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Touch Subjects

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by newcruiseguy, May 26, 2004.

  1. newcruiseguy

    newcruiseguy Guest

    I just want to pose a question out there. I have noticed two topics that get peoples blood boiling.
    1. Dress in the dinning rooms

    2. Topless Deck

    yet noone says word one about people who might as well be wearing nothing when it comes to thong or extremely skippy bathing suits.
  2. mike-suz

    mike-suz Guest

    We would like to take this opportunity to say where we stand on these issues.

    People should try their best to dress formally on formal night.
    People who wish to sunbathe topless should definitely do it on the funnel deck.
    The skimpier the thong, the more we like it.... bring em on!!!!!

    The human race is a beautiful thing, and the bodies we come in are just as beautiful.
  3. Deac15

    Deac15 Guest

  4. fi0na

    fi0na Guest

    You know what I can't stand.... is those girls (well, and women) running around with pants lower then their G-string, so we get to see what color ginch they are wearing that day. I will *scream* if I see that in the dining room on the cruise.. it's just so tacky!!

    ok, vent over (for now!)

  5. TomD

    TomD Guest

    I agree the human race "was" a beautiful thing, until I gained that last 30 or 40 lbs!
  6. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    I agree with mike-suz as far as formal night. I mean, at least make an effort at the very least to dress up. Leave the sneakers in the cabin unless there really is a medical reason as to why one can't wear shoes,leave the short sleave shirts in the cabin, and for god sakes, leave the short pants in the cabin.

    I'm not saying go all out and go the full nine yards with a tux and patent leather shoes, but even nice slacks, shoes, a nice golf tee, and maybe a jacket over that. That I think is respectable. No?

    And yes... as far as sunbathing topless? Do your thing on the tops-optional deck.

    Very skimpy bikinis? Sure the body is a very beautiful thing. It's great that a woman is proud of her body as long as she isn't cocky about it. Here's my take, a particular lady dancing and prancing around with a skimpy bikini on the public sunning area on board, guys wives and girlfriends, I'm guessing won't appreciate their husbands and boyfriends looking on. I'm not saying at all what girls should and should not wear, rather, with every action, there is going to be a reaction. It's just human nature.
  7. mike-suz

    mike-suz Guest

    Ken.... to that I say.....
    Just because you're on a diet, doesn't mean you can't read the menu.
    My wife has no problem with me enjoying the views just as I have no problem when she lets out a "woo woo" when a hunk walks by.
    Sexuality is a basic human instinct, why repress it? It's just plain unnatural !!!!
  8. rhen33

    rhen33 Guest

    If you got it flaunt it. And if you don`t cover it up. To each thier own.
  9. bklynfrat

    bklynfrat Guest

    More the skin expose the better the sun tan you can get
  10. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Mike..:lol clever. I"ve heard it as you can look at the menu, but we can't order. Neat variation! It sounds like you guys certainly have enough confidence in each other to know that niether one of you are going anywhere. :thumb
  11. Helen233

    Helen233 Guest

    well, my human body was beautiful many years before I had 3 cesarean sections, appendectomy, oh yeah and the bulge around my middle that I am having major problems dealing with.
    I think I will dress to focus on my face. I personally don't think anybodys butt looks good in a thong, I will spare others the horrors of my bulging belly and my size 14 bottom.
    Oh and another Thing, I really don't feel comfortable with my husband looking at other peoples almost naked butts.
    Now just in case anybody thinks I might not want him looking because I might be jealous. No thats not the case, I just subscribe to the idea of modesty, I would not even feel comfortable having another ladies husband looking at me.
  12. Toto2

    Toto2 Guest

    Helen, I have to agree. I think it is rude for a man to openly stare at much less comment on another woman when he is with his significant other. I totally trust my husband - we have a great marriage and are very much in love, I just feel that it is disrespectful. But to each his own and if your better half doesn't care than why should I. But for those of us that do - please guys be discrete.
  13. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    That was totally my point. It does make significant others feel uncomfortable. I personally will not openly stare at any woman. It, in my opinion is distasteful. I love my wife with everything in me, I know if I stare at a woman in swimwear, my wife knows I'm not even about to leave her, but rather I know she really won't be too crazy about it. And I won't do anything deliberate if I know it will cause hard feelings. And she, the same.

    In actual situations, I will casually notice, and that's it. But to stare? No, that's not me. :nono
  14. mike-suz

    mike-suz Guest

    Ahem.... It makes SOME significant others uncomfortable. Other's it doesn't... the rules say no generalizing!!!!! We enjoy pointing out beautiful people to each other.

    Does it make anyone uncomfortable to point out or admire a beautiful flower or sunset?
    We are secure enough in our relationship to know that admiring people amounts to the same thing as admiring anything else. It's merely "eye candy".

    Granted we're well aware that this doesn't work for most people.... but in a perfect world, it should!
  15. mike-suz

    mike-suz Guest

    OH SOPHIE....... where ARE youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
    Something tells me that you would enjoy this topic!!!!
  16. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    omg yall!!!! mike-suz am glad to see you - email me the details on your cruise; and i LOVE this topic. my take on this subject and i know it matters! lol

    I don't prance or flaunt (unless i have had too much coconut rum). I do like to sunbath topless if i can be somewhat discreet. Whenever my husband sees a beautiful woman, I don't care if he looks. Have never known him to gawk or stare to make me or her uncomfortable. I by no means have a perfect body. Have had 4 children myself (flat tummy thanks to plastic surgery lol) (and one stepchild makes 5); numerous surgeries, including cancer. I am glad to be alive and enjoy my life, my husband, our family. He doesnt mind if I notice a nice looking man. Pretty people are a pleasure to look at. I do think its human nature. And everyone has their own idea of what is nice to look at.....and not so nice to look at!

    I feel you should dress for the occassion for which you are attending. If you dont want to dress up, stay out of the dinning room.

    And, please don't talk with food in your mouth! :)
  17. mike-suz

    mike-suz Guest

    Someday we're gonna be on a cruise at the same time Sophie! I can't wait for that day... I just LOVE how your mind works :)
  18. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    mike-suz - i think it would be great to be on cruise w/yall! we're going in january ya know......of course the 5 kids are going too; you know i am going to drink lots of that rum that week!!! lol
  19. The Saint

    The Saint Guest

    If I need to see some boobs all I have to do is ask my wife,I don't have to look at other women breasts.Beside's my wife has the greastest set I ever saw and i'm very much in love with her I am a very lucky husband.

    Post Edited (05-28-04 15:30)
  20. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Whoa!! This is kinda like a soap opera!!...........SOPHIE MY LOVE!!!! I WANNA SEE YOU!!! NO YOU DON'T DEAR!!! YOUR DRUNK!! You guys are great! :thumb

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