Transfer from Hotel at Sea-Tac Airport to Pier 30



As the airlines have changed our reservations, we are planning on flying into Seattle a day early. It would be late, Saturday afternoon. I can see where the hotels around the airport have free shuttle to the hotel, but what about the hotel to the pier? We had already paid Princess transfer fees from the airport to the pier, so I guess that is now out. Unless we shuttle from the hotel back to the airport and pick up the Princess shuttle their. Does this sound like it will be too much? Has anyone ran into this problem before?


I'm not all that failure with Sea TAc but here at YVR in Vancouver similar things happen. It is quite a distance from the airport to downtown in both cities and no hotels have a "Free"shuttle. Once you get downtown there are some hotels that do transfers gratis to the piers but not all. I often tell folks that if it is not important that you sleep downtown staying near the airport is usually less expensive and as you suggest yourself you can take a shuttle back to the airport and then use your Princess transfers.
That being said Seattle is a great city to visit and see. Very similar to Vancouver (except for the closeness of the mountains of course) and getting around downtown is pretty easy.
How did you book? Surely with all the time left you could arrange for credit on the transfers, search Sea tac's site for inexpensive transportation downtown and then just cab it the short distance to the pier. It takes no time at all to get from downtown to the pier. (That I know for sure having just done it last September)