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Topless Sun Bathing - Galaxy

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by idssms, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. gosox

    gosox Guest

    I know it is isn't a private deck and I don't care who is up there sunbathing, men or woman, it's going up there to look that is weird.
  2. idssms

    idssms Guest

    Jill,, thats your opinion and I respect it. But, you said I was a creep for doing it and that wasnt nice. Just because men may be enamored seeing a topless co-ed and go daily for the visual thrill doesnt mean they are perverts, freaks, creeps or sick..

    I have been reading Playboy and Penthouse for years and years... I would hardly call my self a creep for subscribing.

    I think its a guy thing and I love girlie magazines.... Just being honest.

    Hope you at least can see my point of view and not feel that I am sleezy, sick or a creep,, I am a normal 52 yr old male that wishes he were still 25.

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