Those crazy kids....



Today at dinner, we were talking with our son about some of the escapades he had put us through when he was little...

here are a couple....

When he was two, he decided to try to see how many rolls of toilet paper he could cram down the toilet. He had the whole package out and I caught him when he was about to jam roll number eight right on down!

Around that same time (the terrible two's) he dumped out the entire jug of laundry detergent all over the laundry room floor. We used to pass through there to get from the hall to the kitchen. Yep, I came around that corner doing ninety, and slid in it about 10 feet and landed flat on my back! (Don't you just love those little angels???)

So, anyone else have any little "angel" stories?? Children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews??

Please share.....

Cruise cutie

My Late Grandfather was a plumber, Grama was a nurse, and they had one Momma.. who had just my sister and I.. and I have been told had I been number 2.. I would not be here..let's see.. DS Vicki had a facination for taking potatoes, and throwing them in the toilet, and flushing them....

she took a WHOLE entire bottle of baby shampoo, and dumped it down the toidy..

she locked herself, and my Momma's cat Red.IN the bathroom, no one could get in till she put a WHOLE jar of Vaseline on his fur..and opened the door.. ZOOM......he ran away for 2 weeks...:(..

and last but not least.. she talked me into sitting for a hair trim.. and she chopped my hair.. so needed a "pixie cut"..

Good thing Gramps was a Plumber.. and as for Grama.. when Dear Momma threatened to strap and hold Vicki down, and just keep her that way for a week.. my Grama, said JOAN you CAN'T DO THAT>> ah kids. they can drive you round the bend..

Oh and the time my 5 year old DS Took a wire hanger.. and stuck it in an outlet just to see what it would do!!..sigh.. Darn Lucky he was not electrocuted.. sigh kids...Thanks for the giggle Patty...=hugs..Joanne


Well my grandkids are the wildest bunch I have ever seen. They use the bathtub like a slip and slide and at bathtime it is a scene like no other I have ever experienced. They take my daughter's shampoo and dump it down the drain along with the baby bath soap and conditioner. They then get out of the tub the three boys and run around naked as we try to catch them and towel them off and into pjs. They try to put things in the toilet but I am right ontop of them about that......It is like a wrestling match to get those three monkeys ready for bed. Bath time always requires that I unflood the bathroom with towels and play slip around on the floor soaked with various soaps. One time Kaan ate Tide powder, another time he climbed and got into Audra's pre-natal vitamins......he spit them out they were so dreadful and I held him over the sink and rinsed out any residual while he screamed...

You can't have a coffee or a cup of soda in the house. They think it is funny to put their toys in the cups..

And my luggage is always a source of hmmmmmm what can I find in here and what can I put in here.

And bed time is awful. They jump on the beds and wrestle around.....I guess I remember doing that too as a kid. When I was there last time Kalen ended up with a black eye he hit his head on the headboard then I had to remove Kaya from the room and sing to him until Kalen calmed down with Audra applying ice. Kaya told me grammy I will let you sing those songs but please wait until after breakfast tomorrow. For now let's sing this......what a diplomate. :grin


Ha ha.. well, let's see. My DD Sara is now 19... she didn't do too much that was too bad...

When she was 2, her dad used to leave his shoes up here. One day he could only find one. We looked and looked, and didn't find it until he went into the upstairs bathroom and lifted up the seat... there was his leather shoe, marinating in the toilet water!

She would go in the corner for time out when she needed it, and sometimes really hated it. One time she came out of time out, and immediately put her Chewbacca and Roger Rabbit in time out. She never told me what they were in for, only that they were very very bad! (I took a picture of that one, and scrapped it. It's a great page!)

Oh, forgot these! Sara was at a pre-school called Kindercare. One time the director couldn't find Sara or another girl. She looked all over, and found them out back behind the kitchen. They had taken all the boxes of cereal, and were sitting there eating all of them dry, by the handsful!

