Time For A Roll-Call



audrey checking in from Saugus, Calif gone on 12 cruises to far going on #13 in April and that is my lucky cruise even if is #13 looking forward many more to come

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Korina and John from Colorado Springs,Co,Korina 51,John 48,second marriage for both of us,been 11 yrs this Dec. Have gone on two cruises,Alaska,and Pacific coastal,next up New England sept. 2006. John is a cable tech and I am in sales for seniors for their prescriptions needs.


Johnnysrebel (aka Pat) checking in from :NC where it's raining, and blustry with some thunderstorms around. Johnny's retired, and I sell printing and promotional products.

Just popped in for a minute and saw this thread. Thanks for starting it Marleejean. It's fun to learn more about some of the C@ that we met on Mo@sic. :)

I think that cruise was #11 since 1991. Don't have another booked yet.:(

Wish that I did. I look at offers almost every day..and dream.


Sweetpea (Sherry) checking in from South Carolina. I awoke today to 70 degree weather.

Hubby and I will be celebrating our 14th anniversary the first of next year. We have no kids yet but we would love it if you would send some positive thoughts, prayers and some baby dust our way.

We will be taking our 5th cruise in April on the Carnival Liberty.


Ginnylou here from the high desert in California. Have gone on 27 cruises so far and looking forward to many more.


I thought this late i would be near the top on the roll call lol, you night owls :)

Carole & Martin,

Carole aged 21, 125lbs, gorgeous looking, hey??? its the net lol

ok ok were in our late 50s, Ontario Canada, apparently very late 50s as i cant remember how many cruises ive been on.
Temp in the 30s barely, not as bad as your weather Jan, and Marly you can dance on the counter of every shop we go in on the next cruise lol

2 Children in their 30s Kim and Martin jr

3 grandchildren and my daughter Kim is going to add to that total mid May 2006, a beautiful sister, and a strange looking brother in law grin (paybacks for the shopping photos)

While fla jack is drying off his socks in Venice Martins going to England again for the fourth time this year, hence no class reunion cruise with you all, but the next one sign us up, just plz not hurricane season :)

red stripe

OK, .. I guess that I should check in too.. or did I already do that?? I am older than Carole.. so my memory is shot.

Actually it always was :lol

red stripe here, better know as "sis" to my sis ... and I am a charter member of AARP
Like sis I can not remember the number of cruises now, but I do have a souvenir splinter of wood from the Ark :grin

Like the poster above.. I have a beautiful sister, wait! she IS my sister :grin
well, that explains the family resemblance.

And as her hubby martin has not (so far) posted any shopping photos or sleeping photos of me on the net.. I can tell the truth here.
That he is the best Bro-in-law in the world. I think of him as a brother, and usually refer to him as such.
So if I say, "my sister and her hubby, my brother marthin"..... there is not some weird stuff going on here :grin

I am married to Einstein, and we live in NC with one 16 year old cat and three dogs ranging in ages from about 10 to 12.

and it is bloomin' cold here this morning :lol

PS. sis, if martin is heading for England for the 4th time this year, then you are owed a cruise =sailor

Gayle V

Well, I suppose I'll finally join the crowd and add in my entry on this roll call.

We are Gayle and Vic, ages 53 and 55, respectively. We hail from Parma, Ohio. Parma is a large suburb, just south of Cleveland. It's cold and grey here today, which is about average for December in Cleveland.

Our cruising history is listed in my signature, (for the time being) And the next one planned will be on the Zuiderdam, and is our anniversary gift to ourselves for our 35th wedding anniversary, in February.

We have two sons, Victor 34 and Terry 30. The older one is engaged to a great girl, but between the two of them, they can't seem to pick a wedding date or place. I'm keeping my mouth shut on that.

The younger son is happily married; and together with our DIL, Christy, has provided us with the joy of our lives, little Julian.


CJ (Colleen) and Shawn checking in from Tipp City, OH (just north of Dayton). We have one dd - Brynne who is 5. We have been on 5 cruises, and hope for many more!


Tom & Molly checking from Jacksonville, FL. Both 61 but have hearts and feelings of 25 year olds. Been on 27 cruise since starting - hooked I guess. Had a great time on MOS@IC last month and were on Sovereign last week. Happy holidays to all.


Jen from Bloomfield ,ct age 37 checking in.april 1st on the liberty I'll be taking my 12th cruise.It's with a singles group.If you know any singles people this is the best way to travel.I go with singlescruise.com they have a big age range 21-60+ so there is someone in all age groups.


Terry & Ritchie from Vancouver, BC

53 & 50 respectively. I've been on 5 cruises, Ritchie 2. Hoping to book another one this week!