Time for all Addicts to reintroduce themselves



Hi, Jeanie checking in from Southeast Missouri. My husband of 32 years and I went on our first cruise on the Galaxy in November of 2000 and became addicted immediately.
We can't believe we waited so long to try cruising, we had always talked about it just never went. We have one grown daugher and one grandson that live 3 blocks from us.

I work for a group of radio stations, can't imagine doing anything else, (of course, unless I could figure out a way to cruise all the time and get paid). Our next cruise is scheduled for 11/30 on the Mariner of the Seas, our first on a voyager class ship and I can't wait. With the prices I've been seeing lately we've been talking about trying to slip another in here pretty soon.



Laurey & Ian here from Vancouver, Canada - Home Port to the Alaska Cruise Season. (which is coming up fast - wooo hooo the ships are coming home soon) :lol :jump
We've been married 22 years, have a 30 year old son (don't ask, it's a long story) and a wonderful daughter-in-law. Our pride of course would be our 3 grandchildren, Zoey, Naithan and Darrion. Darrion, by the way, is Nana's "payback" to his dad ... he is just like my son as a child, will be fun watching him grow up!
I have been with the largest industrial auction company in the world for 22 years now and Ian has been Asst Parts Mng for a Mazda dealership for 15 years.
We have cruised 15 times since 1990 - we were on Ch@os! :lol Possible coastal repo cruise in September but nothing officially booked as yet.
TOTO ..... not enough info, every1 else is introducing, some may not know you like we do.
I've been posting and reading, crying and laughing with the C@ family for almost a year now. Miss the rest of you. Laurey


:wave Kathy from Sylvania, Ohio (suburbs of Toledo, NW corner of the state). Geroge and I have been married for 18 years, no kids. I'm an Adminstrative Assistant for the President and Vice President of a local engineering firm and George works in field service (means he travels a LOT) in the hydraulics field. We've been on 17 cruises, started in 1985 and both love it. Our last was the RSMC 2 years ago but hope that #18 will be coming up very soon. Been on the board for many years. Hope to see some of those missing for a while coming back to say hello VERY soon.

Have a great week-end!


Hi, I'm Terry from Roanoke, VA. I've been married almost 12 years to Randy. He is a firefighter and I own a hair salon.We have a sheltie named Harley. We have been on two cruises and have the third planned for May on the Navigator.Our first was on the Explorer and then the Adventure.
I don't post alot but I 'm good at lurking. This board is wonderful .


I,m Paul from Duluth Minnesota. I've been married for 30 plus years to Shari. We have 3 kids and 3 grandkids with number 4 on the way.

I go hooked on cruising when we took a cruise for a full eclipse in Hawaii in 1991. Unlike the majority here that like to cruise in the Caribbean or warm climates I prefer to head to Alaska. The cruise I hope to eventually do the most will be Antarctica.

I never said I was sane but give me cold weather or whales to watch and I am happy.


I am Hilary from Denver Colorado, I am 27 years old.
I am an only child/grandchild = SPOILED.
I am a service manager for a home warranty company. Recently decided to go back to school for Criminal Jusice... I want to be like the guys on CSI: Miami!! It's something that has always intrigued me, so time to do someting about it.

I am going on my 3rd cruise on MONDAY!!!!! My granparents who are avid cruisers passed the cruise bug onto me Feb of 2001 when we did the Caribs and Panama Canal, went on my 2nd to the Mexican Riv with my friend and once again hitting the seas with my grandma and grandpa and dragging the boyfriend along too.

I always have stupid questions to ask you guys, love to bble on and on - but you have been awesome in making me feel welcome!

I will be back after my cruise to share stories and pictures...

Have a great weekend!

Ohhh my goodness I forgot to mention all my critters...
Toby, Lucy and Larkspur my indoor kitties.
Earl Grey, Baby Midnight, Blackee and Spooky my outdoor feral cats I have been taking care of since they were babies. And I can't forget Sammy MY office cat.

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Hi to all:

Herb reporting in!
Married for 22 years to JoAnn and we have a daughter Stephanie who will turn 21 this coming April.

We live in the borough of Queens, NYC.

We have a Labrador Retriever, Molly....
4 cats: Sheba, Blackie, Prince, Ginger
A hamster: Dumpling
A lovebird: Juliet
A fish tank: no, we didn't name them.

Because of all these delightful creatures our vacations are limited to 7 day intervals. No back to back cruises etc. for us.
But that's ok, we enjoy our 7 day vacations as well.

I work as Maitre D' ; my wife is a clerical manager for the library and our daughter attends college and works p/t as a hostess at Applebee's.


Amber here! 37 and single from Denver, CO. I'm a Realtor, Political Consultant, and unrepentant entrepreneur. 2 furbabies, both feline and rescues, one of whom is licking my hand as I type this (Akycha, that TICKLES!).

Love to cruise and love to scuba dive! :grin


Hi - From the Dallas/Fort Worth area - I'm an ER Nurse. Love these boards and am working on booking next cruise 2/04


I have been lurking for some time now and enjoy the comments and jokes and of course the helpful information on cruising. We are from Lloydminster, Alberta. There are 5 of us who enjoy cruising. Husband is in instrumentation/electrical at an oil upgrading facility here and I work as an addictions counsellor. Son #1 is getting married this summer. Son #2 is graduating from HS this summer and then going on to college to take computer stuff (following in his older brother's footsteps). Son #3 is in grade 6. We have also adopted a kitten recently. We have cruised several times with the next ones being the Constellation in August and then the Tahitian Princess in Feb 2004. Not sure which one I am more excited about. Thank you for posting this message and luring me out of lurkdom.


