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Topless Sun Bathing - Galaxy

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by idssms, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. idssms

    idssms Guest

    I was surprised on my last Galaxy Cruise to see topless sun bathers on the top deck I think aft.

    Is this something new for Celebrity to keep up with Carnival?

    It happened to be a nice sunny day, I was venturing, exploring the ship and ran across a bunch of college co-eds... Of course i never mentioned a word to the "boss" but it was a great experience.

    Anyone else aware of this phenomenon?

    Go Galazy!!!
  2. alphamark

    alphamark Guest

    I too have had the pleasure of witnessing topless sun bathing on a Celebrity ship. In this instance it was aboard the Constellation, on a small, out of the way sundeck toward the stern. Also on the Grand Anse beach in Grenada. I was very impressed!
  3. gosox

    gosox Guest

    What in the world is wrong with topless sunbathing? The only thing that makes it wrong is creepy guys gawking. You sound like a bunch of teenagers. The topless decks are clearly marked.
  4. idssms

    idssms Guest

    They arent really clearly marked unless you are expecting them. We arent teenagers and there is nothing wrong with admiring the fairer sex,, sorry,, no guilt here.

    Once I noticed the topless area,, of course, I saw the sign.

    Before that I had never noticed a small sign that said "topless". When the sunshines in the mid morning,, its can be very hard to read anything outdoors on a ship,, so,, this was all caused by accident. When I realized the situation,, it was a daily ritual and made the trip more enjoyable. I havent one iota of a problem with that either.
  5. gosox

    gosox Guest

    Read your post, your a creepy gawker. Buy a magazine a leave us alone, we're not out there for you we're out there to relax.
  6. alphamark

    alphamark Guest

    Sorry Jill, you have a point. I promise you though, I didn't "gawk." I would be lying if I said I didn't notice. Would have to be dead from the neck down not to have appreciated beautiful woman with no tops on...after all, I also notice them with their tops on! Also, I didn't see the sign, I was just exploring the ship, I swear!
  7. idssms

    idssms Guest

    Get a life go sox. Dont judge me.
  8. gosox

    gosox Guest

    You went every day you need to get a life! I can judge you if you want to make me uncomfortable by walking by every day. You don;t belong there.
  9. BP

    BP Guest

    Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. READ THE BOOK.
  10. idssms

    idssms Guest

    I can assure you sweatheart,, you wouldnt be someone I would look at. You should have no worries about that. If you were comfortable with yourself you wouldnt have made a comment.
  11. newtocruise

    newtocruise Guest

    Re: Topless Sun Bathing on Century?

    Is there a Topless Deck on Century?
  12. gosox

    gosox Guest

    So you are going there just to look. You know they arrest peeping toms. I made the comment because you are infringing on my right to privacy. It's a topless deck for topless sunbathers to relax and not have to worry who's there just to look. Get the point? I really wish you could understand how it makes a woman feel, ask a female reletive how they would feel.
  13. seagarsmoker

    seagarsmoker Guest

    'I made the comment because you are infringing on my right to privacy.' How can it be private if your in a public area where others can see you?
  14. alphamark

    alphamark Guest

    On the deck where the woman were topless on the constellation, there were men also. It wasn't a "private deck. This didn't seem to upset the woman. The girls going topless in Grenada didn't seem to mind the smiles and glances from the men they passed. Why are you so sensitive? Also, what privacy do you expect on a public deck? I can understand why you wouldn't want people staring at you...but, you seem overly touchy about the subject.
  15. bOB

    bOB Guest

    The value of a thread is derived from how much of it can be considered
    productive. When a thread ceases to be productive with the amount of
    information it provides and simply resorts to how much one can belittle
    another then it has reached the amount of valued information it can provide.

    Attack the issues not the person.


    IF people-looking-at-you-when-you-are-topless-in-a-public-place-disturbs-you = TRUE

    PERFORM do-not-go-topless-in-a-public-place

    PERFORM enjoy-the-sun


  17. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    I agree with you bOB :thumb
  18. idssms

    idssms Guest

    I personally do not think there is anything wrong with walking on the topless deck. It what most guys would do just because we are guys.

    Why I was attacked I dont know since I was expressing my opinion.
  19. drumman

    drumman Guest

  20. idssms

    idssms Guest

    Wish I were a tad younger tho,,, once youre over the hill,, its just not quite the same as being 25... But again,, at age 25, I didnt have the $$$ to cruise and they didnt have topless decks I am sure.

    On this last cruise there seemed to be a bunch of college co-eds taking a break from the local DC-Baltimore colleges and WOW,, such puppies... Like I said in my being statement,, it was a great sight and made the cruise worthwhile. And, all the time my wife thought I was going on "power walks",,,,,,,,,, Uh Hah....

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