Thoughts on corn syrup ( make em bad ) :)



I think corn syrup is evil. Its fake and really not that good for ppl. Please look it up on wikipedia. Manufactures save alot of cash feeding us bs foods corn syrups are one of them. I avoid it at all means. I suspect our cruise ship food has lots fo corn syrups. WIll a cruise chef show you a ingrediant list? Corn syrup is in everything from cough syrup to candy to breads. I honestly belive its bad for us humans from my online reasercch and Maybe yall would use less of it or none at all. Personaly for me i feel good reading ingrediants at the market and passing up everything. my anti corn syrup stance is helping me learn to eat better. i check everything. but i am not perfect. just a rant and rave in the food forum ;)


Oops! There goes my homemade chocolates. There's corn syrup in the fillings.

I don't think that anyone that's waiting for them really cares. I make them at Christmas and/or Valentine's Day,


Hmmmm...DH grew up on Roger's Golden Corn Syrup! I love it too....though I haven't had it in years. It is delicious on toast, on pancakes and waffles, over ice cream....even just on a spoon =lolgang ! When making candy it is necessary to use corn syrup to get the candy to set up properly. Like everything else in life it's all about moderation!!


Regular old fashioned Corn Syrup isn't bad and poses no problems, it is the High Fructose Corn Syrup introduced in the 70's that is evil.


One summer I worked a few months for a company that produced HFCS. It is nasty stuff. And a nasty man owned it. He died, the plant shut down. It's now become an area where people love to live. LOL!