Transatlantic Cruise



We are going on Celebrity's Westbound Transatlantic Cruise September 7 - 20 from Dover - New York.
Does anyone know what kind of weather we should expect during travel? Are we going to be able to enjoy any outside ship activites, Swimming Pools, etc.?
How are the seas? Should we stock up on Dramamine?
We have completed two southern Transatlantics before, but I suspect the northern route is an entirely different animal! Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Hi Gallerygirl,

Sent a reply a few days ago, but it seems to have been lost in the changeover. We are also sailing on the 7 Sept trans Atlantic cruise, and this will be our third on the north atlantic route. The best thing that you can say about the weather is that it will be unpredictable. While there is a good chance that we will see some rough weather and high seas the good news is that these ships are very stable and will ride the seas very well. The Captain will also do his best to skirt the worst of any weather to give us as comfortable ride as possible. Occasionally the Captain may secure the weather decks because of high seas and high winds, but for most of the time it will be very nice on deck. Sun bathing and swimming in the outdoor pool will be very limited, but we enjoyed having breakfast and lunch on deck, and there will be activities scheduled. The indoor pool area is very beautiful and a good place to relax and unwind.

Many people have concerns about motion sickness so those persons should bring some form of protection to be sure that their cruise is not spoiled in the event of storm conditions. The ships doctor can administer anti motion sickness medication if necessary. While we had some rough weather on our previous north Atlantic cruises, the vast majority of passengers seemed to be un affected for the most part. In fact many of us found the experience to be exhilerating. A walk around the deck in the evening, after the show or dinner, is a memorable experience, but be sure to bring a warm sweater. The celebrity/guest lecturer program should be very interesting on these cruises. We love the sea days on this itinerary, but there are also some very interesting ports of call.



Hey galleygirl and Petert,
Have you been over to Cruise Critic and signed up for a cruise critic party. We have a roll call going there with about 590 post.
Cruise Tender also has a thing going about this cruise.
If you haven't been ther come on over. YOUR INVITED.

Don't know if that link will get you ther, because it is the link directly to #24 page.
Go to and sign up then add a cruise and click on change cruises, scroll down or hit newsletter. Lots of great stuff Dave has put up.
Even has a list of people with cruise critic.


Hi Scapel,

I have been logged on for the CC party, and keep up with the Constellation thread over there. Being a long time member here, I continue to be an active @ddict. Lots of good information, and folks that enjoy cruising. Glad to see you on board .