Another time, when she was in the 3's group, she was watching the kids in the 4+'s playing in another yard, separated by a fence with a gate in it. She wanted to play with the big kid's toys, so she gathered a group of kids together, plotted to sneak into the big kids yard, and held open the gate while the other kids snuck in. Her finger got caught in the hinge, and she blew off the tip of her finger! When I rushed to the ER, she was teaching everyone in the waiting room how to sing WHEELS ON THE BUS GO ROUND AND ROUND.. of course, when she saw me, she started crying! LOL! Her finger was a mess, though.

Another time, a mom brought a birthday cake to Kindercare. Sara had run her finger along the frosting when the director caught her, and ran her out of the kitchen. Sara decided to sneak back into the kitchen and caught her finger in the fire door! Another trip to the ER, another two fingers smashed up, but recovered nicely. They told me she held the injury record there (I didn't mention the stitches on her leg from a freak accident sliding on wet play material into the steps on a slide!)

My mom tells a story that one day when I was about 5 she couldn't find me. I wasn't in the house, I wasn't at any of the neighbors, I was missing! She searched high and low, and finally called the cops. As the policeman was sitting in our living room taking info from her, I heard her crying, and woke up and popped up my head from the back of the couch. THAT part I remember, that and thinking how warm the sun was on me and falling asleep behind the couch in front of the picture window.


I had one very precocious child who loved to share her feelings about everything. When our next door neighbor sliced off his finger while using his shop equipment we helped him bandage up the bleeding stub before we drove him to ER. As we stood in the driveway My daughter took one look at all that gauze wrapped around his finger and proclaimed "Mr. Summers, I love your owie!"

Once when she was 3 we were visiting my Mom and had to make a trip to the laundromat where she spied the gumball machine and begged me for a penny to buy a piece for her. I replied 'Mommy doesn't have any change sweetie' she piped up "can't you just use your Bank card like you always do?' LOL

When she asked us about smoking we explained that we didn't smoke because it was a dirty habit. One day a friend of mine came to visit and when she pulled out a cigarette my daughter asked her "OH, are you going to smoke your dirty habit now?" Needless to say I wanted to crawl under the rug.

One night we had tons of friends from the auto club at work over for a dinner party and her Dad could wait no longer for his turn to use our only bathroom. So he quietly opened the sliding glass door and stepped outside into the pitch black back yard. My child asked 'where's Daddy? and I replied 'don't worry, he'll be right back' Wouldn't ya know it, the kid opens the door, looks outside and screams "hi Daddy, are you peeing? I'll turn the light on so you can see better?" and she promptly flipped on the patio light. OOPS His friends asked him for weeks "need any more light there so you can see a little better?" LOL



My son used to throw items away in the kitchen garbage can. I guess he would see us tossing things in so he figured he would too. Keys, toys, books,anything he could get a hold of. So if we were missing something, we unfortunately knew where to go look for it. Nasty! :lol

GloBug - He went to Kindercare as well. Back then they were a wonderful place to take your kid. I hope they still are. :)

Cruise cutie

as to your query how did we make it??>. I don't know but to borrow from my Dear Momma..I figure it's my Momma's standard line".. too poor and ignorant to do ANYTHING but plod forward, and just pray"".:grin.... and you know I figure she's right..sometimes the trevails of 5 kids, and never enough time/money/ or knowhow..AY yi yi..

the age old line...if I could go back thirty years.. and do it again..NO WAY>>>...

however if I could go back thirty years..AND have the wisdom AND knowledge I have now..THAT I might just take you up on!!.MAYBE.. But then again MAYBE NOT!!..:grin...=hugs Reggae..:)..Joanne


My oldest son ate everything in site when he was little. I caught him eating toilet paper, bark from the Ficus tree, sand, cat fur and snails. :grin

One day, I was really, really sick. :( This was the only time I had asked for help with my kids. While I was waiting for my mom to drive over to help me for a couple hours, all I could do was lay on the couch.

I put my 8 month old son in the kitchen and opened the pantry and let him go. His favorite thing to do was to completely wipe everything off the shelves & it usually kept him busy for quite awhile - I was desperate to keep him busy until my mom came over.

