Triumph cat 6B aft cabin # 2457 & 2453



I am wondering if anyone has seen these specific cabins as they appear to be larger than the others. They are all cat 6B, but these have a unique shape to them. The numbers are 2452, 2453, 2457 and 2456. We are booked into 2457 on the October 2 sailing. I am wondering if perhaps it would be advisable to go for a more midship cabin or stick with this one since it is (apparently) larger. BTW, we enjoy looking over that aft of the ship and seeing the wake.



Sorry Joey :( I wish I could help but I can't. I've always wondered that too. The only thing I can say is that I was on the Triumph last April and we had Cabins 2337 and 2339. So category 4B and 6B... Sorry. I was hoping someone would have an answer to your questions about the size of the cabins cause like I said.. I've always wondered that.

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I was in 2436 in Dec of 2002. We had plenty of room. I was really impressed with the size of the bathroom. I think it was bigger than my bathroom at home. I do know that the outside room with the window is bigger than the rooms with balconys.

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You should do a search and go back through many posts that talk about aft cabins. You will probably find WAY more information than you will get from a bump here, since this is only covers those that are currently reading the boards, whereas looking back over 120 days or even a year of posts will get you so much more.


I got this email last night from a gal that has been in these two cabins. It is very informative..

I read your question on cruise addicts and 'clicked' on your user name and it took me the website so I'm not sure that this is really correct BUT if you are the person that asked the question about the Carnival Triumph cabins that are designed differently there's some info following -- we stayed in these 2 cabins (2453 and 2457) 2 years ago. Following is a portion of an email that I sent our TA after we returned concerning those 2 rooms - I hope it helps you:

If any of your future clients ask about the cabins that we had (2453
2457 - aft ocean view) they are definitely LARGER than other ocean view
and set up differently. 2453, which was ours was even larger than
2457 and had 2
picture windows, a larger than normal desk/vanity area and lots of
'walking around' room. 2457, had 1 picture window
that was recessed, due to the configuration at the very aft of the
a smaller desk/vanity, etc. but everything was still larger than a
normal ocean view. The only drawback, at least at the beginning,
that on the 'destiny' class ships of Carnival's, we were only 2 decks
above the engines (or the second passenger deck above the engines) and
the rooms really vibrated. It wasn't really loud just vibrated
entire cabin), you really could only feel it on your feet when you were
walking around. At first we all joked that we wouldn't have to put
quarter in the bed to make it vibrate but it only took a few hours the
first night to get used to it and when we were in port we all commented
on how we missed it?! Go figure - it wasn't hard to get used to
gave you a sense of some movement. My friend had brought a 'white
machine and said she never needed to turn it on. The only bad side
when we were docking (happened to be extremely early in the morning)
then it became REALLY loud - I mean the first time I shot out of bed
having a clue what was going on!!! Again, they probably wouldn't be
everyone but we all ended up liking the cabins and loved the amount of
room. Plus, I ordered the cabin decorations for cabin 2357
(anniversary) from the Carnival web site and the decorations were up
when we first walked in and it really makes it even more festive.

Anyway, as I stated eariler - hopefully this information is going to the
right person but if not then please disregard -- I didn't answer on the
bulletin board because I'm not a current member and it was faster for me
to email you . If I can help you any more about these cabins, just