Time for all Addicts to reintroduce themselves



Hi! I'm Deb from Prairie Village, KS, a suburb of Kansas City. Hubby Mike and I have been married for 26 years and have two daughters in their 20's. He's a manager and I'm an administrative assistant to a group of nationwide financial advisors/stockbrokers. We have 3 furbabies, 1 cat who likes to bite, a chocolate lab that is still very much a puppy, and a bird that whistles the theme from the Andy Griffith show. So far I have 4 cruises under my belt and Mike has 3. We're looking into a family cruise next so our daughters can see what we enjoy about cruising. When our kids were younger, we traveled throughout most of the U.S with side trips to Canada, Mexico and England. I don't remember when I came to the board. Maybe a year and a half to two years ago.

Great idea for a thread, Chris! :thumb


Hi, I am Stephanie from the middle of the Arizona Desert. I love this board and ALL of the wonderful people here. We have been on 2 cruises so far Carnival Holiday in 6/97 and Grand Princess 6/99. I live to cruise hubby isn't as @ddicted as I am. I am working on that this Summer~Navigator of the Seas 6/7/03. I hope everyone that has left will come back. YOU ARE TRULY MISSED!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great weekend everyone... :) Stephanie


Good morning everyone!

I'm Judi from Bakersfield, California. I have two kids (17 & 20), 3 dogs, and a husband who cruises only to make peace with me as a last resort. We've cruised to Baja Mexico, French Polynesia, Mediterranean, Alaska, and Southern Caribbean. (Guess he needs to make peace a lot!) Our last two cruises were family-reunions, with 5 teens, and these were great fun. We've loved the Southern Caribbean cruise the best, as far as itinerary & activities, but being on the Paul Gauguin around French Polynesia was a great adults-only vacation too.

We have no cruises planned for now.

Hstrybuf - my best friend from college lives in Prairie Village. Small world.

Great weekend to all!

Cruise Lady

Hi my name is Shan, I've been married to my husband Steve for 33 years this Nov. We have one beautiful daughter and a very handsome son-in-law. We are re-cuperating from their wedding 3 months ago.
We have been cruising since 1978. We are leaving May 11, on the Vision of the Seas for our 8th cruise.
We live in San Diego, California, we own a dry cleaners and run the business ourselves.
I love to lurk on this board and occasionally post something. I truly enjoy reading about everyone and their comments about cruising.
Happy cruising
Cruise Lady

Star Cruisers

Hi, we're Joanne and Murray from London, Ontario, Canada (yes, that place between Toronto, ON and Detroit, MI!). I originally hail from Montreal, Quebec and Murray hails from a small town called Brussels, ON. This is the classic city-girl meets country-boy! Murray is a professional electrical engineer and works for a gas company (don't hate us), in industrial gas sales and marketing, and I am the Administrative Assistant for the History department at The University of Western Ontario. I have written & posted some cruise reviews on www.cruisereviews.com, but just recently discovered this site. So, I'm a newbie. We are in our early-40's and early-50's.

Murray and I met eons ago while we were both working for an Engineering firm in London. We have both been married before, and Murray has 2 daughters from a previous marriage. Anyway, we did things backwords, and had two other kids, and then after years of living together, we finally tied the knot in September 2001. (We just thought we'd set the example for others!) We now also have a grandson who will soon be turning 4 (time does fly!) We also have a Sheltie dog named Mac, but he doesn't cruise with us!

When the kids were young, our holidays consisted of family camping vacations. We have so much camping equipment, we could probably open an outdoor store! We not only took our 4 kids with us, but we usually took my friend's son with us as well (because she doesn't like to camp). Anyway, we always had a blast! As the kids grew older, we went on other trips to Niagara Falls, Walt Disney World, the East coast of Canada by car; the West coast of Canada by car, you know, that sort of thing.

In all those years, Murray and I had never gone on a vacation by ourselves. So, in 2000, we decided it was time. A lady at my work was a cruiser and told me about cruising. So, after looking at some sites, I bid on a cruise on that great auction site Egghead.com (doesn't offer cruise auctions anymore). It was the first time I bid on anything on-line and won! So, our first cruise was on Carnival's Sensation and we loved it. About 2 days after I came back from that cruise, I was on the phone finding out about a family cruise during March Break of 2001, so we went on the NCL Sky. Another great cruise. In September 2001, Murray and I got married and went on Carnival's Destiny for our honeymoon.

We'll be sailing in a few weeks on the Carnival Spirit and this is another family cruise. The three younger kids all went on the NCL Sky; but this will be the first cruise for our eldest daughter. We are very excited!

In the future, depending on world news and events, we are hoping to go on a Panama Canal cruise with my parents (who I've also got hooked on cruising) in 2004, and when our grandson is old enough (6-8), we would love to re-visit Walt Disney World and do a land-stay and Disney cruise with him.

There are so many new and old ships that I want to go on....now if only I had some wealthy relative to inherit some money, or possibly win the lottery. In the meantime, we'll keep saving those pennies! It's great to be here and nice to meet you all.
Joanne & Murray


I'm Heather from Montreal, Quebec. I'm in my late 20s. I found this site after my last cruise and have been visiting the site almost everyday. Tons of great info and nice people!

I started cruising at the ripe old age of 13 and have been hooked ever since then! I love cruising but find it a bit difficult at times to travel with friends because most of them either are married with children, have financial restraints so I often cruise with other family members or relatives. I was organizing a family/friends group cruise on the Norwegian Dawn May 3rd sailing/14 day sailing but with the potential war situation, the plans are on hold and I am suffering from "non-cruise planning" depression!

