Today was a good day!



Yesterday was not a good day. While daddy did very well eating, almost amazing how much he is eating now, he was very angry and not behaving well. He refused PT yesterday and Paula got a call either you get him to work with us or he is going to have to go to the nursing home side. Paula went in and tried to talk to him and he got attitude. Well I guess she laid into him and got so upset she started to cry and told him it is his choice lie in bed and die but don't blame us if he can't go home. Well after she had the meltdown ending in crying she didn't even say goodnight she grabbed her coat and purse and ran out of the room .

I guess Joe really lit into him too and said you are angry and we understand that, but you are ruining this chance for yourself and we can't do a thing about it if they kick you into a nursing home. So make your choice.

Well I sat and wrote a long letter to him last night. Never got to bed until 1:30am. And I sent it to Paula through email to use as needed.

Today he was very cooperative, actually interacted with other patients and fed himself both lunch and breakfast. Tonight at dinner he fed himself 3 pieces of pizza and a piece of apple pie with ice cream. And he was interacting with the PT person bantering back and forth. She has a good way with him. Paula said he looks good, has good color and is eating ravenously. But this stubborn angry streak is driving us all over the wall. I really considered jumping on a plane this weekend.

Tonight I called and he was highly aggitated because the batteries in his remote were dead. He was telling Paula to find him some new batteries. LOL Paula had him moved to the window side of the room to try to encourage him to look outside and want to be outside. All reports on him today were good. He actually stood today also, of course with the therapist standing right there with her hands on him and he can assist in his moves from bed to chair and chair to bed. A week ago it was a total 2 person lift to move him. So he is regaining his strength. Tomorrow he starts exercise. Now the PT person said she is just going to put him in the wheel chair and just by accident show up in the gym tomorrow morning. She does not want to get him into trouble by giving him a choice. She is really working with Paula trying to dodge around his anger. She is a real Godsend and has overextended herself to Dad. She has learned how to tease and give it right back to him when he is acting up. I pray he exercises tomorrow.

We are over the hurdle about the food. Every since his mouth healed he is loving food again. He is doing great but still on the g-tube at least for now to keep building his strength. But he has regained some strength in his hands, he couldn't hold a fork or a spoon, or lift a glass to his lips 1 week ago. He is able to use the remote again and is able to drink a cup of coffee on his own without the tremors.

Tonight we had to have a notary who is a friend of Paula's go in to get some papers signed. When the man was introduced Daddy's eyes opened like saucers. Daddy asked him what his last name was again and the man told him. Daddy asked the same family from Central Street? Daddy is an old townie of this small town. Yes John said. Daddy asked did you know John and Leo M)&(*) ? John said yes when I joined the Fire Department Leo was a tiller driver on the 195?.... ladder truck. Really Daddy said that was my uncle. So old times were shared back and forth and then Daddy turned to Paula and said, this guy is OK, so I'll sign the papers. LOL Pheeew what a relief!

John actually works in the hospital now in security, he is a retired Fire Chief. The night we almost lost Dad he was on duty guarding a prisoner right across from where we were with daddy in ER. He told Paula tonight that he is amazed that Daddy has come so far. He said Paula I didn't think he was going to make it through that night, I hope you realize this is a miracle he must have wanted to live. She said I know we didn't think he would make it either, and the doctors tried to tell us to put a DNR on him but we felt it wasn't his time. Now she said, if we could only just get his attitude in check, we would be so sure that can come all the way back. He laughed he said don't give up on him yet he is amazing me, that he can talk about 50 years ago like it was yesterday.

And you know it is the truth. Daddy used to take us to see his uncle at the Fire House and we would see him driving that tiller ladder truck as kids, he was the driver at the back. I had forgotten until Daddy said that tonight. His memory is better than mine. Maybe I'm not sane. LOL

In fact I know I'm not sane because when we had to have a psychiatrist exam on daddy to get his incompetence reversed, the doctor used me to talk to Daddy because of his hearing problem. The doctor would ask a question, I'd repeat it to Daddy and then Daddy would answer. Well there was a list of 3 items the doctor told me to ask daddy to remember. This was to test his short term memory. So now I was working on about 4 hours of sleep and said Daddy, you need to remember these 3 words. Chair, couch, and.......I had already totally blanked out on the third word. The doctor looked at me and I started to laugh and said OK maybe you need to give me the insanity test. He laughed and said no I can't that costs extra, and we all cracked up. He had to tell me the third word was clock I had blanked it. Well Daddy showed me up good, he remembered the 3 words except he kept saying watch instead of clock. The doctor said that was great he was making word associations and watch was just fine. I almost checked myself into a rubber room that night! LOL

Daddy's sense of humor is wayyyyyyy back too. He has this uncanny sense of humor. Well before the pnoumonia he told Paula I was the bossy one. He said I came in and it was like a tornado bossing everyone around, getting things under control. LOL I was a little hurt but took it in stride because he did further tell Paula sometime you have to be bossy to get hard work done. Tonight when he thought Paula was out of ear shot he told Joe she should have become an auctioneer. She could talk the wood off the table top he told Joe yack yack yack! LOL She heard every word and she almost PHP laughing. She said good let him call me anything he wants I guess someone has to be the bad one since the bossy one isn't here!

