Time For A Roll-Call



Marlee & Kirk....57 & 54 years old, from Hartland, WI.......about 25 miles west of Milwaukee It's a balmy 22 degrees out here today. Been on 6 cruises since 1999.....4 Carnival, 1 Celebrity, and 1 Royal Caribbean. 4 children between us (2nd marriage) and 6 grandkids. Kirk sells lubricants for machines, and I work 3 days a week at a small factory near here. .....for cruise $$, of course. :grin
So.......you're next....:wave


Wow, marlee... that was pretty detailed!!

Erin here, checking in from Southern California. I call San Diego "Home", but that's not where I live. I'll be back there soon, though. I've been on... sigh.. only one cruise (RCI- Mex. Riv. May, 2004), but I'll be going on another one soon (hopefully).

My husband and I are both... um... let's just say "young" so I don't get rotten tomatoes thrown at me!:baby :lol No kids YET!!! but we'll have one on the way within a year if all goes according to plan! Hubby & I both work full-time and both go to school a few nights a week. I also work part-time as a sign-language interpreter.

:wave HI Everybody!!

edited to add.... make that TWO cruises. I forgot that I'm JE@LOUS as we speak! :lol


dldancer (AKA Debbie) checking in from sunny Altamonte Springs, FL (just outside Orlando). Just got back from my second cruise. Time to look for another. :grin


:wave Happy Holidays Marlee to you and yours from Kruznut and family ! checking in on a gloomy day from Indianapolis, Indiana and trying to get in a festive mood for Christmas. When we returned from our cruise last week I caught a terrible cold as soon as I got back to this climate. What a bummer ! =bigwave


Henrietta, here.
St. Martinville, Louisiana-heart of Cajun country.
Born 67 years ago in Philadelphia, PA, lived most of my life in Louisiana.
Have been on 2 cruises-Sensation in May, and Carnival Conquest in October.
Looking and booking next cruise as soon as possible.


PEB checking in from Duluth Minnesota. Our first cruise was in 1991 then it took 6 years before the next one but since then we cruise 2 to 3 times a year. We did not cruise this year but have 3 booked for next year and one for 2007.

So far our favorite line is Princess but my favorite ships are the old ones. I prefered the old Independence and the Norway but I have no problem being on the newer ships.


Jan here checking in from the Twin Cities of MN, where it is currently a cold 19 above & 3 inches of new snow on the ground.
Going on the Sun Princess again in Feb. for the CL@SS REUNION cruise.
That will be cruise # 12 for me.


Popcorn checking in from cool cloudy Chilliwack British Columbia. Alf and I have been married for 42 years and have one child, Sandra. I also raised 2 of his kids and a third came back to the family 3 years ago. Between all the kids, there are 6 grandkids from 10 to 30 and one great granddaughter, that we never see.She is in Prince Edward Island.
We have been on 9 cruises since Alf's Dad took us to Alaska in 1993. He was 93! We have been mostly on Princess, but 2 Celebrity and one Holland American. 4 trips to Alaska, 2 through the Panama and one Boston/New England/Boston.
We are both retired. I was a stay at home Mom and Alf was a structural steel fabricator. And then in 1986, I started cleaning the apartment building we were living in. From there we took an apartment managers training course and then both got a job looking after a complex in downtown Vancouver.
When I got out of the hospital, we had to move, as our suite went with the job, so we moved to Sechelt BC, near Alf's Dad. When our youngest moved back to BC, we moved to Chilliwack to be nearer to the 2 grandkids.

Have a great day.


Hi! :wave Nessie here, checking in from Sharpsburg Ga. I have called C@ my home for going on 4 yrs now. Great bunch we have here.


12Cats here in West Texas. It's in the mid-50's. Only cruised once before. Working on booking Alaskan cruise for 2006 and need those who are around to weigh in on my question on the "Know Before You Go" forum so I can get it finalized (I've never booked before - just went on the last one due to a cousin's generosity).

