Topless sunbathing?


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My wife and I are booked on the Sky and are looking for a place that allows topless sunbathing. We realize that the cruise does not have a topless deck, and that the Bahamas don't have recognized nude beaches. Is there a place we can go on Stirrup Cay, Grand Bahama or Nassau where we can erase some tan lines - without going to jail?
Thanks in advance....


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Book a varandah or buy some brown felt markers and have fun body painting........

Stirrup Cay, Grand Bahama, Nassau are all Bahamas, technically nude bathing is against the law in Bahamas, that said
check out:

you might be able to get a day pass, take a cab over and throw away the felt markers


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Calgon would get in trouble, Earl is just perverted................ but that doesn't make him all bad


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How kind of you to offer your balconies :biggrin:

We have done the day trip to Breezes Bahamas several times. There is not a "clothing optional" beach there. They do have Hobie Catamarans you can take out for a sail at no extra charge. Once you're far enough away from shore you'd probably be ok if you don't mind giving the jet ski and banana boat riders a thrill. :whistle:

The conch fritters at the beach bar are pretty awesome too.