Time for all Addicts to reintroduce themselves


Dancing Queen

I'm Lisa from California. I'm in my early (well almost mid) thirties and single with 2 beautiful if somewhat dependent cats. I'm a Personnel Officer for a State of California Government office and I'm also a Professional Ballroom Dance Competitor and Instructor (hence the board name). I'm a newby on the board and I've only cruised once, but I loved it and am planning on coming back for more. First cruise was with my mom and I'm looking forward to cruising with Mom or friends again.

Catch you later!

Marion Paris

Jerry and I live in Buffalo, New York. We have been married a year and got married while cruising on the Summit on the Island of St. Johns. We will be taking our 6th cruise next week on the Star Princess out of LA. We have 7 children and 3 grandchildren. Jerry is in Trucking sales (sells the service) and I am the Marketing Director for a Health Care Plan.

I live to cruise, everyone who knows me calls me the 'cruise queen'. I encourage everyone I know to get on a cruise ship. They all get hooked....just like all of us :dance

We have a one year old lab/pitbull mix called CoCoa who is our 'baby'. It is killing us to have to put her in the kennel for 9 days while we are off having the time of our lives - poor little thing. All of you pet lovers understand how I feel. However, crusing comes first :jump

Can't wait to book our next cruise. We are talking about getting the entire family together over Christmas and doing a family cruise. Time will tell......I won't get involved in their booking. I will book mine and if they want to come, they can all make their own arrangements. I will try to have one agent take care of all the details so we will get additional $$ off every cabin booked. I want the entire family to get hooked too!

Happy sailing everyone!

Jill B

Hi, I,m Jill fom South Australia. Married to Rick for 7 great years. I,m nearly 47, Rick's 52.
We have 4 grown kids between us, none at home anymore. Only my daughter is married, no grandkids on the horizon yet..
We have one very old cat, and a lot of love birds.
Rick took a redundancy package from Telstra over 2 years ago, and works with me in our home business.
I have been lurking for about 6 months, and have been on ONLY 1 cruise.
Where are the rest of the Aussies?

Have a good day everyone.


Hi All !! My real name is Jeff, and my wife Patti & I live in Somerset, New Jersey with our two sons, Kevin & Ryan, ages 8 & 6. I work as a supervisor of Production Scheduling & Planning for a major steel company. Patti works as a teacher in New Brunswick. I have been on 20 cruises, Patti's been on 7, and the boys have been on 3. We currently haven't anything booked, but we'll be cruising the summer of 2004 for sure. I've been here since the beginning, and before that posted at cruise2, where I put together the original Cruisers Album, which is still active today. (link below). I also help out with the @ddicts Faces Galleries. I've had the pleasure of meeting many of the gang here, and look forward to meeting some new friends at this years Atlantic City meeting.

BTW, I am a New Jersey Devils season ticket holder, and I also love the Nets, Yankees, and Giants!!


Hello all @ddicts, Im one also... I,m also a lurker. Name Bawana married to Joyce for 48 years this April 16. We live in Ft Myers Fl. have been on 11 cruises, next one April 20 on the Grand Princess. Have been lurking for 2 years. We have 5 children 4 girls and one man child, just like me. I was #62 on this thread when I started my slow typing, hope to meet some of you in the future on the high seas. Have a good life and lots of cruises.
Regards, Don


Hello everyone! I'm Amy and I've been married to Chris for nearly 8 years! I am an administrative assistant and Chris is semi-retired (he got laid off last month). We have four cats: Tigger, Sport, Windy, & Spice (hence the name tispwisp!)

We are fairly new to cruising. Although I've been an addict since I watched the Love Boat in the 70's! Our first cruise was March 2002 on the Golden Princess and just got back on Tuesday from the Dawn Princess. We have our next cruise booked on the Brilliance of the Seas for Feb. 6, 2004. Chris started out as a reluctant cruiser (had to take him kicking and screaming on the Golden - he was bound and determined not to have a good time!) and now is as addicted as I am. In the middle of our 10 day Dawn cruise, he stated that he doesn't want me to ever book a cruise less than 10 days unless it was back to back 7 days! :grin

I've been an active poster on the board for about a year and a half and consider this my second family!


