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Tipping @ Specialty Restaurants.



I agree with paulfredo about the lamb. Are you sure you did not eat in the buffet .

I use to have quite a liberal expense account before I retired and would eat in many of the best resturants in the U.S. and Europe and would say the speciality resturants are on a par with many of the better resturants on land.


We enjoyed a bottle of wine in the Olympic on Mille which cost use $30. US
which is way more than we would ever spend consider we are Canadians and
also paying the exchange however, this was all part of our vacation and would not
Have missed this experience. Yes, there are some prices whether by the glass or
bottle that we could not believe. Enjoy


It's not just the food, but the total experience. We had the suggested wines with each course, champagne immediately upon being seated and a liqueur with desert. It came to $150 additional. In addition, the wine steward gave us a tour of the wine cellar.

The entire meal and experience, if replicated on land, would have easily run $500.