To all the Zuiderdam skeptics



Being your first cruise, you, of course, have no basis for comparison. For those of us who have cruised, previously, we do not necessarily agree about "motion" issues on Zuiderdam.

Wishing you loads more wonderful cruises.....and will look forward to reading your comparisons when you sail on your next ship.


Although Jerseygirl has not been on other cruises, I have been on others. This certainly wasn't the worst, but Idid request not to be seated in that area and the request was not honored. It wasn't as some said , that glasses were vibrating, but if you are in that area and sensitive to motion, this ship has a problem. We were talking to our waiter when waiting to get off the ship, and he said this was nothing compared to when the ship began sailing. He said there have been major complaints about the bathrooms and the odors in the hall as well. It certainly won't ruin your vacation, but these are legitimate problems that I am sure will be corrected