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Tipping - Pooling? - Oosterdam

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by lovelle, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. lovelle

    lovelle Guest

    BelleV - I should have told you that I did a copy/paste on that bit!

    Didn't type it. So that's the way we're seeing your posts.

  2. BelleV

    BelleV Guest


    ??????????????????? so what's so wrong with apostrophes around the words Ãâ€tipÕ and Ãâ€a hassleÕ to indicate that I'm quoting?

    Maybe you would prefer "tip" and "a hassle" or perhaps *tip* and *a hassle* - wonder how asterisks show up?

    Believe me, I'm not trying to be argumentative about this - I'd just like to understand the *problem* and, for the benefit of all, get back to discussing the posted topic.

    And again I must ask , How long has this been going on?
  3. my3kids

    my3kids Guest

    BelleV: I see the strange symbols also. Your apostrophes seem to show up as the number zero with foreign language marks abouve them....I'm sorry, I can't remember which language used them...I took and mostly failed many. But, I see it also. The only other time I've seen those strange markings was on a contact form I filled out for HAL. When they answered my question, the part I typed was at the bottom of the reply, and it then had those strange markings also.

    The symbols look kind of like the 0, but larger with ~ or ^ above the large circle.

    Post Edited (04-29-04 09:58)
  4. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    If you are using quotation marks.....they are not appearing that way to the rest of us (or at least some of us).

    " " " " ...those are quotation marks......They do not look anything like that when I read your posts.

    It doesn't matter and I can certainly read what you are writing but I have a natural curiosity and wished to ask what in the world you were typing and what sort of keyboard you had that could create those symbols.

    No matter how long you've used computers or how many boards you post to, the fact remains that on this board, some of us (maybe all of us) are seeing something most of us have never seen before in the written English language.

    Type away, Belle. We'll figure out what you are saying.
  5. my3kids

    my3kids Guest

    Ãâ€tipÕ and Ãâ€a hassleÕ

    BelleV: I copied a few of the words that appear so strange on my computer screen so you could see what I tried to describe above. Is it HTML coding and the board doesn't read it, maybe? Anyway, I also copied your :) :) It isn't those. Just interesting that you don't see what some of us see. I wonder if it appears garbled to everyone, or if it is only a few who receive it garbled.
  6. BelleV

    BelleV Guest

    Well folks, there's little left to say àcan only repeat my reply to S7S under Spender Nui and Mariners Society......

    QUOTE: I see nothing to become defensive about - actually I think it's quite hilarious! :)

    You'll agree, I think, that's it's pretty well impossible to investigate what I can not see, touch or feel. Everything I see on my screen is as English is written.

    For the record, I'm on a flat screen iMac - the sexy, white sphere G4. UNQUOTE
  7. hbogart

    hbogart Guest

    To all about the strange symbols - I don't know where they are from, but the strange symbols are basically technical differences in that person's computer...that is to say either they are missing some of the symbols like quotation marks, question marks or exclamation points when it comes to whatever program they are using to post on to this board. It is a technical computer thing. Not their fault...in fact they probably don't even know it is occuring on their end. Basically a language translation from their computer to ours or the board itself. And seeing it is an iMac, that could also be the issue - the font is set up wrong in some Macs out of the box.

    So it is most likely some small setting within their computer that is incorrect or slightly off normal.

    Post Edited (04-29-04 15:26)
  8. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    hbogart......Thank you.
  9. BelleV

    BelleV Guest

    Thank you so much for your input. You have perhaps thrown some light on this mystery.

    What I cannot understand is that this "problem" does not/has not shown up (or at least no one has mentioned it) in correspondence, e-mails or postings on other forums over at least a 2.5 year timeframe.

    I am using Microsoft Word.

    To my knowledge, I canÕt select the font in which I type in the reply frame. On occasion I type off line then copy and paste àregardless of the font IÕve typed in, on pasting, it changes to what I assume is the 'board set' font. Symbols like quotation marks, question marks, exclamation points etc. all appear on my screen exactly as they should.

    Could it be that those who see strange, unknown symbols have some form of language translation glitch in their systems?
  10. bookworm

    bookworm Guest

    I see the strange symbols also in BelleV's posts. See them nowhere else and have NEVER seen them before. So it must be a problem with the language from her computer, not everyone elses. How strange that even when her posts are on the board BelleV sees them in normal English and everyone else sees the strange symbols. Crazy!
  11. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Belle.....I don't think it is all of our systems. We (at least I) have never seen it anywhere else ever.

    Too many of us are seeing it for it to be all our different computers and systems.

    Who cares...so what? As long as we can read what you write, doesn't matter.

    And frankly.......I am very sorry I asked :)

    Post Edited (04-29-04 21:51)
  12. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    I see the symbols also, I've been wondering what they were =shrug
  13. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    Belle, I have seen them in all your posts also, but I figured that as you have 47 posts on the board.. that someone had mentioned it to you already ; and you were aware of it. :lol

    I figured that it was due to a word processing program that you were using.. and as I had no problem reading your posts anyway.. I did not mention it either.

    It just makes for interesting reading :grin so keep on.. keeping on ..
    red stripe
  14. lougee1043

    lougee1043 Guest


    If you really think about it, a $10 per day assessment is 'peanuts' when it's split between, let's say 3 people.>>>>>>

    its 10 per day per person not per cabin
  15. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    I posted a response to a similar question on another thread couple of days ago. If no objects will paste that response on this thread.

    While on the Duckendam last week, I posed this very question on several occasions, to the Hotel Manager, the Food and Beverage Manager, as well as several others. I still have not gotten a straightforward answer, but, this is the best I can do.

    Under the present system...giving tips directly to the individual, they can keep all the tip and do not have to share.

    Under the new system, automatic tipping, 10.00 per day per person, some of that money is going to behind the scenes personnel...cooks etc. The various individuals kept trying to tell me this is what the crew wanted, that they were big believers in sharing with each other. I never could get a straight answer to the question if you give the tip directly to the individual under the new system do they keep it or share.

    If I had been thinking fast enough I would have asked my stewards what they understood the deal to be, and what did they want. I intend to ask this question of them when I cruise next. Talking to people, passengers, TA's etc... I have been absolutely shocked at how many people really believed you don't tip on HAL. For that reason alone I am sorta in favor of automatic tipping, even though I do have some problems with it, and am certain, there will those who have tips taken off and will not tip anyway.

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