So the health is good, the eating is good, his humor is back, he is clear thinking, but boy he is angry and nasty at times. Now strength in the old legs and we can take Daddy home. It is happening faster than even I imagined. If only in the coming weeks Daddy gets those legs moving. My sister in FLA sent Daddy a card with money in it to get some meals in. I told Paula to get that money out of that room or he would be calling for a cab! LOL I don't trust that grumpy sly old man, if he could walk he would go out the side door of that rehab and hitch a ride home! rofl.

Thanks for your continuing good thoughts and wishes it is a long haul and he is on my mind constantly. I just keep praying that God will find a way to get him back on his feet enough to have some good years yet.

H2O babe

BJ - I'm happy to hear that daddy got a good day in!! Hugs to you, and in no time you'll be back east seeing these things for yourself firsthand!

Have a good Saturday kiddo.



Judy, I have been off the board mostly because I can't get C@ at work anymore. I am so sorry to hear about everything you are going thru.

I am glad to read that things seem to be getting better with your dad. It really makes me miss my dad so much.

Hang in there and I hope to read that things are getting better everyday!



What a relief! Everything sounds like it is moving right along - and faster than anyone could imagine. Thanks for the report.



Such great news I'm go glad that things are moving forward. Prayers and hugs continued.


Good to here reports so good for your Dad Judy. When my MIL was at the rehab center there was a man who escaped every chance he got he could roll that wheel chair the fastest --all he had to do was get it out a door and he was gone.. Good to see though he has his memory. My mom went through periods of anger at various ones of us when she had t g to the home for 3 months. She left before Dr thught she should but she lived alone for anothr 2 years. Keep the faith gal.


Dearest Judy, the vocabulary word for the day is Senility. Even insane folks can have perfect memories! LOL Those of us who have problems with word finding skills are suffering brief moments of senility. Now, in my case, I can just blame it on 'chemo brain' and no one will be the wiser. LOL LOL LOL It's amazing how short term memory is the first to go and long term memories stay with us till the very end. I'm so glad your Dad is coming around so quickly. It's so incredibly frightening how much someone can change so suddenly from any kind of chemical imbalance isn't it? Take care of yourself, try to get caught up on your rest and prayers are heading your way for your Dad's complete recovery. (and cooperation ~~ LOL)

Hugs, Mari


Prayers continue, Judy. I pray that we will continue to hear more good news in the days to come. And, hugs are winging their way to you. =hug


Well we had a little set back yesterday. They moved Daddy's bed yesterday and when Paula got there she was told he had been feeling ill all day and had not eaten.

The first thing Paula recognized is that his air bed was not plugged in correctly so she got that plugged in and working. Daddy was vomiting. So at first the nurse chalked it off to a bug or his cough. . Paula took the basin to the nurse and said this is his feeding and she questioned why his bed was down to about ten degrees instead of the 30 degrees which it is supposed to remain at. The nurse flipped out. Some aide had put the bed down too far and the feeding was backing up the nurse agreed. arrrrrrgggggggg. Not a good thing at all, this is very dangerous it can back up into the lungs. The nurse immediately flushed everything and started a new feeding and was not a happy camper. Neither are we!

Today he seems much better. Paula asked if they could post a sign on the door and behind the bed like the hospital had, stating that the recline must remain no lower than 30%. The nurse said no it is considered discriminatory to post signs in the rehab. Well that makes me nuts this is life threatening to have someone do something so stupid! So after talking about this Paula, when she sees every aide not familiar with his case(it seems like a weekend thing) she is going to tell them herself.

Daddy did eat a little lunch and was sitting up today in the chair. Paula is on her way there with some home cooked food and banana cream pie. Daddy is just not liking the Rehab food but we can fix that!

Thanks again all.


It seems you just have to watch everything even in the hospital. Really makes it hard on the caregivers of the patient to have to always be checking everything. Hang in there as things should imporve when you can get him home.