Ideally, I would like to cruise twice a year...I need to start buying lottery tickets!



Tom from Wilkes-Barre PA (originally Stratford and Lordship CT). I, too, went into lurker mode for a couple of weeks recently. I post on CC and CruiseEnvy, as well.

I am in broadcasting and also write a music column for the local newspaper. On the side, I run a Radio Reading Service and voice magazines for the blind.

I have shared custody of a cat ("Kenai," named after the peninsula in Alaska), as the person it owns needs not to have it on weekends. My house is one block away from River Street, so the spring can be exciting; the river level indicator is online and I check it daily during this time of year.

I once did a ton of research to show the Merriam-Webster people that a specific omitted word should be included in their dictionary, which it now is. In more practical matters, I am ambidextrous and can eat with either hand.


Hi, My name is Cynthia and I am addicted to cruising! :LOL
I have been on this board since Dec of 2001. I post here and there but most times you wil catch me in chat. I live in Indiana, my hubby works in computers and I am a stay at home mom with 2 kids, a 6 yr old girl and a 3 yr old boy.



Hi there......I am Pat, also from Bradenton, FL. Been here on the board since May, 2000....so almost from the beginning.

Welcome to all of the new 'faces' ..... don't be shy, jump right in.....the water's fine!


My name is Helen and I live in Dallas. I am a widow and my son & daughter-in-law and my daughter and son-in-law live in the same area. I have 11 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren who also live in this area. I took my 18th. cruise this past Christmas. My children (the five of us) cruise at least once a year. I have been enjoying this board for several years and have been helped so many times especially finding Lori Cunningham. Helen


Hi, I'm Blair from NC. I"m probably one of the youngest addicts here...mid-20s. I work part time as a bank teller and go to college full-time but I'll be graduating in May :dance :jump. Three cruises under my belt and one more on the way!!

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My name is John and my wife Billie and I live in Whittier Ca.
We have been married 20 years and have 3 children on earth and one in heaven (please don't drink and drive.
I have been employed at Boeing Long Beach formerly McDonnell Douglas for 24 years.
We are new to formal cruising but, I have spent a lot of time at sea on 10 day fishing trips (food is better, service worse, STATEROOMS MUCH SMALLER).
We also enjoy taking motorcycle vacations, just the 2 of us, and now with our baby (30) and her husband.
I enjoy being a part of this board and wish to thank the administrator(s) once again for providing this forum to us.

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I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been on this board for 2 1/2 years. Started cruising in 1995. Look forward to going one one of the c@os cruises in the future.


My name is Becky and I have been lurking a long time now. Live in Ohio and am a recent widow. Have 2 children - both getting married this year. One in June and one in December! Have been on 4 cruises - last one was over New Years with my children and their fiances. Am putting together a group of friends to cruise with this summer. After that I will cruise on my own!



Scott and Lori from Orlando checking in. I'm the penguin...the person who posts the evening groaners and eyecercises. Haven't been onboard lately but trying to get back into the swing of things.

My wife and I have been on 13 cruises so far and we are @ddicts!!!

:C@ :C@ :C@


I am David. My bride, Lisa (Jetakai), and I live in Anchorage, Alaska. We met a little over 12 years ago and will have been married 11 years this June. We have been on this board since summer of 2001 I think. We went on our first cruise this last Nov. and love it. Time and money are our current restraint to cruising more but as retirement grows near the time part goes away too. Money become a minor issue too as we get things paid off.


:wave Hello All, TOTO from the middle of Kansas here just checking in. Glad to see so many posters on this thread. Now the rest of you that are lurking, come out come out where ever you are.......................................................................... ;)


I am Marlene - husband Don and I have been married 33 years. We have four grown children, two sons-in-law, a daughter-in-law, and three grandchildren. We are from the Chicago area but lived for over 15 years in Ontario, Canada. Two of our children were born there and Don has both Canadian and American chitizenship. We have done 11 cruises with 12and 13 planned. I have been lurking for about three years and posting occasionally for less about a year. We now live in Chicago. I have never tried any chat room including ours here.

Cruzin Carol

Hi All. I'm Carol from Fontana California. My husband Larry & I try to cruise 2-3 times a year. I have not been on the board too much lately either but I hope to have more time soon. I have been dreaming for a long time of sailing on the Radiance and that trip is now scheduled for May.

Smooth Cruiser

Hello everyone! I'm Jan and my husband is Marc. We've been married for 7 years this May, and are getting ready to go on our 7th cruise next month. I'm mid 40's and hubby is mid 50's. Between us we have 6 kids, so ever since our honeymoon the cruise is our time to relax and enjoy each other.

Marc was in the Navy in his younger years, but was never aboard a ship. (He was in Aviation Hydraulics.) He though the Good Lord was trying to tell him something about not getting on ships since he is deathly afraid of water and cannot swim a lick. When he asked me what I wanted to do on our honeymoon and I said take a cruise, he swallowed his fear and decided to try it. (He never told me any of this until we were back.) Anyhow, you can't keep him off the ships now. We cruise once a year usually on the 11 day cruises.

I've been reading these boards since early 2001, but I didn't post for awhile, just enjoyed everyone. Now I feel like I have an extended family out here. Welcome to all you newbies!