Thurs night with Elliott



Boys are inpatient at Central Dupage Hospital. According to Dan, it is like a hotel. It has been remodeled lately so maybe it is. Elliott and family had some good news today. He will only have to be there until sometime on Tuesday. They are doing all they need to in 5 days. He is not feeling well today, sounds like he is in shock. Dan said it is his medicines and chemo. I will be there tomorrow after work and for the night. Hoping he is in better spirits tomorrow. It is Very hard to watch him be ill. So tonight it is just me, my sore leg and the dog...I will be back to update on Saturday

Note from Mari:
Go to Elliottmama's post to click on a link to Elliott's caringbridge home site to leave a cheerful message for Elliott.
Hugs, Mari


That poor fellow sure deserves a break. I'm sending my best wishes that he is better in no time flat!!


Best Wishes and the most important wish is that a match is found soon so that he can have that bone marrow transplant.