red stripe

I am sure you watched the board explode with fun since last night when we racked up 100 posts on one thread :) ...and Jeff Stern took the time to remind the lurkers that they were not excluded from the fun. I just wanted to say it here so more might see it.

For all the newbies and lurkers, and the ones that only post now and then...

I know that at first glance that it looks like a bunch of friends that know each other well, posting back and forth... and you might not want to jump in ,
BUT! remember, we all came to the board the same way you did. Every one of us came here and watched people posting and making jokes and pulling legs now and then. And at some time, we jumped in and was made welcome.
Most of us have never met, and we sure did not know each other before coming to this board.
Not everyone that joined in the fun last night and this morning have been here from the beginning..
. it would be interesting to hear from some of you that posted (and are fairly new) as to what got you to jump into the middle of things in the beginning.
In other words... how long after coming to the board did you wait to join in, and what got you going?

There are a lot of top posters here that have not been on the board from the start, but they jumped in and made themselves known.
So please do not think this is some sort of closed club. The whole board is open. we love fresh ideas and people.


Who is FRESH? Are you calling Jorge FRESH there RED? :lol
But RED is right, let us know who you are, come out and introduce yourself and join in the fun if you already haven't done so.
My Name is Toto and I am a Cruise@ddict, now you are supposed to say HELL-O Toto my name is ?????????????????????????????


Hello All,

I am Carol from NYC. I have been lurking approximately for 2 months now. I booked a cruise on the Voyager in October and I am very much looking forward to this vacation.
I worked at the WTC on the 52nd floor. Luckily myself and colleagues made it out OK. Despite some sore legs for a few days. I missed my vacation last year in Oct because I was not ready to get on a plane 3 weeks after the disaster, however, I am READY!!!

I have cruised 2x before, the last one was in 1999 on Rhapsody of the Seas. Loved every minute of it, and looking forward to that and more. Only 149 more days!!!!!!

Glad to meet y'all.



Glad to meet you Pat and Carol. Although I jumped in here when I first came, I have relapsed into a lurker, mainly reading because I can't come up with hilarious replies like most of you can.


Glad to meet you both. Please join us in our fun and joint obsession.
And the only Frozen @ddcits here are the ones that cruise to Alaska either too early or too late in the season. :)
NOW..who else is brave enough to step forward and introduce themselves?
BTW-Cute GiGi really cute. :)


Hi - my name is Marti. My daughter - Gabby - and I are "newly addicted cruisers" - lst cruise on Rhapsody on 4/21. We loved it so much we are going again -
Gabby, her husband & kids on 9/15; and I'm taking my mother & brother on 9/29.

We would both LOVE to go on the Dawn with you guys in January - but her family
already has a ski tripped planned -- so maybe the next one.


I, m in big trouble here....................I can't see (They screwed my new glasses up so I had to send them back,they took my old glasses to have the lab see the difference somthing about a (prison) lol I am wearing a perscription pair of sunglasses here. But don't none of you try noting funny here I can still see shadows.Heyt Toto watch my back will you! By the way Hi to all newbies come in the water is too can be a lunatic if you stick around for awhile.:)



Welcome aboard new MEMBERS--Marti, Carol, Pat, and all the others still in lurk-status!

I call you members because once you post, you're a member of the Cruise @ddict community!!!


And it's really a good way to get wonderful greetings in your email. Thanks Ladies!!
ROFLMAO, and loving every second of it!
PS I'm a relative newbie myself.


Happy to meet you Marti, glad that you could join us. If plans should change we would welocme you to join us in January, it should be a great group cruise.

Hey Reader: Got cha covered here. Maybe John or boB will play with the colors again and give you that white background so it is easier to read. Or, that might be the reason that your glasses gave you fits, all that glareing. I think the problem you are talking about with the glasses might be a PRISOM unless they sentenced your eyes for some infraction of the law there. :)


red stripe you made a statement that really hit the nail on the head. ----- I haven't a clue what I'm going to say in the following paragraphs but here goes.
I have been looking in here almost on a daily basis since last November so I guess I'm not a newbie but I am a lurker. Obviously I'm curious as to what's going on.


"I know that at first glance that it looks like a bunch of friends that know each other well, posting back and forth... "

That's exactly what my problem is. I feel like I'm participating in a private conversation.
The only one I know is Toto (remember me Toto?) ---- Maybe it's my age. I'm considerably older than the majority of you. (OK I'm 63 but keep it quiet). I just can't get used to reading jokes, the daily weather report or good morning greetings on a cruise web site but I know that's what's it's like here.

Your right, everyone is made welcome here and I've actually been able to name off a least a dozen of you as if I have known you for years. Hope I don't get flamed for what I have said here but have just never seen that quote in print before.

I'm just another Canadian connection suffering from post-cruise depression. Just back from Hawaii on the Radiance and planning our 15th through the Panama Canal on the Dawn in November. That should help the depression.

HELL-O Toto I think my name is---------------------------------------------------------