Maw and Paw here been married 47 years in March. One daughter 46 son, 45, son 43, grandau 25 mother of a 4 yr old expecting baby this week, grandson 18, grand son 16 and two 14 yr old grandsons, grandson 11 and a 8 year old grandaughter.We live in Missouri Ozarks. We are both retired. Just discovered cruising Sept 2001 booked our 4th cruise yesterday and am in planning stage of 5th for family to Hawaii in 2004 for dau 25th Anniversary. Have Koi fish . Have been around this board since Mar of 2001

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Hi, I'm Terri aka CruzTerri (ahh John can we fixed huh, huh, can we huh?), will be married to Lee 17 years this June. We are in our early 40's. One son, William, 23 yrs, from my previous marriage. We have one furbaby, a yellow lab, 7 yrs old, named Bubba. I am an Executive Assistant (and other titles, cause I do it all) to the Executive Staff at a Corrugated Container Manufacturer. My husband is a Network Administrator for a Stock Brokerage. We reside in the Antelope Valley. Near where the shuttle lands on the West Coast and near Plant 42 where the shuttles were built/repaired.

I cruised the first time in 1984, just after hubby and I started dating. That was on the SS Azure Seas, then hubby, me, and in-laws cruised on the NCL MS Southward in 1989. Hubby and I didn't cruise again until April 2001, for the inaugural sailing of the Radiance of the Seas. We booked that cruise in September 2000, a month or two later I found this board. I have posted off and on since then. Sometimes more off than on. I do lurk a lot.

We are booked on the 3/7/03 sailing of the Brilliance of the Seas.

Happy Sails.

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Hi everyone! I'm Beryl from the southeastern corner of the beautiful province of British Columbia, Canada!! I've loved cruising since I first saw the now defunct Royal Cruise Line's Crown Odessey sailing by the coast of Maui!! Ever since that day the hardest choice I make all year is cruise or Hawaii! :) I hope I'm not banned from the board, but this year the choice is 2 weeks on Maui!!

My husband retired about a year ago from the Canadian Armed Forces and we built our dream home in the wonderful small town where I grew up! It is lovely to be home after spending so many years on the hoof!!! We raised 2 fine boys who are now out on their own and sadly miles away from where we live so we have a sweet little Yorkshire Terrier who keeps us scrambling to keep up with him and gives us a million laughs a day!


Greg here from Walker, Minnesota. My first time on a ship was when I was age 9 back in 1964 when my parents traveled on the Rotterdam back to dads homeland of the Netherlands.

Fast forward 30 years to when my wife Carol, myself and our 3 children took our first genuine cruise. Just finished up our 5th cruise last month. This coming December marks our 30th anniversary - sounds like a good excuse for another cruise ;) We own a contractor supply distributorship which narrows our chances for cruising to the months of February and March.

I've lurked around the C@ board for 2 1/2 years now. I rarely post on the Community section but am always on the prowl for cruise info. :) Pro Lurkers are still welcome, right? ;)


I believe you know our son better than us and at times better than we do :)
We are Dan and Cindy Aldrich from Sandwich, IL (Yes there is such a place)
A town of about 6,000. We live in the "country" on 3/4 acre with two dogs, a collie and a german shepard and three cats(they are my passion) As most of you know, Elliott is fighting leukemia and with all you wonderful people pulling for him, he is making progress. We have never been on a cruise and if it were not for my sister in law Aprill, I would not know of this board. Now I read it everyday and am enjoying the variety of things you talk about. We do want a cruise but that will wait till Elliott is well and then we will go and have a good time, perhaps many of you would join us at that time?
I have been working in the commercial Insurance division for 26 years and my husband sells real estate. If anyone is in the market in the suburabs of Chicago, Please contact him, he is faboulous at what he does.


Hi. :daisy I'm Pat from North Carolina. I sell printed products and Advertising Specialties. Married to Johnny for 22 yrs. He's a retired machinist. Jack Russell Terrier is Rebel. I visit the board daily, but don't post very often. We've taken 9 cruises since the first in 1990. Most recent was last Sept. on the Norway. I can't think of a better way to vacation than on a cruise ship. I'm trying to convince him we should have another booked.
My motto is: A bad day on a cruise is better than a good day at work! :) :) ")


Hello :wave
I am Anni from Northern MN (Hi PEB!) 33 years old married for **almost** 12 years to hubby Nate. I have one figure skater and one hockey player :) 3 golden retrievers and 2 wedgie Siamese kitties.
I assist in surgery and hubby is a UPS driver. First cruise was last March on Carnival's Inspiration 7 day West Carib and will be seeing the Caribbean shortly from the Grandeur :) We spend alot of our non-cruising time motorcycling and 4 wheeling. Our winters are spent at the rink, which is one great reason to go somewhere warm as soon as it is all over!


Hi. I'm Becky and live in Illinois just outside St. Louis. I am a medical receptionist and my hubby Tom works for Boeing. Our first cruise was 8 yrs ago on Carnival Fascination for our 20th anniversary. Will celebrate #28 in May on the SS Norway. This will be our 3rd cruise. We have 3 boys, 25, 21 (22 in May, will miss his birthday, oh well) and 20. Two older boys are on their own and #3 goes to college is southeast Missouri. We have 2 furbabies (cats), one who thinks each and every lap belongs exclusively to her for the purpose of sleeping.

I discovered this board about 2 yrs ago when we were looking forward to our Tahiti cruise. Have mostly lurked but have done some posting.