Travel Scrabble

Krazy Kruizers

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Again -- I am once again confused!!

I thought the rules stated that we were to keep the letters in order and change only one letter in the previous word?????

Someone needs to make the rules clear!!

Stab -- from Shipmaven

stub -- by ME!!



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Yonnie - my understanding is the same as yours, which is why I didn't go to the other scrabble. Yours - stun, mine...


Donna - dsw

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O K---the game is on. Travel Scrabble. Keep it going!!

Change one letter of the bottom word posted and let's see who gets stuck and can't continue! It's fun to see where the game travels geographically!

Rules: You cannot add letters. You can only use English. You can only change one letter.

To make it even more interesting, include your location to see how far this goes

Stud - Donna - dsw - Amherst, OH



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yarn - Glo Ks

( I thought you could use any word as long as you changed ONLY 1 letter and honestly, that is what I did. I might have changed the way the word looked but it still had only "1" letter changed) Please let me know if I am wrong!