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Tipping on Carnival



From what I understand, they automatically tack on the tips (about $10/person/day) on your shipboard account....now has anyone ever gone to the purser's desk and got this charge reversed when they first got there? I mean because I am a firm believer in tipping but I believe that this should be given out at the end and is done Personally by the customer. This is like going to a restaurant and the hostess taking your wallet and pulling out the tip money even before you get seated.....
I have sailed the Royal Caribbean and they don't have this same policy.
This whole concept just irks me...
Do they give you a hard time about crediting back your account and letting you take care of your own tipping...


I like this policy, it means that I do not need carry so much cash. Carnival went to the reverse tipping (added to your S&S account) because the majoirty of people surveyed indicated that they approved of it. You can adjust it up or down or remove it if you so desire. They will not give you a hard time if you do. By the way on RCCL you can put your tips on your onboard account if you want, they just do not do it automatically.


Other cruise lines have this new policy too. The pursor's office will just ask you why you wish to have the charge removed. They have been doing this for almost 2 years now since more dining options have become available on new ships. This way at least for the dining room staff, tips are received fairly. You can't imagine how many people "skip out" on the last night and did not tip at all. You can still get envelopes and hand them to the staff. Best tip, is the written one on the comment card commending good service naming the staff member. Thanks and Praise are worth their weight in gold.