Next thing I hear is, "Mmmm!!! Mmmmm!!!!" then again, "Mmmm!! Mmmmm!" :? :?
I dragged myself off the couch and there he was - sticking his slobbery fingers into the strawberry Jello packet and licking it off his fingers!! :lol


My (then) husband and I were on the way to towm, TJ was about 3. He leaned up from the back seat and said, "Peel out, Daddy." His father said, "What? I don't drive that that!" TJ said, "Boy, Mom sure does!"

HE was a child who was fearless. One day just before his first birthday, he climbed up on his diaper stand and got a qtip, stuck it in his ear and fell on it, cutting his ear. The next morning, it was infected. Of course, this had to be a day when my husband had driven to work and I had no car or transportation. (Paramedic, worked a 24 hour shift, with no possibility of getting off soon)

So I called the doctor, who said he would send some ear drops from the local pharmacy. About an hour later, the store's elderly bookkeeper
delivered the drops, the regualr delivery boy was at lunch. She came to the door, and I opened it to hand her the check. Now I had a German Shepherd/Shetland Pony mix. Biggest dog I have ever seen. He could lay his head on the kitchen table without reaching. Anyway, he was a very good guard dog, but a real sweetheart. He dedided for some reason to growl at the poor lady. He was standing on the stairs by the back door, so when he stuck his hear out, they were at eye level. It was more than the poor lady could take, she took off running. Ranger thought, oh boy, a chase. Took me several minutes to catch up with them and explain he would not have hurt her.

Finally got her back in the car, and went in the house, caught my child and put the drops in his ear. He screamed bloody murder, yelled, hit kicked etc. I put him in bed and told him to stay there. Put the drops up on the top of a cabinet and lay down myself to rest. For about 3 minutes, until here came TJ with the empty bottle of ear drops, yelling, "Good Mom, want more!" He had climbed out of the crib, up the cabinet, (how I don't know) and had drunk the whole bottle.

I called my husband, he said call poison control, they said oh just call the doctor, who was at lunch. When I finally got hold of the nurse, I said Tj had just drunk the whole bottle of drops. You could hear the laughter all over the office. Funniest thing they had ever heard. Seems they were just a numbing agent and would not hurt at all. What did hurt was having to call the pharmacy back and tell them they had to deliver more.............

Believe me, these are just two. He was a little terror!!!


When my sister Teri was a baby, my mom put her down for a nap. She messed a diaper, woke up, and proceeded to decorate the wall next to her crib with it. I assume my mom cleaned it up, because we didn't suddenly move (as I would have done!)


Globug, I baby sat for a child who had done that. No, I didn't leave it for the Mom, but man was I tempted!


:lol :lol my youngest cousin was the "artist" in our family and did that one time too.

When I was 5 and my sister was 4 we got into some white paint and painted everything in the basement white.


Funny funny stories. I sure hope as mom's we do our duty and use these stories to embarass our kids when they grew up.


THE GOOD NAPKINS ...ahhhhh...the joys of having Girls...
My mother taught me to read when I was four years old (her first

One day, I was in the bathroom and noticed one of the cabinet doors was

ajar. I read the box in the cabinet.
I then asked my mother why she was keeping 'napkins' in the bathroom.
Didn't they belong in the kitchen? Not wanting to burden me with
facts, she told me that those were for "special occasions" (her second

Now fast forward a few months....It's Thanksgiving Day, and my folks
leaving to pick up my uncle and his wife for dinner. Mom had
assignments for
all of us while they were gone. Mine was to set the table. When they
returned, my uncle came in first and immediately burst into laughter.
came his wife who gasped, then began giggling. Next came my father, who

roared with laughter. Then came Mom, who almost died of embarrassment
she saw each place setting on the table with a "special occasion" Kotex

napkin at each plate, with the fork carefully arranged on top. I had
tucked the little tail in so they didn't hang off the edge!!

My mother asked me why I used these and, of course, my response sent
other adults into further fits of laughter. "But, Mom, you said they
for special occasions!!!" Pass this on to your girlfriends who need a
laugh or anyone who has a daughter !