Traveling With A Walker


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I have questions regarding traveling with a walker that folds up. I usually take my walker and cane with us when we go on cruises as we drive to the ports and the walker is not a problem. The cruise we will be on in September will be a cruisetour - Alaska - Fairbanks, Denali, Mt McKinley and then we board the Coral Princess in Whittier. I have never taken my walker when flying. Should I take it or leave it at home? Will Delta Airlines treat it as a wheelchair or can you fly with a walker with no problems? All the information I see on their site talks about wheelchairs.


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Mu husband has a rollator type of walker that also fold up. He has used it numerous times flying. What happens, now this is with SouthWest Airlines, when you get to your gate go to the counter there and they put a tag on the walker and they will issue a priority boarding pass for you (first one on the plane). He uses the walker all the way to the door of the plane. Then he puts it aside and gets on the plane to his seat. The staff will store the walker. When you land at your destination your walker will be waiting for you at the door of the plane.

I suggest take your walker with you. Those hallways at airports sometimes can be quite long. Hope this info helps you.


I usually ask for wheel chair help as I get to airport can just fold walker or crry cane and they put it away when I get in seat. If you need a walker I would strongly recommend a rollater so nice to have a seat to sit on when you need to rest or are waiting in line. We now have scooters we take. They certainly made it possible to tr4avel many more years, we purchased ours but they can be rented to await you at hotel at port or aboard ship. Have a great trip. We had such fun in Alaska ports with scooters going all over the towns.