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Transfer from Anchorage-Seward?

Discussion in 'Alaska & Pacific Northwest Ports' started by Camryn, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. Camryn

    Camryn Guest

    I booked the Southbound Cruise but neglected to booked the transfer from
    Anchorage to Seward. Is it better to use the Princess offer or can I do it
    on my own?

    Thanks for a respond.

  2. BarbaraK

    BarbaraK Guest

    We took the train which we booked online, very scenic, it's about 3hrs I think! :)
    ( www.akrr.com/passenger/anchorage.)
    We went the day before the cruise though and stayed in the new lodge in Seward, called the WIndsong. ( www.sewardwindsong.com )
    The lodge was lovely , it had a great restaurant too.
    Please e-mail me if you need more info :)
  3. Jeff F

    Jeff F Guest

    The transfer through Princess is a motorcoach that you pick up at the baggage claim at the airport. It is $55/person ANC-SWD. For $59/person you can take the Coastal Classic /Alaskan Railroad from ANC-SWD, although it does leave at 6:45am. You need to be at the train station north of town at 6am. You will arrive in Seward at 11:05am. My thought is that the train will be more scenic and have more room to move around. Call 1.800.554.0552 M-F 8-5p (Alaska time) Eastern-4hrs. They have a dome car for viewing that is open seating, no reservations. I was told on 01/20/03 that the train held 176 passengers and that I was about the 10th person buying seats. I still would'nt wait long though.
  4. mfallone

    mfallone Guest

    We went in a few days before and rented a class C motor home - took our time down the very scenic Old Seward Highway. We have also taken the train from Anchorage to Seward - also very scenic and comfortable - and the conductor points things out along the way - wildlife, etc. Sometimes they even stopped or slowed the train down so we could look.

    Renting a car is VERY expensive and there are very few places in Seward to drop a car off at - and all rentals - including the motorhome we had - included a drop off charge.

    I would recommend the train - the station in Seward is very near the pier - and from the Airport in Anchorage you can easily take a cab to the downtown area where the train station is located.

    My suggestion is go early! Stay in Alaska pre-cruise as long as you are able - its a remarkably beautiful, breathtaking place.
  5. croozinsuz

    croozinsuz Guest

    TAKE THE TRAIN !!!!! It was wonderful. We were NOT sitting on a bus unable to get up and move around. It was longer than the bus ride but the sights were truly AWESOME !!!!!!!!!! Saw eagles and even saw 2 mooses. Hmmmm is it mooses or moosi...ha ha. We actually booked the train through Princess and I think we paid around $80 pp. That was 2 years ago.
    We had sailed into Seward and needed to get to Anchorage. The train station was right at the dock. So we walked off of the ship and right onto the train. It was great because we were able to meet up with some nice people we had met on the cruise.
    We thought the train was very comfortable. Able to get up and use facilities. Plus we could walk from one car to the next. There is food service on board with servers but we thought it was kind of expensive....especially after getting off of the ship where you never paid for your food!!
    The train we took had a glass see through ceiling so the viewing was great.
    If I can answer any questions just email me!!!!!
    :dance :dance :dance :dance :dance :dance
  6. Chippsetter

    Chippsetter Guest

    Actually, Starting this year you can catch the train AT THE AIRPORT:grin

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