Hope everyone has a great day.


Cruise cutie

Good Morning from a cold Central Vermont..I am Joanne 46- Husband Mark is 55 and we are up to cruise # 8 in 14 months..all Princess except for MOS@IC last Month on RCL...we have 5 kids between us, all grown up, and no grandkids.YET.. the 4 daughters ( 24. 24. 24, and 23 ) yet to be engaged/ married...:grin..our youngest Stephen ( 19 ) is IN College.all 4 daughters have gotten their Bachelor's degrees and moved out....just a Great Pyranee's :dog weighing 125# and 2 kitties, I am a nurse ,and Mark - a Civil Engineer...and we are Bona Fide cruise @ddicts.transplanted here to Vermont...many years ago...I am originally born and raised in Connecticut, Mark from Golden Colorado...Next for @ddicts.roll call......:)..Joanne


Maw and Paw here in the Missouri Ozarks. Our 50th Wedding anniversary coming up on "St Patricks day. We have 2 sons and l dau. 5 grandsons and 2 granddaughers, grandson in law and a great grandson7 and great granddaughter age 2. We have been on 3 Carnival cruises, 2 Princess and 2 RCI and l Holland America since "Sept 2001. We have a REpoistioning cruise booked on the Coral Princess from LA to Ft Lauderdale in Sept of 06. We are retired and hope to be cruising for many years yet.


Lisa63 checking in from eastern Massachusetts. DH and I took our first cruise in 1990, and we recently completed #20. Each is still as exciting as the first. I love the old liners, yet I am also now finding an affinity for newer ships, as well. Even our son is hooked. He took his first cruise in 1994 at the tender age of 11 months.

DH is a teacher, and I am a researcher and writer in the financial services industry.

connie seabee

Connie and Mr B from Oak Forest IL. We are 60 and 61 years young, been married 40 years, and have two daughters. Gina is 35 and has two children, Jeremy 9 and Leann 13. She is a office manager.
Maria (Ria) is 28 and both her and DH are teachers. She teaches Special Ed, and he coaches and teachers High School. They have two Children, Abby 2 1/2 and Jimmy 8 months.

Our first cruise was April 2000, and we have been on 8 cruises since.
2 Carnival
4 Rccl


TinaB checking in from NW Ohio. DH and I have been married 29 years. Our son Brad was married in August of this year. DH has a daughter with 4 children that we were able to meet up with in FLA before Mos@ic and after at the airport thanks to hurricane Wilma. They were evacuated to Orlando. Rounding out our family there's Chip & Shadoe - in my avator with me.

Mosaic was my 6th cruise and dh's 5th. I'm one ahead of him due to a GALS (Girls Addicted to Life on a Ship) cruise. We're looking for another group cruise in '07, if we can wait that long. If not, I might have to put together another GALS cruise. :) Sorry dear.


Stacy here from Wenatchee, WA, I'm 39, husband Rick is 45. It's about 30-35 degrees here, snowed all day yesterday but only an inch or so stuck on the ground. We have 2 kids 26 & 23 (both from Rick's 1st marriage) but they have been with us almost full time since they were 5 & 2. I love them like they were my own. I'm a transportation broker, Rick is a salesman for Hagen Daaz/Dryers. We only have 2 cruises under our belt but think about cruising and plan constantly. Our next one will be in Feb 2007. Our daughter and son in-law and 2 friends will be joining us. They got tired of hearing us constantly talk about how great cruising is and said, that's it! I'm in! Thanks to everyone here on the board for all of your insight, wisdom and good advice. Everyone is so friendly. Happy holiday's to you all!


Beryl checking in from the chilly, snowy, icy south eastern corner of Beautiful B.C. It's the kind of weather that makes me wish for a Class Re-Union :grin! I'm really looking forward to that cruise on the Sun Princess in February. It will be my 10th cruise with Princess.