Those that have cruised on the Tahitian of Pacific Princess........



What has your take been on the NEW Tahitian & Pacific Princess ships???


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Well, we sailed that ship when it was the Ren 4 and we sailed on the TP last Spring. The interior of the ship looks virtually the same. Only one dining room, so there is no PC dining. It's a beautiful ship. I wrote a review on our trip. Any specific questions, I'll try to answer.

Jill B

DH and I sailed the new Pacific Princess last New Year from Sydney. It was her 5th sailing of her inaugural season from Australia.
We loved the ship, and the whole cruise experience. I have a review and photo gallery posted here at @ddicts.
I am happy to answer any questions.


We sailed the Tahitian Princess June 2 and loved it.

If you're asking about the ship, I really loved the smaller size, fewer passengers (680), the friendly and familiar service, the itinerary, the rich dark cherry paneling, the balcony stateroom But then, I'm not interested in trying the huge ships of today.

Check out my review.

Mike & Charlotte

There are many, many threads and reviews on regarding the Tahitian Princess and it's various itineraries. It's a bit different than other Princess ships, but we plan to do it again. The itinerary is absolutely marvelous, and if your itinerary stops by Huahine, be sure to take the all day motu picnic with Mark at Huahine Nautique. He does the Princess tours, but if you book directly with him at you'll get an 8 hour tour with HUGE meal cooked on the spot while you sit at tables in the water (under umbrellas) for half the price of the Princess 4 hour tours (snack, but no meal). They also take you on two snorkel dives and a pearl farm. The rest of the cruise is just as good, and it's over all too soon. Be sure to get a balcony cabin because the views and weather are great. If you'd like my review, e-mail me at craven3 at (omitting the spaces and substituting the at sign for the word, of course).

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For the most part, we loved the Tahitian Princess. We loved the small size and getting to know people. Islands were great. The bad news is that our two teens --ages 13 and 16-- hated the small ship. There was absolutely nothing for them to do and they were incredibly bored. If you are thinking of taking children and teens on this ship, I would advise against it. My kids are used to Grand class and Explorer class and they were in for a huge disappointment. We thought they would adapt but there is just nothing for them to do on the ship. It probably goes back to being a Rennaisance ship which didn't allow children and the ship just doesn't have the facilities for them.

Lady Jag

Wow- that's the first time I've heard that about the teens. We're considering it for July, 2005 with our two sons, ages 13 & 15 by then. I guess they'd have to come pretty prepared to keep busy. Maybe they could bring their own video games, movies and music?