I'm MizSuzannah, peeking out from being buried underneath a pile of loan documents...it's the end of the month....I'm a full time residential mortgage closing agent and part time travel agent. I'm married to Joey, and we have a daughter who is seven...we're dysfunctional Irish who love to cruise....actually, I married a Viking, but he's so likeable that everyone forgives him.....when I'm not closing loans or booking cruises, I'm doing Irish ceadleadh (pronounced kay-lee) ...this means, a good time, in Irish Gaelic and it basically means we have a family band...I do lead vocals and violin, my hubby Joel on lead guitar, nephew Travis on bass, my good friend Katie on keyboards/piano/harpsichord, my seven year old daughter on back up vocals, tamborine and percussion.....we're STILL looking for a drummer who will take his pay in rounds....


Tonight, we're playing at Katie's if anyone wants to come and sing old Irish rebel ballads with us....The Foggy Dew, Grace, The Rose of Allendale, and for our Aussie brothers and sisters, we're doing a special rendition of Waltzing Matilda....


Hi all, I'm Jana from Dallas. I'm a Software Administrator who will be laid off on 4/30 and retiring for 1 year to travel. I am also part owner of a family run gift shop. Went on my first cruise in 9/1997 and just booked by 11th and 12th cruise. No husband or kids so decided to take a year to have a good time and decide on a career change. Been lurking for awhile but hope to post more often.


Hi, Marcy and Maui Mike here checking in from St. Petersburg- Sunny Florida. We are in our 30's, no kids, one dog, and passion for cruising. A lot of new names here on this tread! :lol


Tread checking in from North Pole, Alaska. Yes, North Pole. A little town east of Fairbanks. My wonderful wife (AKA Bread) have been married for 20.5 years. We have two girls, Megan 19, and Caitlyn 14. Three furbabies, Pepper 13 (we call him grandpa), Sassy 10 (the name FITS), and Timber 5 (still a kitten). I'm a civilian supervisor a local Army base motor pool, and Bread is a supervisor at the Commissary. We are both 40+ and have been on two cruises. Joined the board in 2002 prior to our first cruise. Working on cruise #3 in 2004.

Thanks to Captain John for this wonderful board. :]


Hi @ddicts! I'm Rose from Central Florida. My DH Howie and I have 2 teenagers. Boy 17, girl 16 in 4 days(she made me type that). We've been married 18 years. Our honeymoon was a cruise and then we didn't cruise again for 12 years because of the kids. Once we started up again.......there was no stopping us. We have now been on 21 cruises and are always looking for more. The kids are seasoned cruisers as well.


Hi, I am Barbara from Hicksville, NY on LI. Married to Phil 35 years in June, 2 kids, now married. 2 grans from first son and one on the way from newly married second son. Started cruising 2 years ago and am now hooked, going on 3rd in May on the AOS. I closed my bridal shop 2 years ago and now work for Dress Barn ( to get clothes for cruises) and Phil works for Verizon and is considering retiring soon. But he will get a second job ( he is only 56) to pays for extras like cruising, now that we are hooked.

We met sailingrose on the Radiance to Alaska at our CC party last June and she told me about this board. While we still do other travelling, cruising is a true addiction, almost on the same level as my addiction to roller coasters. We also have 2 furbabies and transport them to my sis in PA when we travel as we spend lots of time on her 19 acre land. It is our second home ( and is near Dorney park) and our dogs will not stay with anyone else anymore. ( my sis has her own furbabies, 4 of them!)

I lurked for a while before starting to post. This is a nice place to visit and talk.


