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Time for a Roll Call

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by Hucc, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. Howard

    Howard Guest

    Howard here from Southeastern Pennsylvania.
  2. Tero

    Tero Guest

    Tero checking in from autrumnlike Helsinki, Finlad !
  3. Paradise Found here in Victoria BC. Another displaced Brit by way of Ontario. Hey Cinnamon in Surrey England: I used to live in Farnham and went to school near Frensham Pond.
  4. Cruise Hubby

    Cruise Hubby Guest

    Cruise Hubby Mark here from cool, foggy central Vermont. Fall is definitely in the air.
  5. iluvcruzin

    iluvcruzin Guest

    Maureen here from Cincinnati Ohio
  6. Petert

    Petert Guest

    Peter Tanner from Orange, CA checking in.
  7. Saying "HI" from York, Pennsylvania
  8. Korina and John next cruise 2005 on carnival spirit from Vancouver to Honolulu in Sept
  9. TravlinTam

    TravlinTam Guest

    Hello from "Sunny San Diego". Can't wait to cruise! It's our first!
  10. bikevegas

    bikevegas Guest

    Hello to all from Northport, Al..Have a great day!:USA:AL
  11. beth0152

    beth0152 Guest

    Checking in from east coastal Florida.......the land of evacuations!
  12. tw1nk1es

    tw1nk1es Guest

    Tw1nk1es here in central Illinois where things are still flat.
    The farmer down the road is harvesting corn and everyone is sneezing.
    Just the usual here.
  13. fletch0776

    fletch0776 Guest

    Hi all. Just being bored in Alabama (of course, that is all there is to do in Alabama anyway). Pretty new to the C@ site, but I must admit I love it. Keeps me entertained when folks are not buying cars (which lately is everyday)! Seems folks don't think about buying cars when there is a hurricane brewing. Wonder why. Thanks all for the great site and informative (& humorous) chat.
  14. pjkds

    pjkds Guest

    pjkds checking in from beautiful Kalamazoo, Michigan.
  15. Greetings fellow Addicts! Erin (organicbeauty23) , Joe and cat children Martin, Whitney and Honor checking in from mElvis, oops I mean Memphis TN. Set to sail 10-30-04. Can't wait. Cloudy and 91 today.
  16. pjkds

    pjkds Guest


    Where in central Illinois do you live? My grandpa's farm is near Bluffs, which is 20 miles from Jacksonville.

    pjkds (in Michigan)
  17. Billoats

    Billoats Guest

    Hello to all !

    Bonnie and Bill checking in from New Hudson, Michigan.

    Adventure of the Seas 02/13/05
    Nordic Empress 02/28/04
    Adventure of the Seas 04/14/02
    Majesty of the Seas 03/25/00
  18. Shipstern

    Shipstern Guest

    Shipstern here

    from the Nutmeg state of Connecticuut ...... just turned to a double digit midget


    hi from new york city watching the ships for job at pleasure
  20. Budracer

    Budracer Guest

    Budracer (Rob) checking in from South West Missouri.

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