Tipping - Consierge


Callander Girl

We will be on the S/S Norway Sept. 14th. We have a suite and plan to (as recommended by other c.a.'s) use the consierge to ensure us priority tender tickets. How much do you tip the consierge? Do you tip them when you get the ticket or do you wait until the end of the trip? Thanks!


We sailed on the Dawn 4/5 in a AE Suite and used the Concierge almost every day for our dinner reservations......they never failed to get us the times and restaurants we wanted every time. (I enjoyed the Concierge service more than having the Butler) The VIP tender tickets were just delivered to our suite without request, as were VIP luggage tags and instructions on where and when to meet if you wanted to be first to disembark. (The concierge escorts the group off first.) In answer to your tipping question, we gave her a cash envelope at the end of the cruise when we met for priority disembarkation...............and I saw others do the same....