rest. His breathing was really good when I left. His vitals were stable. But he is in the hospital at least 3-5 days again. Right now ICU. I'm just praying this angio didn't cause more clots.

I'm not sure why this is happening. It is like we have been hit with a brick without warning. Mike is upset about what it is doing to me and I'm trying to make out it is all going to be OK. .....I'm worried sick about him, the nurse said keep your cell phone handy. So at 4:15 I sit here and am afraid to sleep.

If you haven't run out of prayers for us could I beg you for more? I'll update as I am able. I think I need to go have a good cry and try to close my eyes for a little while.

H2O babe

BJ - I am so sorry to hear this news about Mike. I woke up before 5:30 this a.m. and usually I just start getting ready for work. I don't often take the time to check anything on the computer but this a.m. I went right into my office and sat down. I don't know if I had some sort of preminition or what but I'm glad I did. My heart goes out to you both - I don't know what else to say other than you remain in my thoughts and prayers. I wish that you had some family there to offer you support and comfort, but you haven't mentioned any. Does Mike have family there? I feel so bad that you seem to be going through this all alone. I also worry a lot about Mike's emotional health - I'm sure he is exhausted and feeling pretty depressed right now. Know that many folks here on the cruise addicts boards care about you both and are offering up many prayers for you guys. I will check back for updates on Mike. Hang in there kiddo.




Oh Judy, this sucks big time. It's 4:30 AM my time and I'm still up with insomnia waiting for my first chemo tx today. Think I'll be spending the day praying for that Tall one instead of worrying about myself. I would offer to fly there and be your private chauffeur but ya sure don't need a cross eyed driver right now. LOL So instead I'll join you in some tears.

May God give you HIS peace and strength to comfort Mike during this terrible ordeal.
Love you kiddo, Hugs, Mari :couple


OMG!!! JUDY!!!! You are so much stronger than you think you are. Please feel the warmth of the many prayers being offered for you and Mike.
:angel :angel :angel


I stopped in for a quick check to see how Mike was doing. The prayers have never stopped, but will put them out double time!! Goodness, I can imagine how wore out you must be, and so worried. Rightfully so. I pray today things turn around and improve. I have an aunt who when into the hospital Wednesday afternoon. She had blood clots in all five lobes of the lungs. They've done alot of the same things Mike has had done. They had talked of releasing her yesterday already!!!! Thank goodness her nurses convinced the doctors to keep her there!! Now they say she may be released on Saturday. May both Mike's doctors and her doctor's be guided to do exactly what each of them needs done.

Thinking of you and holding you close,


Judy, I am so upset to hear of this latest. There is noting I can say that you don't already know. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and our deepest wishes that God will hold you both in his hand as you progress through this terrible time.


Oh Judy I'am so sorry to hear the latest, my prayer's & good thought's go out to you & Mike.
Please try to get some rest before you get sick.


{{{{{{{{{Judy}}}}}}}} The prayers and good thoughts have never stopped on this end nor will they ever.

Hang in there my friend.


Oh Judy, I am so sorry that you and Mike are dealing with this. You are his pillar of strength through this. Even though none of us are there with you close enough to hug you, we are all with you in spirit. Please get some rest, and yes, take that cry. It will do you some good, so you can go back and take care of Mike. (((((Judy)))))


Oh, Judy, I feel so bad for you...I wish there was something I could do....

I was thinking, maybe it's a good thing that he is in a different hospital? Maybe they will be more aggressive in treatment and solve his issues? I sure hope so.

I will continue to pray for Mike, and for you. Better health, and lots of better days.


OMG must be scared witless. There are still plenty of prayers and good thoughts to send your endless supply. I know we all wish we were physically closer to help.....but alas, we can only be moral support.

Hang in there........hugs to Mike and YOU.


Judy - I am so sorry to read this. Please know that prayers continue. It sounds like they didn't put nets in Mike the first time when all the clots were discovered, and this surprises me.

Try to take care of yourself, and keep us updated when you can. There are lots of prayers being said for the big guy.


Oh Judy....this is just awful! We are cranking up the prayer machine for Mike...and know we are here for you. Try and rest my friend.


We are sending you cyber hugs! How awful for you both. Prayers are winging their way to you both. And don't forget to take care of YOU!

Alf & Liz


Oh Judy....It is so awful to sit here and read this this I can only imagine how terrible this must all be for you and Mike. Like everyone else I wish I could be there to offer homemade goodies, chauffeur services, maid service, and just plain old comfort in the form of ears to listen and arms to hug. Know that Mike (and you) are in my heavy duty prayers!!


I'm soooo sorry you are going thru this; do you have anybody to call to come & spend some time with you? And you know, for me anyway, sometimes if I just sit down & have a really good cry it lets out so much of my built up tension that I'm able to pull myself together & go on. I hope this time they keep him a couple of days beyond his reaching the numbers they want to see on his chart to make sure the numbers stay there. And when he does come home, I think he should have somebody with him for a few days if you can't be there--it would be good for him & you could relax about him being home while you're at work if you know he's not alone. I sincerely hope that things REALLY turn around for both of you soon.


I am so sorry you are having to go thru this. Please know I will keep you in my thoughts. Hopefully they have found the right treatment and will have him soon on the way to recovery.