Hi everyone, Seawall checking in from the LaTex border; I've been on the board since it began, almost, and have loved every moment of the board. Thanks, John!
Cruise Number Seven is coming up in September; and thanks to a couple of good @ddict friends for joining US on the Conquest.


Gitte, living in the Netherlands - Europe. I am married and we have 2 daughters. I am here since the beginning of the board.

Gitte :)


Hello :)
This is Barbara, I'm a 'displaced Brit' now living in Charleston SC with my hubby Phillip.
We have 6 furbabies, 4 dogs and 2 cats, all 'rescues'.
I have been visiting here for a long time, almost from the begining. :)


Lisa63 checking in from coastal Massachusetts. Fred and I have been married 13 years and have a son who just turned 9. We celebrated our honeymoon and every anniversary by taking a cruise. I've been an @ddict for about 2 years, and I thank John for giving us such a wonderful place to visit with other @ddicts.


TinaB here from NW Ohio. Married for 27 years. Celebrated our 25th on the Triumph. We had been on two previous cruises in the early 90's. Have one booked on the Conquest in September with the "Lights and Sirens" group from another board. (Sorry!) Hubby is a retired police officer and now a probation officer so we couldn't miss the chance to spend a week with his "brothers." We have a son who works for an airline. He'll be joining us in Sept. along with 8 other cabins booked with family & friends. We have retirees, police officers, nurses and firemen within our small group. (See ya on board TexasSue) I have two furbabies-Chip, a Wire-haired Fox Terrier and Shadoe, a Himilayan (hence-shadoesmom) Hubby doesn't claim them as he is allergic to them.
Happy cruising!!!


Mike and Lori from Palm Harbor, Florida...(Near Tampa)...GO BUCS!!!!...

Mike's 45 , Lori's 41...2 Children, 20 and 17...Avid cruisers...Mike's with the Government and Lori's in medical sales field...

Mike's totally into golf .....As a matter of fact he works the Chrysler Championship PGA Tour event at Innisbrook in October...He measures driving distances for "Shotlink" and has met every golfer on tour........


hi im bridgette a long time lurker. almost two years. im married to steve who found this website when going on my first cruise last year. we have two kids brittney 10(11 next week) stevie 4. was also their first cruise. we have been married 11 years almost and have two furrbabies that were born the day we left for our cruise. that was quite a feat . we live in dekalb il. about 70 miles west of chicago. i read this site everyday. steve works for wendys inc. as a software specialist. i work for wal-mart i have been there almost you guessed it 11 years. do you see the pattern. steve has been on 6 cruises the first five were before we were married. last cruise he was on (before last year ) was carnival they hit part of hugo.(88) his first one was on the ss. norway, in 84 i think. we sailed on the pride and we are hoping for the voyager in may 2004. waiting for the dates to be released. thanks to everyone who posts advice and stories, i have learned so much on how, when to book and plan excursions. we did the eastern carib. and didnt really plan anything we just shopped and did the beach thing. we are going on the western side and we are going to do more.


Hi, :wave

My name is Carole and I'm an avid Lurker!!!! Usually can't wait to check out the board everyday and see what's going on.

My husband Dave and I have two furbabies at home. A dachshund named Casey (10)and a cat named Ashley (16). My husband retired this year and I am still hanging in there at a Caterpillar heavy equipment dealer in Kentucky as secretary for 26 years.

We haven't booked another cruise yet. Our last cruise was on the Norweigan Star last April in Hawaii. I am ready for another cruise. I want to go to Alaska on our next cruise, which probably won't be soon enough.

Right now I am in envy of you @ddicts who live in California and get to enjoy all that nice weather you get. My stepson and family live in so. California and we visited with them in November. We live in Indiana and are experiencing ice, snow and cold. Ugh!!!

Enjoy this board very much and have gotten alot of enjoyment from the jokes and helpful information. Especially enjoy the pictures of Bibb's outdoor.

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