Topless Sunbathing



Cruisegary, you are hilarious!
our hairy dude had white hair everywhere but in his head!!!! I just didn't want to send you all to the barber shop!!!



but gigi - can you imagine the thrill he got?!?! he's probably STILL talking about that topless deck.... :)


What a topic and it is obvious that we are not European. If we were we would think nothing of all females from 2-92 going topless and we would think nothing of breast feeding in the dining room. But that is another topic.


Ladies...let's face it....Why should men go to see a free movie when they can see a free "show"? I totally understand your feelings about men staring, young or old, but when you go to a public area, and do your thing, then these men are doing their thing, plain and simple! A lot can be said for private can do a lot of topless sunbathing there without anyone eyeing you. Just be sure the ship has balconies that give complete privacy!


Thank God I';m not European if it means looking at 92 year old boobs lol, some of us kind of like keeping our tops on...........nothing against other people doing their own thing, I just like to be covered. Two comments though- men stare at you even in a bathing suit.I have a feeling the perv on the top op deck is still a perv when he goes back to regular deck.I mean most bikini tops don't leave much to the imagination.
Second- a couple people brought up breastfeeding. I';m a woman, I';m a mom, I have boobs and I breastfed so I feel qualified to comment. I don't enjoy watching women nurse their babies. Not in restaurants, not on the bus, not on cruise not at all. It is a completely natural thing however it is a private thing. Use a blanket or at least be discreet. Its natural for men to ogle women also, but that doesn't mean its in good taste. OK go ahead and clobber me for this.........
By the way I didn't mean ":watching" in the purest sense of the word but when someone directly across from you flops them out you can only turn you head for so long before you get a neck cramp.


would anyone care to see a sign that says topless deck, no camera's allowed? it does not say tops optional but says topless.


I agree about the breastfeeding. I nursed my children, but never felt comfortable doing it in public. I always went to another room or I took a bottle along for when I was in public. I think it can be done discreetly by covering yourself up with a blanket, but it seems some women either want to show off or want to be defiant by completely showing themselves when they nurse. I agree it is a perfectly natural thing, but that doesn't mean everyone wants to see a naked boob.
I have always been very well endowed, very busty, so I always was a little self consience about men staring at my boobs. I wouldn't feel comfortable going to the topless deck now as I am too old and no one wants to see what gravity has done to my size "Double D's". More power to you girls who do feel comfortable. I'll keep my "old husband" off the top deck so you won't talk about him.


Breastfeeding - natural, yes. But so is "making whoopi", but that does not need to be in public either.

And, why to they call it topless. I have been to beach just like the "sun deck". Let me tell you, everyone I saw was far from topless. Wow!

And, by the way, I might be an old man, but I did not stare. My friend told me that anything under 3 minutes is not staring. He did say the rule is lenghtened to 5 minutes if you do not drool.


well - this thread certainly took on a life all its own. i am glad to report that i think i will use my private balcony if i decide to go topless and in case anyone is wondering, my original question asked about a somewhat discreet area in jamaica, and i found one!!!!! beccabt, i totally relate to the breastfeeding issue and i would find a private place to feed the babies as well....(which may xplain why i prefer a private area lmao) maybe i shoulda spent my cruise $$$$ on some fake boobies instead.....NOT!! am counting down the days yallllllllllll SO EXCITED!!! :)


Ok I have ignored this long enough. It is my turn to chime in.

I am one all for going topless on the deck I have and will ever cruise I take. But the part that gets me is the Ladies that are complaining about people seeing. you are the ones that take your top off. No one forces you to you just do it. Everyone complains about the men that come up to the deck with no women. It is one of the few places on the ship you don't have to worrie about kids. So it is an escape. I LOVE no tan lines but even if I didn't I would use the deck to escape the masses.

What I have gotten from reading these post is that for men it is ok for them to be there with a woman but not solo. That is wrong I think we are all adults here if you are not comfortable with your body then don't take your top off.

We could have this same arguement about thongs but I wont go there.

Hope you all have fun and anyone who wants to come to the topless deck I will be there.


It isn't just Europe where any and all go topless without a thought. Cruise before last, in Cancun, our tender brought us to the dock and standing on the bech just watching everyone come on shore was an elderly couple, must've been in their 70's at least (but they'd obviously been in the sun so many years, they looked more like 80). He was in speedo-type bikinis and she was in bikini bottoms and no top. Hey, I'd say she probably had a "rack" back in the day, but time and gravity had taken its toll and now they were keeping her belly-button company!

We didn't have a problem with it....I just made a mental note to always take a critical look in the mirror if I ever have the urge to go topless in public. I WANTED to take a photo to put on our Christmas cards that year, but thought it might be rude......*g*


We need that top deck on every cruise.

We were trying to convince some friends to go with us on a cruise and the husband was balking at the idea while his family was desperately trying to convince him to say yes.

I just stepped in and told him, " You know the top deck is topless and kids aren't allowed!".

They are going with us!

Now, if I can get up there with him and bring a blackjack table along so we could drink, gamble and oggle women all day long. You might never get me off the ship!

I'm enjoying this thread!

You know they have a new thong bikini in Brazil?

It's called "Dental Floss"!


I hate to say it but to my utter dismay, thirty something and two kids later................all my bottoms have become dental floss ( and not on purpose)


So I take it that it is not ok for me to bring my camera up to the topless deck when I cruise in two weeks? LOL