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To all the Zuiderdam skeptics

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by Cruzin, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. Cruzin

    Cruzin Guest

    It appears that HAL is finally acknowledging that there is indeed a problem with noise and vibration on the Zuiderdam. I was informed by my TA that they have just received information from HAL that they are reducing the time in each port by approx. 1 hour in order to address the vibration problem and be able to slow the ship during dining hours.

    Guess this wasn't just one person’s perception but instead REALITY for many!

  2. lamayboy

    lamayboy Guest

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  3. ashuma

    ashuma Guest

    Personally I am disappointed. I took the vibration as a fair trade-off for the faster cruise between ports, allowing for longer port times - which I like. I don't book an aft cabin and I request seating upstairs. But realize others may feel differently. I've noticed the aft vibration on other ships with the Azipod propulsion system and it does not ruin my cruise. The Amsterdam, for instance. A lot of aft vibration on the cruise up to Juneau from Seattle. A long way, but nice to get to Juneau early and have such a long day in port since there is so much to do and see there.
  4. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    We can't wait to return to Zuiderdam in August. We had a great time on our April cruises and know we will have equally as good a time upon our return.
  5. westielvr

    westielvr Guest

    Which is the best level in the dining room on the Zuiderdam?
  6. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Our table was on the upper level and we had no excessive vibration or noise whatsoever. No way I'm sharing the table number :) It won't be available the next time we request it :grin
  7. Cruzman

    Cruzman Guest

    Hey Sail, how does one go about requesting a particular table assignment? What is the probability of receiving a particular table. I'm looking forward to being vibrated again!
  8. SteveSS

    SteveSS Guest

    If losing an hour at each port means "Everyone" will have an enjoyable dinner, then I'm glad HAL has made this decision. For months now, all I've read about is the vibration problem in the dinning room. I'm not denying the problem exists or is over exaggerated, but for us future Zuiderdam cruisers, all the negativity has been disheartening. Me personally, the ship is my destination.
  9. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Steve....please do not be disheartened. I am not denying that some people have experienced some vibration in a small area of the dining room. How bad it is depends upon who you speak with. Some found it mild; some found it drastic. The same vibration apparently effects each in relation to their own perception????

    We spent two weeks on Zuiderdam and I honestly tell you we at no time, anywhere on the entire ship, ever experienced anything that would resemble what has been described by some. Perhaps some have "inner ear" things going on that make them more sensitive???

    I don't believe the posters who found it excessive are purposely exagerrating.....I think perhaps it was of more import to them to most others.

    We did not expect to really like Zuiderdam but booked it out of curiosity and because we have a number of friends aboard and wanted to sail with them. We were aboard no more than a day and after walking around, carefully looking at the various rooms/areas/art....we decided, very much to our surprise, we really liked the ship.

    As to dining table requests....we have our TA do it when we book.
  10. dsawyer

    dsawyer Guest

    Different things make different people uncomfortable. We will be on The Zuiderdam next week and I am not going to request a diferent table if I am seated in the lower aft section. I just can't believe that it will ruin my dining room experience. I have been on noisy and vibrating ships before (The Millenium before it went to drydock) and unless it makes me deathly seasick than I just can't imagine it to be a big problem for me.

    Now, if the food is really raunchy, the waiter spills drinks on me every night or if the people who sit down with me are just not compatable with me, I might consider complaining or ask to be moved. On the Veendam, we were seated on the first night at a table for 12 and everyone was shrunched in and I sat on a corner of the oval table. It was quite uncomfortable and I asked to be moved to a different table. Another couple did the same. That table became a table for 8 and those people and we were much more comfortable. Now there are a lot of people who will say - the more the merrier and would not have minded that large table one bit.

    My point is almost everything on a cruise is subjective - even the vibration. For the record, we had an aft cabin on the Millennium's first cruise and the wake was actually zig-zagged instead of straight. It was hilarious to us. We couldn't get into our cabin one day, the entire day, because the lock was broken. There were lots of locks on that ship not working and we could not get into our cabin the entire day because the locksmiths were so busy. Now that's something to really mess up your cruise, I felt. However, there were others on that same cruise that this happened to and they shrugged it off and said they never were in their cabin all day anyway. Its sort of like pain - all of our perceptions and tolerance levels are different.
  11. Cruzman

    Cruzman Guest

    Excellent post dsawyer. I could not have said it better, although I have tried.
  12. Cruzin

    Cruzin Guest

    When you are use to sitting around talking over a tractor and listening to a mule bray I guess nothing would bother you.
  13. csj

    csj Guest

    Just returned from the ship and I had requested the 3rd floor seating which we had and it was quite nice, however, we did have breakfast one morning on the 2nd deck aft, and yes, it was very noisy and distracting, but the boat was probably going full blast.
  14. jerseygirl

    jerseygirl Guest

    We just got back on Sat.We had breakfast in the lower dining room.The vibrations were so bad the coffee cups were falling off the tables.We had table 49 in the 3rd floor Vista Dining room.The vibrations weren't as bad.I asked the crew about the vibrations and they told us the captain was trying to make port on time.The seas were very rough because of a pending hurricane.The worst rocking was in the lounge.Even the comedian had comented on the vibrations.I was wearing the patch which really helped me.
  15. ShipMaven

    ShipMaven Guest

    I just have to pipe in at this point...and PLEASE don't misinterpret my comments. I'm not trying to be smart-alecky nor am I directing my comments to any one person.

