oops................................never mind, you are getting sleepy, very sleepy, all you can hear is my voice, SHORTly you will be asleep.................................


Yeah Red, as a matter of fact I have been selected to play Bond, James Bond in a new movie.

Really just wanted to see how awake you really were!


lurker from Canada here. Been on 2 cruises so far and have 2 more booked for Jan 2003. Can't wait for them and yes I have started counting down. The people I work with do not understand and believe i am crazy.


Welcome all newbies :eek:)
Seawall................newbie??...............yeah and I'm the Queen of England........or is that Red???? :lol


Only had a chance to say good morning yesterday. Great thread going here! Welcome newbies! Hope you all decided to become part of the "Crew".


Hi all, thanks for the warm welcome. I am Margie and I am from Las Vegas, Nevada. My husband and I and our two sons, Benjamin, 21 and Alexander, 18 are cruising on the SUN in August. I am a midwife and my husband is a chemist, and as our last child (we have 4) is graduating high school next month we have decided to become cruisers!!

I am very happy to have found this board.......this is the first cruise I have really had the pleasure of planning. Other cruises were last minute decisions. We are already looking into our next cruise (Panama Canal/Southern Caribbean....haven't decided on ship yet)

I have posted a few times, as I am not afraid to give everyone my opinion!! hehe


Brneyznfl, if you thought the SOS thread on CC was fun, wait till you read the groaners and eye openers here every morning. LOL And the good morning thread will be your daily weather report from around the country, and across the seas. This board may address any cruise questions anyone cares to ask, but you can find answers to any other puzzling predicaments you may encounter as well. I still check in here for up to the minute news reports as well.

But to Cyndi and others like myself who find yourselves isolated so much of the time, I encourage you to pour your self a frozen thingie and venture into chat some evening. When you first enter that wild and crazy room go to settings and choose a "head" and then go to options and click on scroll and choose slow, or slowest so you will be able to keep up with everyone. Just click enter to save your choices, then be ready to party. If you are weary, it will give you an instant adrenalin rush, if you are discouraged, you will come away cheered up, if you have a question or gripe, you will find comarades to arm you with great input. What more could you ask for? It's a support group made up of caring and fun loving people who all love to cruise.

These are the topics you might encounter on any given afternoon or evening in chat: Storm watches, how to install windows, how to kill rats, sports, who's got a new job& who doesn't, surgeries, accidents and illnesses, sick animals, computer glitches, how to deal with kids-hubbies- inlaws-neighbors from H E L L- rotten bosses & other irritants in our lives-and lurkers. Of course there is the ongoing discussion of which cruise line to choose, ship comparisons, port and excursion topics, eating waaaay to much on that cruise, shoes, frozen thingies, virtual snacks, and why we are in chat instead of working. LOL You name it, we have chatted about it. So come join us and see for yourself if you won't enjoy hanging out with the gang. Sure does beat reruns or cleaning the house.

Maybe we should rename our chat room THE LIFELINE. :cheers


>>>>>but watch out for MAL LMAO ONLY KIDDING Mal she is a sweet lady just don't make her mad<<<<<<<


ROFL! I met Mal in chat last night. We found out that we have alot in common! LOL Had fun in chat last night, thanks guys!


Jeff, thanks for starting this thread and thanks to everyone for being so welcoming. I already feel more ocmfortable than just a couple days ago!

Seasick, I totally agree with you that 63 is NOT old. I'm 60 - just feeling deprived that I don't have some things I would like at this age - like grandchildren! And retirement - but that is getting close.

Seamom, you're right on the money about this board being addictive! I love being here 'way too much!


HI all, I have been here off and on the last few months as KathyD from Texas. I didn't have access to my computer for a while and then some family problems with my daughter that we had to work through and it just seemed like I never had enough time in my day.

I realized today that we are now 99 days away from our cruise and I decided enough is enough. Had to make time for me and I love spending it on the computer. Thanks so much for all the information you have to share and it's good to be back.