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Tivoli Gardens fireworks

Discussion in 'Europe' started by thomaseu, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. thomaseu

    thomaseu Guest

    Can you see the Tivoli Gardens fireworks from the ship? They are at midnight or some such late time on the night we will be in port. Wanted to go to Tivoli that evening but didn't know if we would stay that late.
  2. Jennie

    Jennie Guest

    I doubt that you could see the fireworks from the ship. Depending where you are docked it is still a few kilometres away from the city and Tivoli is tucked into an area not near the sea.

    We have left from Copenhagen and arrived into Copenhagen and both times we have been docked near the little mermaid which is the closest dock to the city, other than where the ferries to Sweden leave from and I doubt that we would have been able to see the fireworks.

  3. justqreus

    justqreus Guest

    We are leaving from Copenhagen in September and are going there a few days early. Never heard about fireworks. Do you know what days of the week and what months they have them? Sounds like fun.
  4. thomaseu

    thomaseu Guest

    My bible, '1000 Places to See Before You Die' says it's Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Doesn't mention months.
  5. justqreus

    justqreus Guest

    My husband browsed the Barnes/Noble store's travel section and concurs--W-F-S at 11:30 (thereabouts) in the months T G is open. This suits our schedule fine!

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