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Topless Sunbathing

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Sophie, Mar 21, 2004.

  1. Sodey

    Sodey Guest

    Hey Turkeman! I finally booked another cruise! Glory on 8/21

    Maybe some day we'll meet.

  2. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    Way to go Sodey!! Are you doing the Eastern Carib. or the Western side again? I think that's the one that goes both ways, (oops!!!), isn't it?
  3. beccabt

    beccabt Guest

    Hey Sophie you could always duct tape some cakes in strategic areas to avoid the peepers. Just a thought
  4. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    beccabt that is absolutely the best idea i have read on this whole thread!!!! omg LMAO!!!
  5. tbone

    tbone Guest

    get back to the top
  6. cruisegary

    cruisegary Guest

    Sopie said "cruisegary arent you the clever one. i have a life. and i don't have to live w/someone starring at my topless body, because i will choose to cover myself if that be the case."

    Yes, you are right. You can cover them up.

    What if someone is staring at you (not just your topless body). Will you then cover your face?

    By the way, I agree... if some old pervert is staring, I would be offended or creeped out and would cover up or move along.

    PINEVIEW01 Guest

    "I went up there once on my last cruise when there was word going around that there was a woman up there with "three.""
    I've heard that rumor on almost ever cruise I've been on. Who starts it the, CD?
  8. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    Gary - if someone stares, it can creep you out, and whether they are starring at my face or other body part, it will cause me to "take cover", in which ever manner I consider most comfortable. (and as a woman, i have had plenty of men stare on a regular basis, this is not new to me). IF you will read my original post, i only inquired as to anyone knowing of a somewhat private area for topless sunbathing, which was my preference. This is what is most confortable for ME. What works for me, is personal and I in no way care to impose my feelings on others nor do i condem anyone else for their choices.
  9. mike-suz

    mike-suz Guest

    OK... after reading and reading this thread for a while, I suppose it's time we jump in.
    We are not prudes by any means and have been to nudist resorts here in Florida.
    However, it's seems, common sense would dictate that staring at women who are
    sunbathing topless in an out of the way area, is both disrespectful and quite frankly adolescant. If the entire Lido deck were tops optional, then it might be different because it would be inescapable. But to purposefully climb those steps just for some cheap jollies?
    It's only common courtesy to allow those up there some assemblence of privacy.

    Now on the OTHER side of the coin.... ladies... why are you sunbathing topless?
    Is it so YOU can stare at your beautiful tan with zero tan lines?
    What's the point of it all if you're not going to be showing it off?
    I guess that question has me somewhat bewildered, but that's just me <us>.

    There, I did it... I jumped into the fray!!! I feel so much better now ;)
  10. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    mike-suz - well i can't answer your questions for the others on the board. however, for me, i sunbathe topless occassionally because (1) i like the way the sun feels (2)no tan lines and (3)my husband enjoys looking; i do NOT tan topless for others too get that pleasure which is WHY I ASKED IF ANYONE KNEW OF A PRIVATE AREA IN JAMAICA. NOW, have you booked that booze cruz yet..... after reading all those posts, i think we are going to do it! lmao it does sound fun and alot of good points were made ... :) Sophie
  11. mike-suz

    mike-suz Guest

    Sophie.... there was one person who asked... why get off of a fun ship to go on a booze cruise? It made a certain amount of sense to me. But alas, I know the future. Our daughter and her fiance will want to go, Suz will give me the look, and I'll cave in and say ooooooooooooooooooooookayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and off we'll go!
    But I'm not a big drinker!!!! Sigh.... Either way we'll have a great time because cruising is as good as it gets... with or without a top on!!!!
  12. mike-suz

    mike-suz Guest

    HEY ! ! ! ! It was YOU who said that Sophie!!! lolol
  13. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    MikeSuz - omg that is toooooooooo funny. it was me, which is why i thought you would find it funny that i said we were probably going to take the booe cruz too. after reading all about it, it just sounds too fun to pass up and i will be one of those stumbling drunks TRYING to get OFF that boat at the end i am sure. :)
  14. Sodey

    Sodey Guest

    We're doing the Eastern this time. Already been busy finding private tour guides for St. Thomas and St. Maarten. We're going with another family this time so should be fun.
    4 Adults and 7 teenagers! I don't think I'll get any sleep!
  15. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    sodey - PLEASE let me know how this cruise goes for you; we are planning to cruise w/our 5 children in january (15, 13, 13, 11 and 8) and i keep debating on how many cabins i can get by with (am hoping for 2) thanks :)

    Post Edited (03-29-04 20:48)
  16. ScottieB64

    ScottieB64 Guest

    This is just too funny and I just wanted to bring it back to the top of the list. On our last cruise, my wife and I got a late start and went looking for chairs. None to be had anywhere. Someone told us that their were plenty on the tops optional deck. Not that my wife wanted to sunbathe topless, but we went up there and there were about 7 or 8 women without their tops on. About 3 of them had a male with them (husband or boyfriend). We went up there, got us some chairs and just sat back and relaxed. My wife struck up a conversation with one women who was topless and she pullled her chair over right beside us. My wife kept her top on the entire time and everyone up there was fine with it. The women we had a conversation with seemed totally confident with her body and never once tried to cover herself up. My opinion is if you got it, show it. If you don't want to show it, cover it up. I understand the thing with the gawkers and all. I, myself, would not go up on the deck by myself to stare at breasts. My wife will show me hers anytime I want. But I guess the final thing is to have respect for the people there. Kind of a sticky situation though. And if you are a gawker, just wear some sunglasses and for gods sake, don't make it obvious.
  17. cruisegary

    cruisegary Guest

    Adding to the last poster... sunglasses, don't make it obvious..... and for crying out loud, get a haircut.... the ladies don't like hairy dudes.....
  18. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    well.......i bought several (one for each day) swimsuit bottoms today....decided i wasnt going to need the tops!! lmao :)
  19. Sodey

    Sodey Guest

    Sophie, I will fill you in when I return from the Glory 8/28/04.

    We have 4 cabins. 2 cabins with 2 parents each
    1 cabin with 3 girls 21,19,18 and 1 boy 18
    1 cabin with 2 girls 15,15 and 1 boy 13

    Will try to book our own excursions since it worked out so well with the Conquest and western carib.

    The best thing about our group is that we have so much fun together and seem to laugh the whole time. We do let our kids have a drink once in a while. (even the younger ones will have a little champagne during captains night. But, we keep an eye on them and their cabins are right across the hall from ours.

    Cruising is the only way we can be sure our kids will "Clear " their busy calendars for a family vacation. It's a great way to end the summer just before school starts again.
  20. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    Sodey, that sounds like it is going to be a very memorble time, and I look forward to hearing your "review" on this. I think I will book ours when we get back from the Conquest sailing on 18th. We're looking at the 4 night cruise out of New Orleans on the Sensation = Jan 6; My children are already asking if we are going to do it.....so I think we will. We have done the Disney trip with them, twice (way too expensive and overrated for me....kids of course loved it lol); and various other water parks, and weeks at the beach, but I think and am hopeful this is something that will really build good memories for them.

    For me, I am counting those days until I am child free for SEVEN GLORIOUS NIGHTS! :) Thanks, Sophie

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