    You're on a ship on water - not stationary on land. If you happen to run into rough weather - and trust me that the Captain doesn't aim for heavy seas - you are bound to feel motion, and vibration WILL be exaggerated as the ship pitches (up/down bow/stern movement). When a ship is pitching heavily, it is not uncommon for the propellers to be out of the water when the bow goes down - this causes a LOT of vibration on any ship experiencing this type of movement.

    I've been in seas from mirror smooth to hurricanes, with gales too numerous to count. The entire ship can shudder at times, depending upon how the waves angle in. Yes, it can be uncomfortable...

    On some ships, too, the engines have a quirk of creating vibrations at certain rpm's. The thrusters can create tremendous vibrations.

    I sailed Zuiderdam in December. We had calm seas. Granted, I did not sit at any of the stern-most tables on the lower dining room deck, but being my first "pod" ship, I was remarking to myself how smooth she was. I'm one of those who just automatically makes mental note of quirks on different ships - how she rolls or pitches, if/where she vibrates, etc. etc.
  16. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Thank you, Maven. It's these movements and how every ship handles that make them all individual to themselves. We love some feeling of movement on a ship; the mistrals off of Africa sure showed us how well Statendam handles!!! There are times on some of the modern ships, I literally look out the windows to verify we are actually moving. It's easy to forget we're actually at sea when the weather and seas are calm. We are fortunate to be "good sailors" and welcome some movement, some vibration.
  17. Tiger

    Tiger Guest

    Table #7 located in the upper level. You'll love it!
    Enjoy your cruise!
  18. Marion Paris

    Marion Paris Guest

    After reading all the boards and negative comments we booked the Zuiderdam anyway :dance

    I found Celebrity ships also like to vibrate. Last November (Mercury) I had to sleep out on the deck near the pool because the glass door to the balcony was making so much noise from the vibration I couldn't sleep. Still enjoyed the cruise, so we had some vibration, we were on a ship! The dining room was very noisy and we could not hear our tablemates because of the noise. I found the Summit and Milennium dining rooms also had some action at dinner. I will request a table on the upper deck and see if it helps on the Zuiderdam - thanks for the warning.

    I am ready to totally enjoy this cruise. There is no such thing as a bad cruise, only a better cruise. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    Bon Voyage to everyone - we will be sailing in 6 weeks
  19. lamayboy

    lamayboy Guest

    TiP of the Hat to ShipMaven

    As I was reading I was thinking the same thing, and then I got to your reply! Totally TRUE!

    My 2 cents, in addition, YOU ARE ON A MAN MADE VESSEL AT SEA! and feel lucky you live in a time when you can do this FOR PLEASURE!

    If you do not like being at sea and having movement and other problems that come along with it from time to time GO TO A RESORT!

    We are booked for the "Z" in September, our favorite time to go with all the chance of Hurricanes and stuff!

    I was on the Coral Princess in May and it is an Azipod ship, and I noticed that it creaked and really did move alot, but what a glorious time to live in when you can be at sea on a voyage somewhere, and still be able to take a bath, gamble a little, have a drink, take in a show, be waited on in the dining room(even if it is moving), and relax on your Verandah with a night cap as the sea hisses away!

    Count your blessings!!!

    For some people, this scene I described is something they do not think(and probably will not) ever experience, and yet when we do, WE COMPLAIN!?

  20. jerseygirl

    jerseygirl Guest

    If it were only the movements!!!!! Read the lastest review.I was on the same cruise as the lastest reviewer and we experienced the same problems.He had a problem with his toilet and my bathtub never emptied...so what ..we can live with that.
    Being my first cruise(and the 15 people I was with)we didn't realize the movemet would be as serious as it was.(there were hurricane winds mind you).It really helps to read all you can about each cruise to prepare yourself.I get sick on any moving thing.I have to say I was a little apprehensive about going until I got the patch.Thank God for that patch.After the first night at sea my husband thought I would be in bed for the duration.Well to his and my surprize I was fine.(just a little cotton mouth)
    What may bother me didn't bother half of my cruise mates...
    Zuiderdam has problems. You can let it ruin your vacation or overlook things and go with the flow.We chose to have fun and enjoy it all.Would I recommend someone booking this ship? Yes as long as you know what to expect(and hope it doesn't happen to you)

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