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Topless Sunbathing

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Sophie, Mar 21, 2004.

  1. TropDaddy

    TropDaddy Guest

    I know this has been the most Popular message on this site. I wanted to be # 100 to make Sophia a "STAR"
    Hope by now she is out to sea ond having a blast
  2. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    TropDaddy - i leave sunday 18th and cannot wait!!!! thanks for the good wishes will let you know how much fun i had when i get back - topless or not!! :)
  3. bosslady

    bosslady Guest

    beccabt: Did you mean to your "udder" dismay?
  4. beccabt

    beccabt Guest

    bosslady, your really "milking" this one tee hee
  5. joanpav

    joanpav Guest

    This was a really fun thread. You are totally insane! Is 104 a record?

  6. bOB

    bOB Guest

    Start posting if you want the record......... :grin

    Royal Caribbean board
    We Need a new home..."Big Cats Invade the Mariner, 9/12/04" 1477 04-12-04 21:57
  7. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    400+ posts on a thread. Last post 2/27/04
  8. terri910

    terri910 Guest

    What in the WORLD was the subject of a 400+ post thread?

    Wait. Let me guess. "Jeans in the Dining Room"......?

  9. Sodey

    Sodey Guest

    I think if Sophie wants prize for largest thread. We need some pictures of her and her friends on that top deck!
  10. Mr. Utley

    Mr. Utley Guest

    Sophie, will your tattoo only be visible on the funnel deck?
  11. beccabt

    beccabt Guest

    I'm guessing the 400+ thread was stains on the carpet.........Sophie have a great cruise and let us know how it went.
  12. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    The subject of the 400+ thread wasn't anything but "Conquest 09/28/03." It was just a bunch of us that got to know one another before the cruise, thanks to this website. We ended up doing excursions, etc,. and made some friendships that we'll remember forever.
  13. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    OMG LMAO @ sidey, mr utley!! toooooooo dang funny. i will post pics, but not from the funnel deck or of my new tatoo :) thanks so much beccabt, i have appreciated all your informative and funny input. will take sunscreen and a good attitude and plenty of fun ship specials to that tops optional deck.
  14. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest


    what bothers is that those of you who are complaining about 'staring' are always stereotyping the starer as a pervert and most especially OLD, GRAY, HAIRY.

    As a man of almost 57 years and often walking on cruise ships alone because my wife likes to sleep on her vacation (she deserves it, and needs it), I am offendended. I don't care whether I love breasts or hate seeing them, I resent the fact. I haven't seen one of you complainers mention about 20 or 30 something starers.

    Perhaps, as a previous post put it, maybe you women should get together and get carnival to create a female only sundeck, WITH A GIGANTIC WALL AROUND IT.

    .My apologies to the person who posted before me and from whom I posted this. This was not personal to you, but in general from reading this thread. Great cruising to you!!

    Post Edited (04-15-04 22:36)
  15. prettygigi

    prettygigi Guest

    Hi all,

    Coffeecups, this is your lucky day!

    First of all, I am sorry if it seems like I stereotyped!!! I ussually make a point of not doing it. It just so happened that the guy who stared at the group of us was old, and had white hair all over his body. I was just describing the incident, I am very graphic you see.

    Now, "why is it my lucky day?" you ask? well it just so happen that I was on the Glory last week and of course visited the tops optional deck a couple of times to sunbathe. This time I chose not to take my top off because the deck was located right by the volleyball and basketball court and there was a teen volleyball tournament the both days I was there... Well we did get sporadic visits from men who would just go up the stairs, look around... stand for a minute or two by the railings (as if they were just checking out the ocean, you know) turn around and survey for naked boobies.... Since there were not many topless women, they would leave.

    And ALAS! There were A LOT of young men doing it!!!! There were white, black, hairy, hair-less, young, old, tall and small!! --- See! my boobs don't discriminate!


    Post Edited (04-16-04 10:50)
  16. Mr. Utley

    Mr. Utley Guest

    The problem with us old, gray, hairy (or hairless) dudes is we still feel like young bucks on the inside and are not enamoured of being reminded of our true present state. I don't think it makes us any more perverted than the young guys when we seek visual stimuli, but there is something depressing about still trying to get your kicks in this manner with all the life experience you have behind you.
  17. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest

    Thanks for the clarification. I guess that I got a little defensi ve there, sorry. Hope you had a terrific cruise. By the way, I did enjoy the kidding on this thread that if you want to look then buy her/them drinks.

    Lastly, it can be repeated from someone else that there are OTHER quiet places on the newer ships. I quess what I was orignially looking for was a sky deck in order to watch the stars.


    waiting for the Conquest 6-20-04
  18. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    coffeecups - hope you have fun on your cruise. and IF you decide to view the tops optional, just wear sunglasses and pass out fun ship specials! :)
  19. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest

    I notice that there has not been a new review about the Conquest for about a week or two. How about letting me and others know about your cruise when you get back?

    Looks like you will have BEAUTIFUL cruising weather.

    ps If I could I would send you a send off drink. Great Cruising!!!!!!

  20. beccabt

    beccabt Guest

    BYE SOPHIE- ya know I'm living vicariously through you. Topless tatooed mom of five on a booze cruise.........you totally rock! I hope you all have a great time

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