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Its our first cruise and I don't know what I will need to pay for on board. I know that we will run a tab but should we be prepared to tip anyone during the cruise or all at the end? What will I need to pay for besides spa, purchases, alcohol? We're really looking forward to this first cruise but there are a lot of differences from non-cruise travel that I would like to know about.



Your concerns about deciding how you are going to handle you expenses is the same as most cruisers have. Most cruise lines recommend tipping for your cabin attendent and waiters at about $10 per day per person. This can be paid in cash at the end of your cruise or in some cases charged to your sail and sign card. Room service is usually performed by other staff members who are usually tipped about 1 or 2 dollars per event. All other purchases on board are made with your sign and sail card and, when appropriate, a 15% tip will be added to the purchase price. On board purchases might include sodas at dinner, bar purchases, bingo cards, spa services, specialty coffees or ice cream, photographs, art auction purchases or port excursions. All of these items are optional and can must be charged to your on board account. Port excursion prices do not cover gratuities so you might want to allocate a few dollars for each planned excursion. Since you are on the Europe board you will have to figure out what foriegn currency spending you will be doing, but souveniers can be purchased on your credit cards. Gambling on board can be accomplished with cash or most ships have ATM facilities. We have found it is always a good idea to carry some small bills to tip for baggage handling, etc. Really not as confusing as this may sound, but this should pretty well cover what you will be spending, and prevent unexpected surprises.
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thank you that was very helpful...I want to book a couple of excursions before the trip on line and pay for them ahead of time. Can this be done?


On most cruise lines their website will provide information on shore excursions and allow you to reserve on line usually no longer then 60 days prior to your sailing date. Your credit card is usually charged at the time of the reservation, or they will tell you otherwise. They will also note their cancellation policy. Other cruise lines will mail out a shore excursion book, detailing the excursions and include an order form.

Check with your Travel Agent or the Cruise Line directly to detrmine their policies.

Happy Sailing!