Peggy Clark

Welcome from the twin newbies...Peggy and Penny...previously known as the twin
lurkers. What a fun place to just read if you want to or to jump in if the feeling hits you.
We are so looking forward to our cruise in 92 days and to meeting our board friend
Lynn P. :] :] :[


OK, I confess I'm a lurker. I think I've posted here twice, don't remember when. LOL. I'm a cruise addict. too. Just got back from a cruise and don't have one planned until New Years and I'm suffering from serious withdrawals. On top of that, my youngest graduated from high school today, double boohoo!


Welcome to all the newbies, former lurkers and those of you still too shy to post! Come on in, the water's fine! Everyone has pretty much said it already. Your age doesn't matter, no question is dumb or stupid, and everyone is welcome. Except the occasional troll, of course. And if one of those shows up and attempts to give anyone any problems, we usually choose to ignore them. On the other hand, you will find that the "family" will come to the defense of other family members too. In the end, Captain John and his elves do a great job of making this a fun place to call home!



Welcome to all the :newbies!! I was a :newbie myself a few months ago and still am intimidated with the chat. Tried it once and will more than likely get up the nerve to try it again! We went on our first cruise in March and have a 2nd one booked for February. I am just as addicted to this site as I am cruising itself. Check the site everyday and love the people here!

E and Red - we still have to get together sometime for frozen thingee drinks since we live so close!


Wow, this thread has become busy while I was away. So glad to see so many come out and be counted.
Again, Welcome to you ALL! :wave


Welcome all Newbies and Lurkers. I have been posting here for about 6 months, and enjoy this board and the wealth of cruising info it offers and I really enjoy the jkes and OTs too. It is really nice to see all these lukers jumping in to say hello. Everyone here is warm and welcoming.


Hi we just got back in, and I saw this thread. I'm a newbee, but I have talked alot in the last month,, and I have been given lots of answers and tried to give some ataboys back when I can,,, we haven't sailed yet, but we will in just 39 days,, you are all such a nice goup, Toto helped me with my clock,, I still don't have a clue how to do that stuff and Bibb helped me with a camera,,, and so much incoragement,,, that is really nice for some one who spends as much time alone as I do.
Thanks for beeing such an open group,

red stripe

gr4eat to see this thread growing... Sunshine, has it only been 6 months?
that is what happens here, join in and suddenly we can not remember a time when you were not around.... now with Scott.... we are trying to :grin


Tispwisp, you are more daring than me if yer going back to the "Chat Zone" again. Now, THAT'S the confusing place!!! I was in the inner sanctum 4-5 times and never did figure out a conversation

........and now the lurkers return to the shadows from whence we came........ :grin

red stripe

And the list continues to grow…
<font color = blue>Noni… </font> stop changing the name, I am confused enough as it is…
<font color = blue> Ellen, </font> take a course in speed-reading
<font color = blue>LindaA…</font> congrats, and get that cruise info into the cruise tracker
<font color = blue>Edie…</font> . Nice talking with you above… red stripe…AKA Bud Weiser
<font color = blue>Bibb,</font> I never thought you were afraid to jump in… just thought you were waiting for the right time… and it is now
<font color = blue> Cdnguy…</font> lurker does sound bad… got any ideas? “sleepers†nope, sounds like a spy
<font color = blue>Seasick…</font> I love that name
<font color = blue>Pat57… </font> welcome, and make sure you also put your cruise in the cruise tracker
Hi to the<font color = blue> two “P’s†in a pod…</font> come out of your shell
<font color = blue>Brneyzna….</font> Now your troubles begin
<font color = blue>Tisp… </font> there goes that lisp again… we will have that drink
<font color = blue>Cyndi, another example of someone jumping in and the next thing that happens is that everyone feels as if they have been here for ages.
Welcome all of you.
And thanks to <font color = blue>JeffStern </font> for suggesting this.


Yeah right Seawall! try again!!

Welcome Lurkers and Newbies! you will not be disapointed by joining us, I have been posting here for about a year now, and today was the day I got initiated, Yep, just like a fraternity I got my butt kicked today, but I managed to entertain all the wonderful people on this board if only for a few hours.


I consider myself a :newbie i haven't been on this board as long as alot of people here but i have been posting for.........well i really don't know how long :lol but i LOVE it and everyone is sooooooooo friendly but watch out for MAL LMAO ONLY KIDDING Mal she is a sweet lady just don't make her mad :lol :lol :lol but WELCOME to all :newbies :wave :wave :wave


It was fun wasn't it Jorge. Bad news though, Miss Cleo mentioned something about a barrel in my future. Hmmm, wonder what she meant by that?


Hmmmm, No idea here Mike!

Yes it was fun, made for a very entertaining morning, the problem is, how do we top this one?

We can't go around insulting the Ladies everyday, maybe every other day! but definitely not every day!